Dating A Libra Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

If you want to date the Libra man, find a way for balance in between what makes you both different and what makes you similar.

He is a sign that always worries about how others may feel and he seeks balance when committed. His charisma and openness make him a great person to be around.

Always interested in socializing, the Libra man is the one to bring peace when arguments arise. It’s easy to capture his attention, as he’s everyone’s friend. If you don’t manage to engage with him, don’t worry. He’ll most likely come and talk to you. He likes to make jokes and he is always happy.

The Libra man is intelligent, so when talking to him try and make the discussion about intellectual subjects.

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The sign associated with partnerships, with Venus as a planet to rule it, the Libra has a charisma people simply can’t resist. You’ll surely love dating this man. As an Air sign, he is resourceful with new ideas and he is able to communicate with people very well.

He needs to be mentally connected with his partner in order to be happy in the relationship. More than all of this, he is also a Cardinal sign, which means he would be pleased to take initiative.

He is a man of peace and balance, so he is using all these previously mentioned traits to bring harmony around him.

His expectations

If you want to get the Libra man, get yourself noticed. He’s at all times surrounded by people and he is often making new friends.

You’ll have to somehow impress him to get his attention. He likes the finest things in life, so be chic, interesting and beautiful. If you notice how much of an effort he makes to be unique, he’ll fall in love with you.

A Libra man will always know how to make people happy, no matter the situation. He is balanced and he seeks the same thing in others. So don’t get over-excited around him.

You can scare him away. When you’re in his company, don’t panic if something goes wrong. You will only impress him if you manage to be calm. Libras take long to make decisions. Don’t think it’s a problem with the man you like, that’s how this sign is.

Libra men like being involved in long-term relationships. At first, you’ll need to catch his attention and after you’ll have to keep it up on every level: intellectual, physical and emotional.

He likes people who have style and elegance. Just be smart and good looking and he will be interested. He is self-confident, so you’ll have to try and be the same.

The Libra guy believes in love and he is looking for it. As he takes a long time to make a decision, he will analyze the situation before being sure someone really likes him.

Oftentimes, Libra men lose great lovers because they take too much time deciding. As soon as someone’s got his heart, he becomes the best partner someone could ever have.

Mannered and charming, the Libra native will have you at the first hello. He will ensure that you feel that for them you are the only person on Earth and he’ll be eager to spend as much alone time with you as possible.

It’s important that you don’t get extreme with him. He’s a balanced person and he struggles for others to have the same harmony. He’s devoted and he treats relationships seriously.

Hands-on dating tips

Going out with the Libra native doesn’t have to be too pretentious. He’ll just enjoy some alone time together.

Look for a place to stimulate his visual sense. A place that looks good and is also harmonious.

Don’t take him to a sporting event, or anywhere that involves physical activities. If you manage to get him, make sure to remember all the anniversaries and important days in your relationship. He likes his partner to be thoughtful in this direction.

All Libras like going with the trends. Use this for your dates and approach topics like the latest in music, movies, art and other.

Take your Libra man to cultural events. It’s a wise idea to appeal to his intellectuality and sophisticate taste. After the event, make sure you go someplace where you can be alone and talk.

The Libra man is known for his romantic side. Always be dressed appropriately to where you are going, he likes people who are looking top-notch.

As Venus governs this sign, the Libra native will have a romantic side too. He believes love should be kept alive a lifetime and he’ll work hard at this.

He likes to know the partner’s alright and happy. This makes him a great family man. He is more pragmatic than emotional. He likes to be flattered, so don’t hesitate to declare he looks good.

He takes pleasure in being with someone and he’ll go through anything to know more about the person he’s with. A man in Libra courts with romantic gestures. He will go the extra mile to keep the partner happy and satisfied.

Between the sheets

You won’t be able to resists a Libra man’s charms. Between the sheets, he sometimes needs to be reassured that he’s doing a great job. He knows it, but he still needs the appreciation so any word of this kind will ensure he feels better about himself.

His way of making love goes through the mind and not the body or the spirit. He wants both him and the partner to have the same thoughts.

This is what Air signs do, they filter everything with their mind and after they feel it with the body. He will see only the best in you, so you don’t need to be someone else when in bed with him. He searches for sex as he needs it for his balance in life.

The Libra man likes being adored, so you can declare to him that you love him many times. If you desire to spice things up a bit, play some mind games and fulfill all your fantasies. He will be open for any suggestion as he is the person to try everything at least once.

He has some limits depending on his taste, but in general he will be open to many things. As said before, he’s constantly trying to keep his partner happy, so if you have anything to suggest, just say it out loud.

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