1973 Chinese Zodiac: Water Ox Year – Personality Traits

These people are very practical and view their lives in business terms, often not compromising for the sake of anyone.

1973 Water Ox Year

People born in 1973 are Water Oxen, which means they don’t want too much attention and really love hard work. Just like other Oxen, their sense of justice is highly developed and they can make incredible leaders.

It’s possible for them to think very highly of themselves, thing that is not in any way beneficial for their relationships with others.

1973 Water Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Respectable and honest;
  • Top qualities: Witty, ingenious and optimistic;
  • Challenges: Isolated and stubborn;
  • Advice: They need to sometimes leave others fend for themselves.

Water Oxen don’t believe in luck because they appreciate how strong and capable they can be without needing any help. While giving a lot of importance to reputation and wealth, they don’t like wasting their time with trivialities.

A grounded personality

Water Oxen are strong people who don’t mind working hard and who believe in justice or in the principle that trouble can only be brought by the self.

While good leaders, it’s very nasty of them to think they’re the cleverest people in the world, which can sometimes make their judgment subjective and their mind closed to others’ suggestions.

If Water Oxen will decide to cooperate more, especially with those born in the years of the Snake or the Rat, they’ll end up being much more successful in their career.

They wouldn’t get involved with something they don’t have any knowledge of because they’re only relying on their skills and abilities in life.

Having an artistic soul they appear to be very versatile. However, because they have a very complex character, it’s possible for them to experience many highs and lows in their life and their family to sometimes go through very difficult times.

The men of this sign and element rely very much on their wives and are career-oriented. The women are famous for being stubborn, which means their marriage can be difficult and their husband may distance himself from them.

Water Oxen are very worried about their social position and wealth, so they’re more focused on practicality and on not wasting their time with people or things that have no meaning.

If they manage to establish strong relationships and be at peace with others, it can become easier for them to seize opportunities and to achieve their goals without struggling too much.

It’s not easy for these people to deal with finances because they tend to quickly spend everything that’s in their wallet and to make more money the next day. Their friends will introduce them to many moneymaking opportunities, so they can gather a small fortune by running small businesses or working some freelance jobs.

People who know them can say that they’re the most stubborn natives in the Chinese zodiac. Water Oxen will always stand next to their opinions and not accept what others are telling them to do.

It can be almost impossible to have them change their mind about something. Many will appreciate these natives for being like this, especially those who are the same as them.

Water Oxen will never hurry to make a decision because they’re always calculating all the facts or the pros and cons of a situation. No one can ever rush them and they’re usually the ones who are making the soundest decisions.

Knowing they’re right, these Oxen will never change their mind about an issue they’ve made a decision about. It’s great to be friends with them because they’re very reliable and constant, not to mention they know how to keep their promises and to efficiently finish what they’ve started.

Their bosses will always love them for being on budget and on time with every project they’re working on. Those who don’t like surprises should definitely collaborate with these natives because they’re cautious and don’t want to ever change things.

The Water makes Oxen a little bit more flexible, which means those born in this element are the most tolerant of all the natives in this sign.

Furthermore, they can be convinced to change their mind and make changes, but only if explained what to do in a logical way.

However, they’ll never be open to the new or to progress because they’re conservative and want to respect every rule in any book.

The fact that they’re determined to succeed and their mind is logical helps them achieve great successes, not to mention they’re always ready to listen and see what others may have to say.

Just like the water flows steadily, they are hard-working and reliable, responsible and determined to succeed. When it comes to their social life, Water Oxen are usually enjoying a lot of popularity and could have more than this, especially if open to other people’s opinions.

Because they’re naturally belonging to the Water element, Oxen having this element on the double have twice the patience to see their plans completed, regardless if about their love life or work.

Being resilient, they can manage any commitment and overcome all the obstacles in their way towards success. Just like other Oxen, these ones love routine, so their favorite activity is planning for the future and never allowing for things to happen in the last minute.

Water Oxen would never procrastinate because they’re not feeling in any way comfortable when not having a strategy or a goal to achieve.

As soon as Oxen become tempered by Water, they start to be more flexible and open to discussions. While rigid most of the time, they’re the only Oxen in the Chinese zodiac who can consider to change their mind about an issue.

Many of them will miss out on great opportunities because they can’t decide on things as quickly as others, even if the Water Oxen can make a decision faster than other natives in the same sign.

Therefore, these people are more able to take advantage of good chances than their counterparts. All this combined with the fact that they’re ethical, hard-working and systematic, will always help them achieve great successes.

Love & Relationships

Lovers born in 1973, the year of the Water Ox, enjoy all the life’s pleasures and don’t mind being spoiled.

While seeming very passionate lovers, they’re not in any way like this because their attitude towards love is romantic and their feelings are running deep.

It’s possible for them to wait for their soulmate all of their life as they’re patient and always dreaming of perfection.

This is the reason why many of them get married later in life. While very courageous when it comes to romance, Water Oxen can lose greatly in love because they’re terrified of being lonely and this can obstruct their judgment.

Many of them tend to confuse romance with friendship. Some will grow old waiting for their true love, others will panic thinking they’ll never get married and start to look for a partner all over the place.

This is something Water Oxen are mistaken about and that brings them only too many separations from unsuitable lovers.

Being terrified of loneliness can have a nasty effect on them because it brings about the fear of being involved at all.

Water Oxen can refuse to enter relationships because they’re scared of being left. Obviously, many of them realize this and overcome their darkest fears, this way managing to find someone with whom they can spend their life in peace.

Career aspects of the 1973 Water Ox

Being very good with communication and understanding everything, Water Oxen can have great success in many professions. For example, they could be rich salespeople or business partners.

While not as rigid as other Oxen in the Chinese zodiac, the Water ones may decide on the most unique careers this world has heard about.

However, they need something steady and at which they can work with their patience, attention and stubbornness.

They wouldn’t feel in any way good doing something flexible and creative, such as journalism or writing.

These natives can be great politicians, bankers or brokers. Furthermore, they seem to have a talent at dealing with Real Estate and technology.

Lifestyle and health

As the most powerful natives in the Chinese zodiac, Oxen are determined to succeed, steady, attentive to details, responsible and sometimes too closed-up, thing that can make them feel insecure and alone.

The Water Oxen seem to need their family and friends more than others because they want to protect and to be strong for their loved ones. Different from the rest of the Oxen, those belonging to the element of Water may not be so preoccupied with their social status, but more with bringing about peace and sharing their high morals with everyone.

They seem to rule over the skeletal framework and the kidneys in the human body. Therefore, they’re suggested to take calcium health supplements and to not drink too much alcohol.

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