Virgo Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

The Virgo woman wishes to play the role of the respectful and dutiful wife but will also have moments in which she’ll want her decisions to prevail.

Virgo woman in marriage

The woman born in Virgo isn’t too emotional. As a matter of fact, she’s analyzing and methodical rather than dreamy and imaginative. This is the reason why she’s different from other more homely ladies in the zodiac and approaches marriage in a very cerebral way.

She’ll only get married when her relationship is making a lot of sense and can support her in achieving her goals in life. This lady thinks there’s no point in bothering her other half with meaningless issues and is very practical, reason for which she wants to get married when mature and financially stable enough to do it.

Virgo woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Intelligent, affectionate and dutiful;
  • Challenges: Tiresome, criticising and forgetful;
  • She will love: Getting to know everything about her husband;
  • She needs to learn: Not to let others meddle in her marriage.

The Virgo woman as a wife

As soon as married, the woman born in Virgo becomes an incredible wife who doesn’t have a problem with playing the role of the alpha character.

She’s respected by many for her opinion that marriage is nothing else than a business contract between two best friends and in the same time lovers.

This lady will make no mistake in taking care of her home because she’s obsessed with order and cleanliness, not to mention how good the food cooked by her tastes.

She’ll never disappoint her family, but it can be said that her domestic skills are somehow artificial. However, she cares a lot about her husband, children and the home in which they’re all residing.

She has the drawback of being too materialistic, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it as she’s an Earth sign. Wanting for everything in her life to be perfect, she protects her loved ones and her privacy like a lioness does it with her cobs.

Intelligent and possessing an analyzing mind, this lady can find flaws in just about everything, but her wish is not to highlight them, more to make improvements while avoiding insulting anyone.

When it comes to her emotional well-being, it can’t be said the Virgo woman is very strong because she easily allows herself to be influenced by others and can’t be happy without a routine.

She’s responsible and a traditionalist, not to mention how motivated to succeed when having an objective. This lady wants to succeed in both her personal and professional lives because she’s always aiming for perfection.

She’ll respect her husband and his relatives, but it’s possible for her to have some issues as far emotional and spiritual connections are going.

The marriage with the Virgo woman will get very close to perfection because she’s good at creating a homey and comfortable atmosphere for her husband and children.

It can be very difficult to convince her to do things differently from what she already knows because she wants to be in control. Her man will soon discover how good she can be at everything: she can be a boss at work, a very talented hobbyist in many fields, the best wife and mother, also a chef who keeps getting compliments from all of her dinner guests.

She doesn’t want to seem mean when questioning everything, but this is only because she’s terrified of failure. However, no matter how annoying, her husband and friends will love her for being loyal and charismatic.

As soon as Virgo women have decided to get married, their mind starts to become free of all the demons that were haunting their self-consciousness. While the lady in this sign may never completely escape these demons, she’ll have the means and a reason to fight such dark thoughts when approaching her own wedding.

She’ll seek more and more for the security and sense of belonging marriage is usually offering. However, this doesn’t mean she won’t have a single problem with her husband.

On the contrary, he’ll have to keep her relaxed and to teach this lady how to get rid of all the stress associated with the mundane in her life. The thing is, she tends to be fussy and very anxious about the most trivial details.

She may even become very nervous and tense at the party she herself organized because the guests aren’t sitting too much on the couch she just bought, more or less for this particular event.

This stress she’s experiencing can’t bring anything good to neither her or her partner. She’ll completely fall for the man who can help her relax and unwind, but she needs to take him seriously if he happens to say that she’s too materialistic.

She pays attention to every little detail

Her husband can be sure that she’s going to be the perfect mother for their children, even if she often finds it difficult to express her emotions.

She’s more the type who loves showing her love through actions and servitude, so she’ll always keep a clean house, change the broken light bulbs and tend the garden instead of just saying how much she loves her family.

Since she’s such a perfectionist, judging others comes easily to her. In case her husband has just started working on a project, she won’t be able to refrain herself from making suggestions on how he could do a better job.

This shouldn’t be taken personally because it’s only her nature; she doesn’t want to point at anyone’s mistakes.

Her symbol is the Virgin, but she isn’t a real virgin for a lifetime, she just features many of the traits of a pure young woman. This lady can be a prude and very traditional in her way of thinking, which means she’s better off dirty words and sex toys in the bedroom.

All Virgos are famous for their obsession with cleanliness and personal hygiene, which can sometimes be very annoying.

The man who will marry a lady in this sign will always come home to a clean and tidy place because his wife will be very disciplined, have good taste and struggle to keep everyone in her family healthy.

She’ll support him in everything he wants to do, but she expects to get the exact same thing in return. The details should be left to her because she has a good eye for the little things.

Since the Virgo woman in love is pretentious and pays too much attention to every small issue, she may miss seeing the big picture and forget to focus on the real problems in her life.

Reserved and calm, she may seem very cold for the untrained eye. She just doesn’t want to reveal too much about herself because she’s a private lady with one or two inhibitions that impede her from fully enjoying sex with the man she loves or any other one for that matter.

Furthermore, she has a tendency to keep her feelings bottled up inside and to end up thinking that her husband no longer wants her. The more she won’t have sex, the more insecure she’ll become, but she’s at least smart enough to eventually realize that she’s only suppressing herself in front of her own soulmate.

A man who doesn’t have too many demands and is serious about love can be the perfect partner for her.

People born in Virgo are very good parents because they know how to make their children curious, active and interested in other things besides what they’re learning in school.

Therefore, there’s no problem with them as far as parenting goes, even if they’re often very criticizing. These natives need to be encouraged and appreciated just as much as they require their discipline, but it’s also important for them to not exaggerate with any of their obsessive traits.

Therefore, Virgos could be less cold when dealing with everyday issues as their loved ones deserve more than just a few evasive answers. They can’t rest until their home is the perfect place for their partner to feel happy.

When working on making this happen, they may try too hard and end up exhausted as they’re also giving their best at work. In other words, Virgos could really learn more about what relaxation means and how much it can help them move forward in life.

The downsides of her role as wife

Obsessed with perfection and tidiness, the Virgo woman may cause many problems to her husband with her very high expectations.

She’s very hard on herself, even more than she is with others, but her partner will certainly become exhausted with her demands because he’d be living with her every single day.

A divorce with this lady is usually the result of all the minor problems piling up and remaining unaddressed. For example, she’ll think that each time her man is leaving the dishes in the sink, he’s in fact no longer caring about the home they’ve built together.

When he’ll forget to bring home bread, she’ll assume he’ll no longer remember to pick-up the children from school one day as well. This lady can be bothered by every little thing because she sees it much bigger, sometimes impossible to handle.

Therefore, she needs a partner who can help her relax and who can tell her off when her expectations about marriage are unrealistic.

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