Key Traits of the Wood Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Ox stands out for their remarkable devotion in following their goals and in having a comfortable life.

Wood Ox

Oxen people have many talents and prefer to go with the flow in life. They might find it difficult to start projects, but they will manage them very well.

They’re authority figures who live a dignified life and usually get the high positions at work. Confident and clear in communication, these natives prefer to tell the truth, no matter how hurtful. That’s why they may have conflicts with some people.

The Wood Ox in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Trustworthy, diplomatic and sacrificing;
  • Challenges: Superficial and impatient;
  • Secret need: To be able to express emotions better;
  • Advice: They should be more cautious when it comes to risk taking.

Wood Ox people have a determination that can’t be seen in others. That’s why they’ll most likely burn stages in their career rapidly. Not to mention how trustworthy and loyal they can be when it comes to their family. And as far as helping others goes, they would happily offer their service without expecting anything in return.

The character of the Chinese Wood Ox

No doubt, people born in the year of the Ox are capable of understanding deep feelings. But they are not the best at expressing their own. This is the reason why some may not be able to appreciate them at their true worth.

It’s possible they will lose important people in their life because they simply can’t show what they are feeling. When the Chinese Wood element comes into discussion, it gives the Ox an impulse to be more open regarding what’s in their mind and in their heart.

Therefore, if they wouldn’t belong to the Wood element, they would be more cautious and not at all expressive. Don’t think those in other elements are too introverted or perhaps less generous with their feelings, it’s just that Wood makes these people more friendly and able to develop great relationships.

The Chinese astrology informs us that Wood Ox individuals are sensual. It doesn’t matter if men or women, the natives of this sign are Earthy and like to enjoy all the pleasures of life. So, don’t be surprised if they will choose the best wine, the most exotic food and classical music instead of pop.

The sensual part of the Ox is influenced by Wood to be pretentious and to have an artistic spirit. You’ll find these people visiting art galleries, participating in intellectual conversations and buying antiques.

They are not the type who doesn’t know where things are around the house because they are the ones who make sure everything is in good order. They rely only on themselves for money. It’s their luck to come across opportunities designed to make them rich.

This will happen especially when they’ll be middle-aged. When in trouble, people don’t hesitate to jump to their rescue. But their luck with money is rather slow and steady, so they shouldn’t speculate or invest without thinking.

It’s important they avoid gambling because they may grow to be dependent on it. Lending money is not for them either as they may end up fighting with the people they’ve helped.

It is suggested that Wood Oxen buy practical things and avoid involving their lover in their financial endeavors. Those of them who got married should stay as close as possible to their family.

It’s essential they communicate with their spouse and children because only communication will have them appreciating what life has to offer when it comes to the domestic realm.

Don’t think that if they are family oriented, they won’t succeed in their professional life. These ambitious natives can be very productive and hard working as the Wood element makes them like this.

When oriented towards some precise goals and big dreams, they invest great efforts into making them a reality. Therefore, it can be said they are capable and motivated.

The thing about the Wood element is that it gives people generosity and a desire to please. The Ox comes with devotion and the great commitment that is capable of. The natives of this sign and Wood are serious about their responsibilities and want to make others happy.

More than any other sign in this element, the Wood Ox people would do a great job servicing others. That’s why they’re amazing social workers, doctors or governmental agents. When they are working, their focus is on making the world a better place. Only by helping, they will feel satisfied and more eager to attain professional success.

Discipline and good morals

People who are born under the Wood element are warm and compassionate. The quiet Oxen become more expressive if they belong to it. This is something positive for them as they’re too reserved anyway.

The same element makes them more attentive to others, generous and cautious. They will be thoughtful when investing their money and won’t take too many risks. Flexible and having a strong sense of justice, these natives are not as stubborn as other Ox.

New ideas and change will be something they agree with. They are the liberal Ox, the ones that love working in teams and who are appreciated for their values. Because they are also confident and sure of themselves, many will want them to be their leaders.

Not to mention the Wood Ox individuals authoritative in a subtle way. They are also more inclined to speak their mind and to stand for their own ideas than other people born under the year of the Ox. People will want to be their friends because they’re loyal and compassionate.

Wood is all about kindness and open creativity. Those born under this element will search for enlightenment, growth and self-expression. While having high principles, Wood Oxen are the least stubborn natives of this sign. They like collaborating, exchanging ideas and they get along with everybody.

Not that they aren’t still conservative, because this is one of the traits that characterizes them the most. However, their openness is more accentuated, and they want to put their ideas into practice.

People will like them for being disciplined and for having good morals. That’s why their relationships will be harmonious and long lasting.

Because they’re understanding and cooperative, they will most likely succeed at everything they will do. Only bluntness will be in their way from time to time. The life lesson for them is attaining their full potential by communication.

They should also pay more attention to what their loved ones are feeling. The honesty that characterizes them can be too much sometimes, so being more tactful is something they should all try.

The Wood Ox man

The Wood Ox man is sincere, dignified and authoritative. He has a sense of justice, the determination and confidence to do the right things. It’s important to know about the Wood Ox man that he is very well on his own, he won’t be desperate to find a soulmate.

He’s not the type to like conflict, and his problem-solving skills will help him find great solutions when trouble will arise.

Hard work, perseverance and motivation are what will bring him the respect he deserves. Because he’s ambitious, he will succeed at whatever he’s doing for a living.

It’s possible you’ll find him working as the manager or the CEO of a company as he has great talent for leadership. It doesn’t matter what he does, he’s always responsible.

Sure of himself and his views, the Wood Ox man doesn’t like vulgarity, flamboyance or arrogance. He wants attention from everyone, and the woman of his dreams will be mindful, educated, patient and charming.

Don’t expect him to marry young because he likes to chase. But as soon as he will devote himself to someone, he’ll become a great family head, the partner on which his spouse can rely for a lifetime.

However, he needs a partner who agrees with him because he gets angry when his opinions are not respected. Despite this, any woman would be more than happy to build a family with him because he cares a lot and is affectionate.

The Wood Ox woman

The Wood Ox lady is elegant and down-to-earth. Anyone can rely on her to do what’s best, especially if she’s fighting for a good cause. Calm on the outside, this lady is very determined and confident on the inside.

It’s possible she’ll become a workaholic if the job would require her to be on top of things at all times. Never hurried to make a decision when it comes to the everyday life, she prefers to live calmly.

The Wood Ox woman will most likely have a big family and do a great job as a homemaker. Her husband will be proud to have someone so faithful and self-sacrificing as his life partner.

If someone she loves will have a problem, she will abandon her projects and lend a helping hand. Her home will be cozy and comfortable, and her family will love gathering for dinner and a game night around the living room. While restrained, she’s passionate inside.

This is the type of girl who falls in love at a glance and respects her man. She will defend any opinion she may have, and she’s firm when it comes to her principles.

Wise and believing in true love, this lady will wait for the right person with whom she can spend her life.

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