Key Traits of the Water Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Ox has an analytical mind that is unlikely to miss out on anything.

Water Ox

Those born in the year of the Water Ox want comfort and to be respected. While it would be better for them to marry later in life, you can be sure their family is going to feel happy and loved in their presence.

Just like all the Oxen in the Chinese zodiac, they are natural born leaders with a strong sense of justice. It’s in their nature to think they are smarter than they really are. What they want the most is to keep quiet, be left alone to work and to stay out of trouble.

The Water Ox in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Devoted, proud and balanced;
  • Challenges: Authoritarian, strict and intolerant;
  • Secret need: To keep everyone somewhat dependent of them;
  • Advice: Learn to like things that are simple and conventional too.

When others offer them some advice, they don’t take it into consideration, thinking they’re the only ones to be right. At least they know their worth and don’t wait to get lucky. While they give a lot of importance to social status and money, they would never waste their time with unimportant people or interests.

The character of the Chinese Water Ox

People born in the year of the Ox are intelligent and witty. They organize themselves very well, adopting a methodical approach to life.

Different from other Oxen, the Water Ox natives don’t rely on tradition and like to get others involved in what they are doing.

Their standards are high, and as far as their career goes, they are more suited for jobs that would require them to work with the public. It’s very easy for these natives to judge, but they usually are friendly and at the same time imposing.

People admire them for being good judges of character and for getting along so well with the little ones. It’s possible they won’t face any problem in life because they try to stay away from trouble.

It can be very difficult to make them change their mind about something. They never hurry when having to make a decision because they weigh all the pros and cons of a situation.

This is the reason why they make the right choices most of the time. And they’re aware of the fact that they’re always right, not being at all open to suggestions.

Being their friends could be a wonderful experience because they can be counted on. Not to mention they always keep their word and take their projects to completion.

You can be sure they will always do things the most efficient way, with the minimum costs. If you happen to run a business and want to get things done without any surprises, you can definitely count on them to help.

They will be thorough and careful with everything they’ll come up with. Great lovers of routine, Water Ox individuals love making plans and would hate to do things at the last moment.

You’ll never see them being lazy because, according to the Chinese zodiac, they always need to have something to do. When there’s no plan for them to follow step by step, they start to become lost.

If the element of Water influences the Ox sign, those born with this combination become more open to new ideas. Oxen are usually very inflexible, the only ones willing to be a little bit more lighten up being the Water ones.

Many of the people in this sign usually miss great opportunities because they can’t decide fast. But those with the Water element in their chart are more decisive and capable to take advantage of what comes towards them.

If you combine this with the fact that they have ethics and steady methods, you get people who will most likely succeed in life. It’s easier to get along with them, when compared with other Oxen.

The Chinese Horoscope says they rely a lot in intuition and can feel other people’s emotions. This only means they can understand their partner better than others. While great providers, they also know how to listen and how to get along with children. Because they’re hardworking, it’s very likely they’ll get rewarded many times for their efforts.

When they want something, you can be sure no one and nothing can stay in their way. But if they won’t accept suggestions from others and won’t be thoughtful, they will be the ones who are standing in their own way.

Not to mention they can be really pessimistic. It’s not a destructive pessimism like in others, but it surely can bring them down.

Many people will be amazed by how calm, stable and ingenious these natives can be. Their patience is famous for making them smarter and more focused.

It can take them some time to come up with an idea, but you can trust they have thought very well of what they’re about to do.

Element Influence

Water Ox people are very interested in obtaining a good social position and making a lot of money. They are practical people who wouldn’t invest their time and efforts in useless courses of actions.

That’s why some may want to be out of their life sometimes, feeling they’re not important enough. The more these Oxen can establish better relationships with others, the more they’ll be able to use these connections in order to achieve their goals.

Water makes them more flexible because they can be very rigid otherwise. This means they are the most easygoing Oxen in the Chinese zodiac. So when explained things logically, they become willing to change their mind and make the changes that can help them succeed.

However, they will still not be too interested in new ideas, preferring to stick with the conventional and tested. Their methodical and rational mind gets combined with an openness towards listening to others.

All these traits combined will help them climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas. Just like the water flows calmly sometimes, they can endure hard work and be as responsible as anyone can be.

They rely more on what they are able to do than on luck. And they have many things to help them succeed: professionalism, an intellectual mind and artistic inclinations.

They will probably work as teachers, doctors, priests and many other professions that require them to use their mind and not their hands. Because they are complex, it’s very possible they’ll have to face many difficulties in life.

These natives are popular and more open to different points of view. As Oxen already are Water signs, this element in double quantity makes them twice as patient and observant when it comes to work and relationships. Resilient, they can deal with the responsibilities in their life and all the obstacles that come their way in a calm way.

They are usually patient and focused to have their dreams fulfilled. But it would be better for them to not think things through so much.

They also need to take as much as they can from their relationships with others. Only this way, they will get all the support they need in life.

The Water Ox man

The Water Ox man can see the big picture. He doesn’t like to fight or to use nasty words. He’s not quick to judge because he’s aware things are going to end up the way they’re supposed to anyway.

He can make many new friends because he’s mannered and always open. He doesn’t want to express his most secret thoughts and feelings because he feels like he doesn’t have to.

The Water Ox man is kind and easy to work with, so his colleagues will simply love him. As a boss, he would be kind and understanding. He will always give a hand and organize the jobs he has to do as efficiently as possible.

You can never have him angry because he knows to keep it together. Ambitious, he wants both a career and a loving family.

His lady should be independent and responsible, but also kind and cuddly. He will do everything in his power to make her happy because he’s a good husband and strives to be the best father this world has ever seen.

It’s a pleasure for him to care for the ones he loves, being ready to sacrifice himself for them whenever necessary.

The Water Ox woman

This lady is feminine, gentle and family-oriented. Only her close ones will get to know her for real. They could easily say she’s ambitious and wants to feel important.

She doesn’t mind leading and can deal with any type of duty without making too many efforts. It’s because all the people who are as hardworking as her have things coming to them rather than chasing them.

The Water Ox woman is perceptive, mindful and insightful. All these qualities will win her the respect of colleagues and friends.

When she has to deal with a problem, she’s diligent and really knowledgeable. This girl will be completely devoted to her man, never cheating or lying to him.

She wants someone strong who can work with her at making the dreams of their entire family come true. She believes in herself, in tradition and doesn’t necessarily wants a perfect career.

No matter what, family will always come first. Her children will always be cared for and loved because it’s in her nature to treat them this way. She will never give up raising them for money or anything else, being ready to sacrifice her hopes and dreams for her little ones to be happy.

This is one of the most loving wives and mothers in the Chinese zodiac. She doesn’t mind cleaning and taking care of the home either.

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