Virgo Jealousy: What You Need To Know

Romance with a dash of suspicions and controlling behavior

Being a little bit jealous when involved in a romantic relationship is absolutely normal. On contrary, not feeling jealousy at all may indicate there is a problem with how involved you are in that relationship.

As far as the Virgos go, it can’t be said this sign is jealous or controlling, or in any way needy, they are only agitated.

The thing with Virgos is that they are doubtful. They question everyone’s intentions, including their own. This is how their personality is. It doesn’t matter how positive and sure things are in the relationship, they will panic when they will start to overthink.

Virgos can be discriminating sometimes. It is because they like everything to be properly done. They are picky with people. If you notice someone is too neat and a little bit too quiet, you may be face to face with a Virgo.

An Earth sign, the Virgo is intelligent and always organized. Virgos will always know where they put their things.

They place them strategically through their home so they can be easily found. No one in the zodiac is more able of getting everything done than the Virgo.

Virgos who are born on the cusp of Leo have a tendency to be more energetic and open, while the ones born on the cusp of Libra are more relaxed and cordial.

People born in Virgo are likely to be reliable and when coupled with the right partner they become devoted and caring.

They are good judges of situations and characters. That’s why their friends rely on them for a strong opinion. In regard to arguments, the Virgo will be sure that he or she is right.

They always know best and they are criticizing people who are not doing things the right way, which is their way.

Some would say the Virgo has insecurities when criticizing, but it isn’t like that. These people simply feel the need to criticize.

Don’t think the Virgo is too pessimistic. They’re only circumspect about things. A Virgo will always prefer to aim low and succeed, rather than dream big and end up disappointed.

A rather suspicious sign

You can surely trust the Virgo. They are stable and insightful and they don’t allow emotions to control them too much. When in a relationship, they prefer to understand their significant other very well and they can easily tell if there’s a threat.

If they suspect there’s someone else in their partner’s life, the Virgos start acting strangely by not talking about the problem. You will know a Virgo suspects something when he or she will become more distant than usual.

They usually compare themselves with the person they think is the threat, and they start thinking they're no longer worthy to be in that relationship. Click To Tweet

The person who is considered to be the threat will be at all times avoided by the Virgo.

Virgos don’t reveal what they may be feeling. They are emotional like the rest of us, but they prefer to keep this to themselves, so their passion will be kept inside. It is true they are not the most romantic sign in the zodiac, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions.

Straightforward and never impertinent, your Virgo partner will always be there for you. Sometimes criticizing, but this is something that can be overlooked.

With a partner, the Virgo will try and not compromise that much. They are more the unequivocal type.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo and you cheated, you can say goodbye to that relationship.

When having insecurities and feeling jealousy, the Virgos won’t say a thing. They quietly analyze the situation and decide if it is time for a breakup.

There are Virgos who enjoy making their partner jealous. They play this game in which they make the partner feel like he or she is on the second place.

Combating their controlling behavior

An Earth sign, the Virgo is the most compatible with the Capricorn, which is also an Earth sign. They are both strong characters who love neatness. Taurus is another sign with which the Virgo is compatible.

It’s because the Taurus has the patience and the stubbornness needed to put up with the Virgo’s way of life. A relationship of harmony, but not of too much seriousness, the Virgo can have with the Libra. The sensitive Pisces won’t resist being all day long criticized by the Virgo and the Sagittarius is too wild for their taste.

One thing people don’t know about Virgos is the fact that they can be controlling when involved in a romantic relationship. They study the partner, they find their weaknesses and they learn how to be controlling with them.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have respect or take the other person for granted. They simply can’t survive without being in control. And control can’t happen forever, without the person who is being controlled to be aware of it.

The person who is being controlled is the only one to be blamed in a situation like this. Instead of accepting what the partner keeps ordering around, they can try and reason.

The Virgo won’t like if you fight back. When they turn the control button on, they are adamant about it. The most important thing is that you remain calm and express your opinion. If you are right, the Virgo will understand and will stop with the controlling behavior.

With Virgos, it’s important to know that you can’t change them in a day or two. Their behavior was built in years and it’s what makes their life work at that moment, after all.

Try and bring strong opinions when trying to convince a Virgo of something, or when trying to explain he or she is too controlling. The Virgo won’t accept your arguments if they are not strong and anchored in reality.

Besides all this, one more thing. Don’t be the one doing all the favors in the relationship. This is how being controlled starts: by doing small favors. Try and politely refuse what the Virgo is asking you to do.

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