1949 Chinese Zodiac: Earth Ox Year – Personality Traits

Everyone has a hard time trying to change the mind of these stable people.

1949 Earth Ox Year

Earth Oxen born in 1949 are very organized and systematic, always looking to make their lives easier, to put everything to categories, and to fit every piece of the puzzle where it belongs.

They never bite more than they can chew, and this practically makes them appear as successful and efficient. They rarely make wrong decisions or mistakes.

1949 Earth Ox in a nutshell:

  • Style: Cooperative and reliable;
  • Top qualities: Attentive, meticulous and enthusiastic;
  • Challenges: Fixed, stubborn and strict;
  • Advice: They ought to act in less impulsive ways.

Moreover, they want to help and support everyone. Cheating and deceit are not for them because they have strong principles and they are very pure at heart. The opinion of other people matters a lot to them.

A grounded personality

They know exactly the full extent of their powers and abilities, which means that they will never set out to achieve impossible goals.

They are realistic and pragmatic, modest and seeking to further develop themselves. No one will have anything to complain about in relation to their work ethics because they are very fair and honest.

They will never try to manipulate and use other people for their own gains. That would be immoral and lacking in any principles.

Cooperation and integration, rather than dissent and segregation, this is the basic system that the Earth Oxen work with. They are daring enough to take the initiative and work with whatever they have.

However, they can be very fixed and rigid in their thinking. You’ll have quite a hard time in trying to change their mind, even if you come with deductive, logical reasoning. They are used to having people follow their lead, and if they somehow end up on the losing side, you can expect an overflow of emotions, regret, and hate.

The Earth Ox are literally the most stable and reliable natives of the zodiac. They have perfect clarity on what they want to accomplish, with clear and concise ideas about how they can achieve it, and the limits of their abilities.

Just think about it. There’s a double pragmatic personality here, one coming from the Earth element itself, and the symbol of the Ox.

This animal has long been known to be associated with stability, a grounded personality, the very personification of realism. They are deeply aware of what they can achieve and what is merely an illusion.

However, while they might be very content with what they currently have, they do manifest dreams, aspirations, and ideals. It’s just that they take it slow and steady, without hurrying or going about it in an impulsive manner. Moreover, they work well in a team.

You can be sure that the goals of an Earth Ox born in 1949 will be fulfilled in the end because he takes care to put in enough effort and time. And considering how meticulous and patient he or she is, the results are going to exceed everyone’s expectations.

They never stop from learning, and they work endlessly towards their aspirations. Moreover, they prefer doing things their own way, without being impeded by narrow-minded rules.

Love & Relationships

Don’t expect any cheesy pick-up lines or overly romantic get-ups coming from the Earth Oxen. They are not that mellow and sentimental.

Rather, they are incredibly devoted and loyal to their partners. Nothing can get them out of their safe zone, and they will deal with all the problems as they come, even those of an emotional nature.

They are family people, and they will do everything in their power to create a safe haven to nurture their close ones.

Everyone must be happy and fulfilled, otherwise these natives won’t relax, ever. You can’t be unimpressed by such responsible and generous people. They are thoughtful and good-natured, kind and sweet.

One word to define the Earth Ox in a relationship – comfortable. They like to be spoiled and taken care of.

After all, life must be enjoyed at any costs, right? The trademark of the hedonist, but they offer much in return as well. They aren’t there just for receiving love and affection, but for giving it as well.

Even though they want to have a steady and long-standing relationship, they are also prone to making mistakes.

They can be too possessive and jealous on one hand, which their partners find very annoying. On the other hand, they will admire other people as well, even if they are walking alongside their partner. This can also be irritating and upsetting.

Career aspects of the 1949 Earth Ox

Come to think about it, what types of jobs would be best for the steady-minded and patient Earthen Oxen? The ones that require you to be attentive to the details, calm and thoughtful, to formulate plans and ideas in order to get to the best result.

Dynamism is definitely not for them. They couldn’t be explorers for example or foreign journalists. Public speakers? Sure, if they are in full control of the situation.

You can deduce how their financial situation will experience a sharp rise over time.

They are disciplined and take great care in preparing their plans of attack. Preferring to know exactly what should happen if they take a certain course of action, they make a lot of research and work hard to achieve their goals. Nothing will stop them, only slow them down.

They take their obligations very seriously. After all, would they be the reputable Earthen natives if not for their reliable and ambitious nature?

Moreover, they are very good friends precisely because they know how to behave. When someone is deserving of their trust, they act in a dignified, kind, and ultimately affectionate way.

Essentially, they know too well how to manage their workload and how to organize their economic expenditures.

Health and lifestyle

The Earthen Oxen will have to practice moderation with regard to their diet and alimentation. The excess will be the hardest to control, and it will bring them innumerable problems.

Digestion is highly emphasized in their case. However, the fact that they are in love with nature means that they will regain their lost energy. The green and vitality of the earth will seep into their bones and affect them on a profound level.

In terms of communication and social life, the Earthen Oxen are not that efficient. It takes quite a lot of time for them to befriend someone, and even longer for anyone else to gain entrance to their safe haven. However, once that happens, you can be assured that they will act with utmost loyalty and devotion.

Moreover, they are quite uninspired and lacking in creativity, unfortunately. Because they are so realistic and pragmatic, the imagination is taken down a notch, enough for them to let go of some opportunities that seem too difficult.

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