Virgo Sexuality: Essentials On Virgo In Bed

Sex with a Virgo – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Although not a very lustful and sexually spectacular individual, the Virgo native still retains his spot as one of the most appreciative and compassionate ones out there.

They tend to rationalize and put everything through a logical process of systematization. If you ever think you’re close to seeing into their motivation or train of thoughts, you’re wrong. You don’t. You can’t.

However, this does not mean that Virgos are in any way incapable or weak at making love. On the contrary, perhaps that ability to analyze and perfectly observe pros and cons had a pretty good influence in this instance.

Which is to say that this native is pretty able at looking for the details and reaching those “hard to reach” spots. And if you don’t succeed at first, then what? Try again, of course.

Due to this observant side of theirs, Virgos may sometimes get sidetracked and end up being catalogued as indifferent and distant, but the truth lies elsewhere.

What they’re basically trying to do is search for someone who truly has the will and courage to delve deeper into the mystery.

Although this may force things and irritate people, it has good intentions, and patience is surely rewarded.

In intimate relationships, everything a Virgo does is aimed at making things better and more satisfying, for both parties, instead of sharing in the affection and love.

It turns into a kind of obsession at times, all things being in their best condition, perfectionism in other words.

These Virgo natives are what we might call the virtuous and thoughtful lovers. Why is that? Because, while indeed driven by lust and the thrill of great pleasure, they don’t overdo things and make you look bad in the process.

Satisfaction is not the only thing on their mind. Not biting more than they can chew, Virgos are pretty direct and forthright, but also moderate and patient.

Virgos absolutely despise it when things get dirty and thrown into the mud. Observant and attentive to every single detail, this native won’t feel comfortable at all making love when the both of you just got off the road, all dusty and sweaty. It’s not alright, and it’s certainly not very pleasing.

From this point of view, we can clearly see that sex is not everything there is to a Virgo, something which overshadows everything else.

People who prefer to do, rather than debate about it or compose poetries about it, they may come off as a bit distant and insensible. But, the truth is a bit different.

There are methods to express love, other than openly stating it, or yelling it off from the nearest skyscraper, and that’s actually doing things that reflect that love.

Little, even insignificant actions which count for a lot if noticed, are a much better way to approach the same goal, only with greater results.

Introverted by nature and unable to express their feelings as easily as other people, Virgo natives tend to overthink and even underestimate themselves.

At this point, they could even get sick, from all that frowning and sighing, depression might set in as well.

Clearly, nothing works as it used to be, and that is easily noticeable by everyone else. Hopefully, it will be noticed by their partner as well, because only he can successfully pull these natives out of the abyss of uncertainty and worry.

It is this anxiety and reluctance, but also a certain strength of character, that pushes them to grasp at perfectionism.

When in love, a single misstep could lead to complete failure or worse, embarrassment. To avoid that, Virgos tend to be calm and patient, waiting for a chance to arrive.

Furthermore, they are quite generous and altruistic, so knowing that you need help or support might incentivize them to feel attracted to you.

Differing views

Above all else, Virgo natives hate fakery and deception, those people who pretend only to further their goals. In this case, the end does not justify the means, not in the least.

Even if it’s for their own good or satisfaction, it still leads to anger and sadness once discovered. Best to keep it all natural and straightforward, and while this might lead to unwanted conclusions, it’s better that way.

Deciding to live with a Virgo might be the next logical step in a relationship, but there is one thing that could make you reconsider, or at least give off a sign of alarm, in preparation.

These natives are perfectionists, that much is known and recognized. But what does this actually mean? It means two things.

Firstly, they will valiantly struggle and fight to the bitter end to help you become better and develop, as well as drive the relationship forward, step by step. Practically, it’s a constructive way of applying those high-strung standards and self-made rules of theirs.

Secondly, Virgos will forever see the imperfections and downsides of everything around them, including you.

They will criticize, and they will criticize you harshly and with no remorse, surgically cutting away all the possible defects and bad spots.

While it may be tough to tolerate this, just remember that their goal is not to mock or make fun of your shortcomings. No, on the contrary, it’s all for the sake of seeing the partner get better and better, making fewer mistakes and accomplishing greater things.

One funny thing, or annoying, depending on whom you ask, people think about Virgos is that a lot of them have never made love, or don’t make love as often as others.

Maybe because of perfectionism, over-analyzing and overthinking everything, there could be a lot of causes for this false belief.

Oh, you noticed? Yeah, it’s a false belief alright. Statistically, there are as much virgin Virgos as other Zodiac signs, there really is not much difference.

They do have high standards, but that does not mean that they are absurd and don’t accept anyone at all. It’s just selectivity, nothing wrong with that.

Ready to explore

On the bright side, since it seemed that we only dealt with Virgos’ shortcomings. Due to their emotional limitations and calm demeanor, it would be a tremendous effort to start cheating. Living two separate lives, with two separate people would drive them crazy in a very short time.

So it’s pretty impossible for that to happen. Having sex with others might not be so far-fetched though. If the partner’s not available or willing to experiment with them, other test subjects have to be found, obviously.

A Virgo may go through a surprising transformation once love sets in and fully entangles them.

Becoming freer and more passionate than ever before, they let go of all inhibitions and fears, while taking sex for what it actually is: one of the best things this world has to offer.

Sagittarians are arguably the best partners to a Virgo, they make a fine combo and it seems like the world is theirs and nothing is impossible. It’s really a spectacle of sensitivity and great emotions strung out into the open, at a maximum degree.

These guys are so compatible with one another, that they just instinctively understand each other, adapting to anything that comes their way on just a glance. Love life is definitely in a top-notch condition

On one hand, Virgos are keen on taking you to the peaks of pleasure and giving you a push to escape the boundaries of inhibition and anxiety, thus releasing all that pent-up pression.

Thoughtful and generous, how the other feels concerns them the most, often forgetting about personal pleasure. On the other hand, they also like to be pleased by someone who knows what he’s doing. Who doesn’t, right?

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Written by Denise

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