Key Traits of the Metal Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Ox is equipped with a quick temper that is hard to manage.

Metal Ox

Metal Ox people will face many challenges in life, from a young age but this also means they will be more than equipped to deal with any hardship and help those around too. Plus, they will get to enjoy peace and quiet when they’ll be older.

Willful and pretty direct when expressing themselves, these Oxen don’t hesitate to say what goes through their minds. They will be so involved in their own projects that they’ll forget about others and how they feel.

The Metal Ox in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Wise, methodical and helpful;
  • Challenges: Obstinate, distrustful and intolerant;
  • Secret need: Being surrounded by loyal people;
  • Advice: Try to be less fixated on some ways of doing things.

Known for keeping their promises, they will have many close and devoted friends that will give them a hand whey they’ll need it. These natives are very much in love with beauty and everything artsy.

The character of the Chinese Metal Ox

It can’t be said it’s a breeze to get along with Metal Ox because they’re discriminating. They can be too philosophical or religious too, and it’s possible they’ll betray others’ trust many times.

These natives have no idea what compromise means. They are always thinking of something and it’s very hard for them to forgive when they have been done wrong.

But their faithfulness, loyalty and loving nature are always going to be their main characteristics. They will do whatever they want, when they will want.

Metal Ox people know how to live their own life and rarely change their mind about something. When it comes to their hopes and dreams, you can count on them to fulfill them.

Out of all the Oxen, they are the most representative for this sign. The natives of the Ox and the Metal element can be very receptive when it comes to deep thoughts and different hidden nuances.

They are usually friendly and responsible, always ready to listen and to care for other people’s problems. You’ll never find them alone because they need many people to surround them.

If they have gone through failure or something depressing, they will need the help of their loved ones to overcome the dark times. One good thing the association of Metal and Ox brings about is the fact that it makes people more cautious.

It wouldn’t matter what they would have to think about, Metal Oxen would weigh all the benefits and downsides and only after they will make a decision.

This is because the Ox is not at all open to change. They are very slow to allow new opportunities and methods into their life.

Not the most affectionate or emotional, they are more the type who wants to learn and to enjoy art as much as possible. They are very responsible, so you can be sure they’ll keep their word.

But they will never promise too much. On the outside, it may seem that no one can destroy them. And things may be just like this. Out of all the Oxen, they are the most diligent. Also the most ambitious and sure to fulfill their goals.

When it comes to the way they socialize and love, don’t expect them to be demonstrative. At least they are loyal and sure to take good care of their loved ones.

Metal Ox individuals put a high price on integrity. When they’ll commit to someone or something, they’ll do everything in their power to fulfill their obligations. Having them as a partner or friend is truly a bless.

When it comes to their work, they are not the best team players because they have a rigid attitude and are pretty inflexible. They can’t accept that someone may have a different opinion from them.

Not to mention they can feel like they’re superior. They are driven and energetic enough to see all their goals fulfilled. The stubbornness of the Ox can be very useful for them in this situation.

As soon as they set their mind to do something, it becomes impossible to have them change their mind or to get distracted. People will greatly respect them for this.

There are times when they may need to force a situation. They won’t hesitate to become disciplined and to obsess over what they want to do. These are the type of people who can easily become fanatics.

They are as strong as the Metal that’s in their chart. It’s hard for them to accept failure. Having an incredible energy, they rarely need to rest. They will work nights and do anything to have a job done.

When they won’t get their way, they’ll want revenge at any price. It’s suggested they are more open to other people’s opinions and ideas if they want to work in teams.

It’s essential they at least consider there are other options than the ones their fixated way of thinking has come up with.

The influence of the Metal element

Metal Ox will not agree with many people, including their bosses. They are direct and clear in expressing themselves. No one could ever say they are vague or that they don’t meant what they say.

These natives will always stand by their beliefs and ideas. And when someone will contradict them, they will turn into real fighters who use all their eloquence and knowledge to prove they’re right.

The Metal element helps them to be even more determined to fulfill their dreams and to take on all the available opportunities. Those born under this sign and element will most likely be very successful from a very young age.

They are rather slow and steady, but no one can contradict the fact that they work hard and have a lot of patience.

Ox are the type of people who prefers to go with the conventional and traditional methods rather than relying on what’s new and not tested.

But when the Metal element comes into discussion, all this changes. They become more open to progressive ideas and methods that have just been adopted by the general public.

And this can be very helpful for them to reach the destinations they are running towards in life. Metal is all about being intense and strong, Oxen are known as determined and focused people.

When these two combine, the result is people who can endure a lot and who never give up in attaining their objectives. At the same time, the Metal can take the Ox’s stubbornness to the extreme.

And this means the Metal Ox natives will be blind to other people’s opinions and solutions. They are champions at opposing different views and change, remaining the steadiest Oxen in the Chinese zodiac.

When it comes to their romantic relationships, they are passionate and sensual. They tend to appreciate only the good things and to be romantic from time to time. The Metal helps them feel emotions more intensely.

They will always seem to be the lovers who have a fire burning inside them. This is another thing that contradicts the cold Ox’s personality.

The Metal Ox man

Many people are cautious around the Metal Ox man because he can be quite quick with his temper. He will criticize everything he doesn’t agree with.

It can be impossible to convince him to do things differently than what he’s used to. He’s so stubborn that he doesn’t even admit when he has been mistaken.

If someone will try to make him understand something, he’ll become angry in his refusal. At least he’s very good with any kind of business. Not to mention he seems aimed at success because he searches for solutions to problems until he finds them.

His colleagues will respect and fear him at the same time. If he would be smoother, he would definitely have everyone loving him.

When it comes to women, he’s a gentleman and the ideal partner. He compliments and makes great gifts. The lady of his dreams will have to be submissive and accept everything he’s saying.

As a family head, he has authority and likes a patriarchal environment. His wife and children have to agree with what he’s saying.

He usually doesn’t need anything because he manages on his own. He’s not pretentious and usually spends all his money on friends and loved ones. Inside the cold exterior he displays, he has a warm and kind heart.

The Metal Ox woman

This lady is courageous and a liberal. She likes herself and doesn’t feel like she needs to ever pretend. She will never keep any secrets because she wants to openly express her opinions.

She’s never timid or too modest because she’s aware of the fact that she’s an achiever. When it comes to her work, the Metal Ox woman would do a great job as spokesperson or as anything that would require her to deal with the public.

Her colleagues will find her friendly but not lacking any problems. When something doesn’t bring her an advantage, she prefers to just not deal with it. Confident and dreaming of a good position at her job, this lady will work hard for her career.

When it comes to love, she prefers to take the initiative. She doesn’t wait for a man to court her and she starts to send him signals of love as soon as she has decided to like him.

She’s realistic and knows what to expect from herself or the ones that she loves. This native carefully calculates her future and tries to get her plans to an end. She wants a good family and she may end up being the most reliable person at home.

Not very romantic, she’s more the type who thinks rather than acts on emotions. She doesn’t like surprises and takes good care of her home because she likes cleanliness. Her children and husband will be cared for and loved.

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