The Ox Man: Key Personality Traits and Behaviors

The Ox man will give his best to overcome obstacles and doesn’t mind needing to invest time and efforts into his passions.

Ox Man

The Ox man is faithful, sincere and a great companion. He doesn’t like being told what to do and stands next to his opinions when knowing he’s right.

He has enough patience and would sacrifice anything for his family and colleagues to be happy.

The Ox man in a nutshell:

  • Ox years include: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033;
  • Strengths: Dependable, complex and emotionally attached;
  • Weaknesses: Pessimistic, impulsive and conceited;
  • Life challenge: Learning to be more agile in understanding the signals of those around;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is quite relaxed and undemanding.

Don’t expect this man to ever change his direction as soon as he has decided to follow a path. Because he’s so stubborn, he may have a difficult life. But the fact that he’s determined will make the obstacles in his way seem less challenging.

Giving his best to overcome any obstacles

The Ox man is famous from not expressing all his negativity and for bottling things up. He likes to work hard and isn’t seen as the most intelligent person on Earth. However, he likes to plan ahead and can come up with the most innovative ideas.

When it comes to business, he can be counted on and doesn’t mind working hard to get what he wants. However, he won’t struggle to be in power or the leader.

He’s not known for changing his mind and usually holds on tight to his values and principles. What he believes in and the purposes he has set his mind on are always ruling his life.

Mister Ox is not at all loud or flamboyant. As a matter of fact, you can easily notice how he’s the most reserved person at a gathering, the one who doesn’t speak or wants to tell a joke.

He’s very protective and believes everyone should be treated the same. It’s not normal for him to firmly express his opinions and to stand his ground because he’s too shy.

It can sometimes seem that he’s so cautious and scared to hurt others that would put up with any kind of abuse and allow anyone to walk all over him.

But this is not at all true because he can get sick of a situation that doesn’t benefit him and make the decision to eventually part ways with his abuser, all in the most rapid way ever seen.

However, if treated correctly, he would continue to be caring and generous, so returning him all the love he’s giving would be a very good idea.

No matter what, his complexities shouldn’t be in any way underestimated. The Ox man represents security and tradition more than anything else and is not at all ashamed of it.

He would never act on impulse or change his mind at the last moment. Everyone knows him to have strong principles and to stand next to his convictions, especially when he has a purpose.

He knows what he wants and seems to have the answer to any difficult situation. As soon as he decided to take a certain path in life, you can be sure he won’t get distracted on the way to his destination.

He will give his best to overcome obstacles and doesn’t mind needing to invest time and efforts into his passions. Being steadfast brings him both advantages and disadvantages because he can become too stubborn, prejudiced and even unreasonable.

It can be very difficult to make him see other people’s point of view, even when it may seem absolutely necessary. Another thing that characterizes him is his cautiousness.

The Ox man rarely takes risks and doesn’t like to work with methods that haven’t been tested. Even if he has calculated how much a situation can bring him benefits or cause him trouble, he still wouldn’t go for it.

This man doesn’t make any kind of speculation, preferring to go with what he knows and what is realistic enough. He doesn’t mind waiting and is calm, so don’t expect him to get angry too often because you’d need a lot of patience.

He can, obviously, be upset and cause a lot of damage when feeling this way because he usually turns aggressive and even violent when angered.

The Ox and the Chinese Five Elements:

ElementYears of birthKey characteristics
Wood Ox1925, 1985Trustworthy, diplomatic and sacrificing;
Fire Ox1937, 1997Diligent, eloquent and moral;
Earth Ox1949, 2009Pleasant, professional and methodical;
Metal Ox1961, 2021Wise, methodical and helpful;
Water Ox1913, 1973Devoted, proud and balanced.

A special kind of romance

The Ox man is very timid around women, so he won’t ask a girl out for the first date. He tries to keep his sensuality in control when he’s with a lady.

It’s easier for him to work in teams than alone and he prefers to have a romantic relationship based on trust rather than one based on sex.

He will probably doubt that his partner is faithful because he can be very jealous.

If he finds a woman who has the same goals as him, he can be the happiest with her. He will spend days and nights working on a project that others wouldn’t even have the patience to start.

He’s very attached to his home and wants a wife to wait for him every night. This male is rather old-fashioned than progressive, so he wants the gender roles to be played accordingly in his family.

However, he’s not witty enough to notice he’s been pursued, and anyone can fool him he has got his way when in fact he didn’t.

That’s why he will probably won’t argue too often and think that everything got done the way he wanted to.

As said before, he’s a hard worker who happens to also know a thing or two about parenting.

Always busy, he prefers to fix something around the house instead of just relaxing. He doesn’t mind resting from time to time either, but he’s more attracted to do household chores.

This is the type of man who can cook you a great dinner or make you an impressive desert. While having many qualities, he’s also too detail-oriented and annoying with his exaggerated patience.

His favorite way of relaxing is in the hot tub or enjoying a good meal that he himself cooked. He could consume tremendous amounts of good wine when he decided to spend the night with his partner, so expect the situation to get heated sooner or later.

He has a high libido and can be emotional when things are deeper than usual. The Ox man knows life is sometimes played by chance and that relationships come and go.

Therefore, he sees a potential partner in many women. If you’re the type who worries too much about how a romance could evolve after only a few dates, then you are definitely the perfect lady for him.

He’s not a saint but he surely won’t leave a relationship at the first sign of a problem. He likes being intimate with his wife and would never cheat or stay far away from home.

It can be said laziness plays an important role here too as he doesn’t want to go again through the courtship period. He prefers to just relax at home with the woman he chose to be his partner.

Don’t assume he will just play scrabble with his wife or girlfriend because he can be very passionate and turn a quiet evening into a wild night. Keep in mind he has a high libido and likes to express his affection in any way.

The Ox man is not at all the type who engages in one-night stands, but if things wouldn’t be all milk and honey at home, he would definitely look for comfort someplace else.

If you can’t remember something, just count on him to still have it fresh in his mind. He doesn’t forget when someone has crossed him or has done an injustice, although he can forgive.

It’s very likely he’ll turn bitter, but he will definitely get over it too. Believing in tradition and very conventional, he firmly sticks with what he has learned in his childhood.

If he didn’t have too much money as a child, he will struggle all his life for luxury and to have everything he needs.

As a matter of fact, one of his favorite things to do is remembering the years that are long gone. He doubts everything that’s new, so don’t expect him to ever agree with what’s fashionable or just launched.

Any revolution leaves him cold and he appreciates seniors more than anyone else, wanting to always hear advice from them.

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