The Virgo Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

She can be easily overwhelmed by her own love feelings.


Not the most sentimental of all the signs in the zodiac, the Virgo woman still likes to be brought flowers and symbolic gifts. She will make it up to you with all kind of attentions and love mementos.

This lady likes to show her feelings every day, so you will be pretty spoiled when sharing your life with her. You may not get the way she feels as she doesn’t like to express her feelings, but you will surely know that she cares about you.

She is consistent with the love for her other half. The worrier of the zodiac, this woman won’t hesitate to complain to you about what she is going through.

She sees the potential of a relationship from the beginning, and she is always looking for something serious and long-term.

Attentive to every little detail, this lady will even notice on what kind of plates a restaurant serves its food. She will analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, making the best decision in the end.

But she often misses on life by being so observant and careful. She is a perfectionist who’s hard on herself and also the world.

Some Virgos like a normal life, doing their work even if this means being overlooked by others. They want to keep a low-key lifestyle.

When in love

The Virgo woman will be scared by love initially. If someone is trying to be with her, she will be shy and reserved, sometimes making it impossible to get involved.

She wants the partner to make the first move because it makes her feel more feminine and attractive. Because she’s so rational and objective, this lady won’t end up with someone with whom she’s being too direct or flirtatious.

When she strongly falls in love, she is unable to express her feelings, this being how you can identify if she wants to make things real with someone.

Practical in every aspect of her life, she is the same when it comes to romance. Don’t expect her to fall in love too quickly. This girl first analyzes if someone is right for her, and only after that she decides to be with that person.

Strong and determined, it’s difficult to convince her things are not the way she sees them. This is not the type of girl who looks for a Prince Charming. She’s too down-to-earth for this way of thinking.

She works hard to make the relationship that she’s in perfect. But she’s intense and passionate, so you’ll go through great times when with her.

The moment she meets someone who she likes, this woman will take her time to carefully analyze him. If you happen to be someone she’s interested in, find out that it’s not a problem if you have a few weaknesses. The Virgo woman will want to work with you on correcting them.

Don’t worry about cheating. This girl never likes more than one person at a time. She needs to trust her partner completely, so she won’t commit until she’s 100% sure you are right for her.

There are a few times when she allows impulse to drive her. But she’s always doubtful about any rushed decision that she makes. If it happens to have jumped into a couple too fast, she will wonder if the partner really likes her.

Not that she isn’t confident, but she needs to know more about someone in order to determine if he’s a match. Reassure her of your love from time to time. The Virgo woman needs to know just how much you care.

Her sexuality

With Venus falling in her sign, the Virgo woman will be sensual and sexual, but not aware of all this. This is exactly what can make men go crazy about her. They need to grasp that this lady has to be completely relaxed and laid back before she gives herself.

Private, she won’t talk about her love life with others. Be patient when in love with this girl. She will open in bed only later, after she has made a rational decision that the one she likes is truly who she needs next to her.

If she’s sure her privacy won’t be violated and she’s encouraged, the Virgo woman will open herself to any sexual fantasy and erotic mind games, in spite of her rational thinking, which makes her a little bit cold.

Be careful with her in bed as she needs the foreplay to be inventive and fun. But don’t think too much of this or it will distract her.

In a relationship

The Virgo is a very loyal sign. The woman in this sign doesn’t get attached too easily as she needs to weigh in all the pros and cons of a relationships before she commits. Rather than being with someone that doesn’t suit her, this lady would remain single.

She expects a lot from her partner, so don’t disappoint her. While having high standards, don’t think the relationship with her is difficult. On contrary, she likes to keep things relaxed when in love.

Always punctual, the Virgo woman will never miss a date. She makes time for love and a partner who deserves her. She’s pretty independent, so you won’t have problems with a needy character.

As said before, she’s not waiting to be rescued, she just craves someone with whom she can live a nice life.

Before you get to know her better, don’t expect emotions to be expressed too easily. For example, if she feels at unease, no one will know that she has weaknesses about something or someone.

You will get to see all the sides of her personality as soon as you two will know each other better. She can be picky with her partners, so if you’re not up to her high standards, she may choose someone else.

As a main weakness, the Virgo woman is too tight. This observant perfectionist can’t relax as easily as other signs. She’s too focused on details and she can’t make small talk.

But with her wits and charm, she can make anyone be interested in her. This lady will only use logic in all her arguments and decision making.

Understanding your Virgo woman

This lady can turn manic when it comes to cleanliness and neatness. And this can be noticed in everything that she does. She also doesn’t like when things are not working perfectly.

The Virgo woman needs to face a world that isn’t perfect every day.  But she has fate the world can change and be an ideal place, this being the main dream that will make her determined and strong.

It would be best if she would give up on these ideals as she’s too perfectionist and will end up disappointed all the time.

She will never be aware of how beautiful and smart she actually is. This lady needs to be at all times active. The macho Taurus or the fiery Leo aren’t good for her. She has to be with someone extroverted like a Fire sign, but at the same time agile, like an Air sign.

When in love, this lady is loyal, affectionate and caring. You would be lucky to have her in your life. She doesn’t like dishonest people, and she will not talk to anyone who has disrespected her. Unfaithfulness and disloyalty are also something that she hates. Even if this breaks her heart, she will still end things with anyone who has done her wrong.

When she loves, the Virgo woman is all the time happy and with her head in the clouds. People will know when she has someone in her life. As her partner, you will get to know her entire family and group of friends.

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