1961 Chinese Zodiac: Metal Ox Year – Personality Traits

These people seem to be very lucky and attract good opportunities when they put their positive thinking to work.

1961 Metal Ox Year

Metal Oxen have a lot of energy and want to always keep busy, which means they can sometimes forget to eat or sleep. These natives usually don’t develop strong family ties and rely only on themselves to become successful.

In general, people born in the year of the Ox are gentle, generous, down-to-earth, optimistic and focused. Striving their entire life for security, they’re always prepared to work hard in order to have a safe and comfortable place where they can feel at home.

1961 Metal Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Wise and generous;
  • Top qualities: Charming, reserved and meticulous;
  • Challenges: Domineering and obstinate;
  • Advice: They need to be less fixated on certain things.

They seem to be very lucky with money, but they don’t know how to save and usually spend their earned wealth very fast.

A lucky personality

People born in 1961 are very energetic and usually forget about resting when having to do something. They’re very appreciated in their group of friends, but it’s also easy to take advantage of them as they’re very generous and can’t actually notice when someone is trying to betray them.

While making many mistakes in their youth, they seem to have a peaceful and long-lasting old-age. However, they may not have a family, so it’s important for them to be able to rely on themselves.

They seem to be lucky and to attract good opportunities, but they don’t know how to manage finances and just like Water Oxen, they’re usually spending almost everything in their pockets in a shopping spree.

While not wanting all the attention of others, they like playing the boss because they’re quiet and at the same time domineering. These natives will always struggle to instill discipline and to make others work as hard as themselves.

Always respectful and open to talk about anything, they still may not express their highest virtues, especially when struggling to get to the top.

People born in the year 1961 of the Metal Ox usually have a great childhood and youth, beginning to have problems with their marriage in the second part of their life.

This may happen because their partner is offended by how indifferent they sometimes seem, or eager to find consolation for their problems in other places than at home.

In such situations, the intelligence of Oxen is useless because it can’t do anything to save their family. It may sometimes be difficult for them to understand some deviations of behavior, so when old, they may have problems, especially if their issues with their family haven’t been sorted during adulthood.

The Metal element makes Oxen more intense and ambitious, which means people born in this sign and element are very passionate and motivated. There’s no one to question their loyalty and reliability.

More than any other Oxen, the Metal ones rely very much on tradition and have high morals.

Anyone can count on them to be there through both good and bad times, not to mention how effective their solutions to problems can sometimes be, even if their approaches need patience and time.

Love & Relationships

Metal Oxen are very honest when it comes to romance, not to mention how constant and reliable they can be as well, when involved.

Furthermore, they don’t mind working hard and are very conscientious, sometimes even too serious for situations that require a more relaxed attitude.

These natives have no place for fantasy in their mind because they’re down-to-earth and prefer to plan for their future. They usually never disappoint themselves, but there are also exceptions to this rule, especially when it comes to them and romance.

It’s difficult for Metal Oxen to listen to their partner and to be convinced to talk more. Most of the time, they are the ones who need to be engaged in conversations because they’re very shy, especially when meeting someone they like or new people.

It can take someone a while to win their heart over, but as soon as this has been accomplished, they become the most sincere and passionate lovers anyone could ever find.

This is because they’re very sensual and have an earthy quality to their nature. While having deep personalities, they’re also steady and reliable.

The intensity at which they’re experiencing emotions can rarely be understood by others, and while some people can express their feelings very openly and not being sincere, Oxen are cautious and quite the opposite of this.

The Metal ones have usually had many experiences in love and are very appreciated by the opposite sex, which means they’re all about one-night stands and extramarital affairs.

It’s easy for them to be in love triangles, and when married, they need to talk about their emotions with their spouse if they want trust to be built and for cheating to not take place.

Women belonging to the Metal Ox sign are great wives who know how to take care of their household.

When comes to sex, Metal Oxen have great energy and can be much more extroverted in the bedroom than when outside in the world. It can be difficult to keep up with them and their sex drive, not to mention they want emotions to be involved with physicality and when not getting all this, they tend to cheat.

However, it can be impossible to get into their bed without being affectionate with them first. Therefore, even in their affairs, they’re investing a lot of feeling and tend to give a lot of themselves.

Career aspects of the 1961 Metal Ox

People born in 1961, the year of the Metal Ox, enjoy stability, so they wouldn’t be suited for jobs in which they have to think freely.

They like being told what to do and to finish their projects on time. These natives don’t mind doing all the hard work and investing their determination in what they’re supposed to do.

Usually stable in their career path because they’re persistent and motivated, it’s easy for Metal Oxen to acquire positions of great power. They have enough patience and usually think methodically, never hesitating to be intelligent and cautious.

Metal Oxen love giving a hand because they’re not only ready to work hard for others, they’re also self-sacrificing.

Being balanced and strong inspires their loved ones to have confidence in themselves, even if their Metal Ox friends seem stubborn and a little bit slow in giving advice.

However, such Oxen can be impressive leaders who have no fear, no matter if they’re taking more time than others to accomplish the same tasks.

People born in the year of the Metal Ox are reserved, patient and intelligent. Furthermore, they have common sense and seem to understand reality very well.

Crafty and smart, they also have a talent for the business sector because they know how to make money by being logical, practical and patient. Many of them are great surgeons, architects and engineers as their mind is well-structured and very good with numbers.

Lifestyle and health

People born in the year of the Metal Ox are very lucky with money. However, this doesn’t mean they’re only relying on this in order to achieve what they want in life because they’re known as hard-workers.

Being similar with the Pigs, they have great sympathy for natives of this sign. These two can understand each other very well, even if they have many differences as well.

There are times when Metal Oxen are arrogant, but this happens only as a result of their stubbornness. For this not to happen, they need to have a very open mind and to improve themselves all the time.

Furthermore, some people may find them blunt and even boring. Metal Oxen are known for never changing their opinions, so it’s easy for them to argue with others out of almost nothing.

Their strongest organs are the lungs and the large intestines, but they also need to be careful and to not bring any harm to these systems in their body.

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