Virgo In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

You really have to be special to get to this sign’s heart.

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When it comes to love, Virgos are discriminating and they take a long time to choose someone. They don’t mind being single and they would never compromise for someone who isn’t their soulmate.

Critical, it’s very hard to catch a Virgo. They are reserved and quiet when they are dating, so it will take some time for them to trust you. Many will say they are mysterious. But this is something that attracts.

Not the clingy type, Virgo people will prove their love through devotion and loyalty. They are not the persons to promise too many things, but they surely take action and make love happen. They are at their best when they are helpful and useful.

Don’t let them waste their generosity on trivialities or they’ll get bored and become sad. Usually, celibacy is associated with them. But this is a wrong belief as people born in Virgo like to be intimate with someone, as long as that someone is the right person for them.

Keeping to themselves

It’s not their way to fall in love at first sight, or to be with anyone who has happened to just come their way. As a matter of fact, they take a lot of time to choose a person that will suit them.

At first, they will be shy. But the more they will get to know and trust a person, they will become warmer and more considerate.

When they already are in a relationship, Virgos keep that connection in the back of their mind. They don’t seem to give too much importance to it.

Sometimes, they find it too distracting to even be involved, but they go with it as they are loyal creatures. It can look like they are the happiest when they are single and left alone. It’s that these people are self-sufficient and they don’t need anyone.

Don’t try to kiss them in public. They hate this kind of affectionate display. Also, don’t expect them to ever be jealous or possessive. They simply don’t have these feelings.

If things are bumpy, they will try and work it out instead of throwing tantrums or becoming too dramatic. Don’t believe for a moment they don’t care, because they do. These guys need affection and love just like anyone else.

But being reserved and never jealous makes they seem like they don’t. It’s usually difficult for them to establish something deep because they need to carefully analyze a person before they commit.

Modest and private, Virgos would never be loud about the fact that they’re in a relationship. They don’t use their sexuality to impress, and they expect to be involved in something serious and long-term.

These are not the people with whom you could have an adventure. Many will like their generous and enigmatic sides. They are wise people, who have many interesting things to say. Don’t think that if they are so composed, there is no passion in them. They can be very fiery if they are coupled with the right person.

Picky and perfectionists, Virgos will want everything to be clean, organized and nicely arranged. They expect their relationships to have a certain neatness too.

If you want to date a Virgo, take him or her out to dinner. Find out what’s their favorite food and go to a restaurant that serves it. They love talking about health, fitness and dieting, so if you don’t know what to talk about, there’s an idea.

The best in everyone

Virgos will wait as long as it’s needed for the right person to come along. As soon as they reveal their emotions, they become these giving creatures who would do anything for you.

They believe in true love, and they take a lot of time till they decide on someone. Intelligent, practical and intuitive, they will guess what’s in their partner’s mind.

They would do anything to support him or her, and they don’t mind leaving their own wishes aside if they have to make their lover happy. They are the best when they’re with a Water or an Earth sign. Air signs would do too, but Fire signs are definitely not the ones for them.

While warm and caring inside, Virgos seem cold and rough on the outside. They are good caretakers, so trust them to be next to you in your most difficult times.

When they love, they become more powerful and even more beautiful. While they’re not showing it, they care deeply about the person who has managed to win their heart. They live in an inner, ideal world most of the time. But they are down-to-earth and logical.

It can be difficult to be perfect for their high standards. They know how to bring the best in people, but they do this by criticizing. It’s in their blood. These guys can’t help but notice others’ flaws.

But make sure you are not criticizing them for they can get sad and even depressed. It would be very hard for them to overcome the fact that they aren’t perfect.

Be subtle when you want to tell them that they may be wrong. Listen to what they may have to say about you, and try to explain your point of view as logically as possible. Careful with how they give their love, Virgos will not be too demonstrative.

They like elegance and they don’t want to be in the center of attention. Intelligence and modesty is what turns them on the most. If you respect and cherish them, they will behave with you the same. Good with money and wanting to have comfort, they make great homemakers. Anyone would want them as their spouse.

The healers of the zodiac, they’ll take care of you if you are not feeling well. As long as they have someone who cares about them, they will work at making the relationship better.

The traditional lover

Devotion is the way they are expressing their love. They will do more than there is required for their partner, and they will sometimes go over themselves to know that their other half is happy and ok. Disciplined, responsible and hardworking, Virgos are steady and constant.

Anyone would appreciate their companionship, as they are reliable and loving. Kindhearted, they will always be next to someone who is weak or in need. Because they are considerate, they will always remember anniversaries and important days.

They believe love isn’t something that just happens. Their opinion is that both partners need to work to make a relationship work, and they don’t hesitate to invest a lot of their time and efforts in what they are having with a partner.

With time, they detach from their coldness and become much warmer. Their lovemaking is traditional and sensual. They don’t like to experiment that much in bed, but if you will suggest it, they won’t mind doing it.

When they get in between the sheets, they forget all about being composed or about keeping it all together, and they reveal their Earthy side. But it takes a good partner to make them unwind. Because they are perfectionists, they will want everything to happen by the book. And that gives them dexterity with time. This is why they are such skillful lovers.

Neatness and cleanliness are something they put a very high price on. They don’t like it when everything is in chaos and they don’t understand laziness. This can diminish some of their passion, but with the right partner they can get it all back.

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