1997 Chinese Zodiac: Fire Ox Year – Personality Traits

These people are quite self-centered and may have a too good impression of what they’re able to do, but this does wonders with their ambition.

1997 Fire Ox Year

People born in 1997 are Fire Oxen and therefore, smart, quick tempered and even charismatic, as the outside world seems to always influence their judgment.

At the same time, they have a closed mind and don’t care about other people’s opinions, not to mention they can be selfish and therefore, they might end up having only a few people who love them.

1997 Fire Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Communicative and elegant;
  • Top qualities: Caring, methodical and loyal;
  • Challenges: Manipulative and distracted;
  • Advice: There is no need to censor their emotions in front of others.

Fire Oxen will run from one place to another their entire youth and will prefer a life of adventure to a more stable one.

An energetic personality

Outgoing and short-tempered, Fire Oxen are the most energetic and domineering natives of this sign. Being also proud of themselves, they can slip into arrogance, not to mention they can be obsessed with a leadership role, no matter if at work or among friends.

These natives would never compromise and are very loyal, which means a career in the military suits them very well.

They can sometimes be rigid, to the point at which they no longer care about what others are feeling and become focused only on their own goals.

It’s not their intention to not care, they just seem to be insensitive in their nature. Being Oxen, they’re very stubborn and can only trust their own ways, so they should be cautious and avoid becoming arrogant, especially when having to make a decision and to take action.

It’s true these qualities of theirs can help them remain down-to-earth, but their stubbornness and desire to get recognized can have them unable to fulfill their responsibilities and to insist on doing things the wrong way.

These natives are self-centered and may have a too good impression of what they’re able to do, which can bring them a lot of trouble because they make promises they can’t keep.

It’s possible for them to become so calculated and to simply get rid of people they can no longer use in their life. Therefore, they’re suggested to no longer judge so much and to appreciate others for their many qualities.

Fire Oxen are known for having a lot of integrity and for being honest, even if these qualities may only be revealed to the ones that they love the most.

The Fire element makes them more dynamic and eager to take initiative, not to mention that when connected with the cautious and stable Oxen, it can make some noticeable changes while not influencing these natives’ first nature.

Usually, Oxen like taking things slowly, which means they’re measuring every step they’re supposed to make and are not inclined to do reckless things or to rush.

However, this may bring them a disadvantage because they wouldn’t pay attention to the many opportunities revealing themselves to them.

When the Fire element is involved, Oxen become far more energetic and eager to take action. This means Fire Oxen are less cautious and therefore, more able to take advantage of any opportunity that could help them achieve success.

These natives are very ambitious and more likely than their counterparts to become successful when young. Another great thing the Fire brings into their personality is their sociability and charm.

They’re very open to interact with others, even if they seem to keep their relations with family and close friends very strong. However, many of them happen to be more socially open and to feel happy when surrounded by strangers, which means they simply love going out.

Fire Oxen need to work with a more practical approach when struggling to achieve their goals. Furthermore, they shouldn’t take on more than they can handle, so it’s suggested for them to know their own limits.

If they’d criticize less and consider other people’s feelings from time to time, they may end up being impressed by how much support they can receive in life.

While the influence of the Fire element brings many strengths to Oxen, it can also be a weakness, especially if uncontrolled.

Natives of this sign and element tend to be rushed and to take action without analyzing the situation. More than this, it’s easy for them to be blinded by their competitiveness.

Therefore, they’re suggested to keep a more moderate passion and to be as realistic as possible, especially regarding what they can and can’t do.

When it comes to their relationships, the same element can bring significant changes, especially by making Oxen more passionate.

Therefore, Fire natives of this sign are very sensual and can overwhelm their partner with their fiery nature. While this can be great for their sex life, too much intensity can sometimes generate problems.

Oxen are possessive and domineering, not to mention stubborn and a little bit arrogant. However, the Fire can change all this and turn stubbornness into aggressiveness, thing that’s not necessarily very good either, especially when it comes to relationships.

Furthermore, Fire Oxen may all the time have a conflict in their heart because on one side they’re cautious and steady, while on the other, they’re dynamic and passionate.

When accentuated, this contradiction can confuse these Oxen by making them suspicious and negative on one hand, enthusiastic and rude on the other.

The fact that they’re being pulled in two directions can have them negative and feeling exhausted from both a physical and an intellectual point of view.

Therefore, many Fire Oxen need to be true to themselves and to contemplate things as much as they want. Their high levels of energy can be used only when the time is right.

Love & Relationships

Kind and very attentive with their partners, Fire Oxen want to love for a lifetime. However, it’s possible for them to admire other people than their partner, even if in a serious relationship, not to mention how possessive they can be.

When suspecting something, they’ll interrogate their partner to exhaustion. All these things suggest it’s easy for them to irritate their other half.

When married, 1997 Oxen are great spouses and good providers because they simply love family life and being surrounded by their loved ones.

Loyal and faithful, they’d never change their mind about how much they love their partner. More than this, it’s unusual for them to think someone better than their lover would ever come into their life.

It’s unfortunate that these natives can get extremely jealous, no matter how in love, not to mention they can be selfish and focused only on themselves.

It’s easy for them to have a domestic life, but the fact that they tend to hide their real feelings in order to appear respectable is not in any way good. Others should learn how to get them out of their shell. If a misunderstanding happens to occur when they’re around, they need a good friend with whom they can discuss the issue.

Usually intolerant and not at all objective, Oxen should be more tactful when trying to make new friends. People in their life must never steal their thunder because they simply love showing off.

Career aspects of the 1997 Fire Ox

Fire Oxen of 1997 are very good at working in teams and can start a business with their family. Usually focused to achieve success by being steady, they’re the same in school, where they love studying and are usually very good at any subject.

It’s very likely their career will help them become very successful, but because they’re low-key, they need stability in their profession.

Being very responsible means they can handle anything stressful, such as being a doctor, a teacher or a lawyer. Having some skills in the world of engineering, some of them may invent revolutionary instruments and end up being famous.

In order for these Oxen to feel fulfilled from a professional point of view, they need to have a job they’re really passionate about. While it may come easy for them to do anything in life, it’s important they choose something they can really love.

Only when benefiting from a stable environment and a pleasurable activity, they can say their calling has been found. Fire Oxen have high goals and can choose from many professions.

While disciplined and organized, they’re also dynamic enough for real estate, sales and marketing. Being interested in getting as much money as possible at work, these Oxen could decide to join the showbusiness.

Health aspects

Similar to the animal that represents them and that runs free in nature, Fire Oxen in the Chinese zodiac are healthy and athletic.

However, they shouldn’t be too confident just because they’re not going to the doctor too often, as neglecting their health can lead to serious problems in their body.

Since they seem to be workaholics, Oxen will most of the time forget to eat at regular intervals. Having irregular eating habits, they may develop digestive problems, not to mention they need an exercising schedule if they don’t want to get sick out of nothing.

Around middle age, many of them are at risk of having heart problems and can suffer from pain in their joints. This usually happens because they don’t like to exercise regularly and are also not willing to take a break from work when necessary.

Fire Oxen are said to rule over the heart in the human body, so natives of this sign and element should avoid stress and exercise at least a few times a week.

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