Libra Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Libra man can be quite judgmental and sensitive but ultimately, he is one of the most reliable and candid partners.

man with a Libra sign

Once the Libra man decides to be with someone, patience will drive all his life and he will remain calm in all situations. He will give his all in trying to find the perfect harmony, the one true solution that brings peace to the relationship.

Pros Cons
He is a helpless romantic.He doesn’t open up easily.
He will try to inspire and transmit his positive outlook.He worries a little too much.
He is a lover of comfort and elegance.He may come across as shy and cold.

Right from the very beginning, the Libra man will be all over you with the idea of marriage and establishing a family together. He’s already picturing eternity alongside his partner, a relationship being simply the starting point.

He wants to feel that sense of belonging, to be spiritually in-sync with his loved one, and he moves a little too fast to get to that.

Pick your words carefully in front of him

Obviously, you won’t meet a more devoted and loving partner than the Libra man. He will literally take the Moon down and give it to you if you want it.

He will bare his fangs in all the enemies and brave all the challenges for you, walk through fire and face immovable mountains to save you from peril.

A lot of women might find him as being obsessed or overly-exaggerated with the attention, but in reality, he is one of the best lovers out there. If you can’t appreciate his dedication and unwillingness to surrender, then you don’t deserve him.

Being an Air sign, he is prone to put his focus on attaining his goals as fast as possible, driven by the insatiable energy that’s burning from deep inside. And he will quickly let go of anyone whose potential doesn’t resonate with his.

The one thing that makes a relationship with the Libra man unbearable to some degree is that he is uncertain, and he will take a long time in deciding whether you’re the right one or not.

He wants to perfectly sure, down to the last uncertainty, that you will be the one for him, the special person who will complete him. He wants you to be your own person, to be independent and free, to have your own likes and passions outside of the relationship.

However, at the same time, he wants to achieve a state of balance, a perfect unity of beings.

The Libra man in love is rather weak-minded, and his ego is very frail. This means that he will feel offended by just about anything, even the most innocent of jokes or allusions.

You will have to be careful in this regard, to pick your words before saying anything that he might find insulting.

The only downside to his intense passion and devotion to a relationship is that once it ends, for any reason whatsoever, he will be utterly destroyed emotionally, on a path down to the abyss.

Things were going great, he was finally fulfilled with his life, alongside the one he loves, and then that happened. The disillusion is too great to bear. He will not give up, not against his better thoughts and even though the situation seems unsalvageable. Willpower and ambition are his greatest traits.

He judges everything from the end to the beginning, nothing else to say. In a relationship, he analyzes and observes the comings and goings of his partner, the way it all unfolds, and the chances of it evolving into a break-up.

He calculates the chances of attaining his objectives and goals alongside her, and then he takes a well-informed decision.

He usually doesn’t rush to seal the deal, and it could be a long time before he actually meets the love of his life. Also, he speaks a lot, and you’ll hear his estimations and thoughts right then and there.

You won’t find someone better

The Libra man prefers doing things in a calm and patient manner, never rushing with his estimations and observations. So, if you’re going to act all crazy and have temper tantrums all the time, all you’re going to do is create a worse impression for him to note down.

Work on yourself, get over the dramatical fits and try to work with him equally. He can and will resist these phases of yours, even endorse them from time to time, but if you’re always acting like a spoiled child, then he’ll get annoyed. He is allowed to act in that way, but you’re not.

The Libra guy is all about equality and equity in a relationship. Not only will he keep count of all the good things he’s done and the many compromises he’s made to give you what you want, but he’ll bring this up from time to time.

You went to a movie that you liked? Good, now’s the turn to go watch that SF-action blockbuster that he’s dying to see.

Ultimately, he’s going to commit in the end because he wants to pursue his dreams and get that sense of belonging as well but just don’t yam constantly about this. Rushing him will only make it more difficult.

You can rarely find someone better than the Libra man as a partner, quite the ideal type that many are looking for. For him, the relationship takes the top spot in any priority list, and your happiness is just as important.

If you wanted someone to take control and dominate the situation, you might be in for a surprise. He will compromise his own happiness just to give yours to you.

He’s forgiving and understanding, and very devoted to the principle of equity. You will never have problems with being the only one who takes the garbage out or things like that.

His greatest desire is to find a woman who loves him for who he is, and not for someone that he could become. He wants a deep spiritual connection to fan the fires of his soul, to give him the inner strength to try even harder, to become better and to touch his potential.

That sense of belonging is a requirement for him because he hates being alone, having no one to share life with.

Moreover, he’s not that difficult to live with because he’s naturally predisposed toward pacifying all conflicts. He wants to have a calm and balanced relationship, not one based on problems and arguments.

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