Libra Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits

Very thoughtful and peace-loving, Libra people will always try to work with options or to make compromises.

Libra Symbol

Born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, Libras are tactful people with a love for everything that’s beautiful. Their soul is romantic, and they can accept many things from their dear ones. At the same time, they’re moody, can’t make a decision and don’t like to take other people’s opinions for granted.

Libras are easy to live with and very interesting because they simply love peace and are only interesting in bringing harmony around them. What characterizes these individuals the most is their need to partner up with others.

Libra qualities in a nutshell:

  • Positive traits: Tactfulness, eloquence and charm;
  • Negative traits: Indecisiveness, superficiality and moodiness;
  • Symbolism: The Scales is a symbol of justice and a representation of balance and symmetry.
  • Motto: I balance.

The seventh sign in the zodiac, Libras love to be in a relationship with someone that complements them. While they may not seem to pay attention to what is being said to them, you can be sure they’re always listening. They usually come up with great ideas and inspire others to follow them.

An affectionate personality

Libras will always try to bring peace and hate being alone. This means they give a lot of attention to their partnerships and usually see themselves through the eyes of others.

Don’t be surprised if they’re obsessed with balance and struggle to make everything seem symmetrical. True fighters for justice and loving equality, only life experiences will teach them many people are unfair and that they may not be able to do anything about it.

Avoiding conflicts at all costs, Libras will always use their diplomatic ways to bring the peace in their environment.

They belong to the Air element and have a place between the Gemini and the Aquarius, which means they love to be stimulated from an intellectual point of view and are very smart.

Any good book or a discussion with someone who knows what he or she is saying will have them enthusiastic. They need to be attentive when involved with others because they’re pretty indecisive and they can’t choose sides.

Therefore, they may wake up their opinion is being required and they don’t actually have it. It’s important for them to always remember that they don’t need always need to play the peacemaker, so being more opinionated is very indicated for them.

The ruling planet of the Libra is Venus, which makes people in this sign good at lovemaking and very attracted to everything that’s beautiful and even expensive.

These natives will want to go to music concerts, museums, theatre plays and visit countries that are culturally rich. It’s easy for them to understand other people’s points of view and they usually decide to make compromises in order to get their relationships in order.

And this will not happen only in love, but also in friendships or at the workplace. Very attracted to members of the opposite sex, they become very romantic when it comes to love.

Libras are great spouses because they really can bond with the one they love and are very emphatic when it comes to other half’s needs. Also, they will understand their lover has also weaknesses and some negative traits.

Idealistic when it comes to love, Libras are always struggling to make their relationships look like in their dreams. Sometimes, in their head, they have the perfect lover, so it can be difficult for them to find someone in real life.

Their friends will love them because they’re sociable and good in situations in which everyone is admiring them.

Crazy about good wine and everything that’s beautiful, they work hard to make the money they need to buy luxuries. They will always be interested in what their loved ones are doing and have a tendency to sugar-coat people.

Libra positive qualities

Libras are charismatic people who happen to also have a sensibility to others’ needs. They will always identify what their loved ones want and they’ll deliver.

If someone is vulgar, crude or rude, they will completely reject that person because they love gentleness and mannered individuals.

Very thoughtful and wanting to bring peace, Libras will always try to work with or to make compromises, just for the harmony to be achieved and a quiet atmosphere to be installed.

Ruling over their sign, Venus makes them see beauty in everything, no matter if it’s about a person or an art piece. This is the reason why their home is always furnished with antiques and very expensive decorative items.

These natives love having money and are very proud of what they’re all the time buying. Because they really know how to appreciate what’s beautiful, they make great artists of any kind.

It can be said their greatest qualities are diplomacy, tastefulness and the fact that they’re responsible.

There’s no one more balanced than them, and they can really lead people to do what they want in life or to become more confident and happy with themselves. Expect them to invest a lot of their energy in making the lives of their loved ones better.

Libra negative traits

While giving and supportive, it’s difficult to think Libras can also have some negative traits. However, just like any other sign, they have their own bad parts.

For example, they can’t handle being criticized because they’re very insecure already. Also, they need to be admired or they start to feel down and depressed.

Loving to be those to whom everyone pays attention, they’re often struggling to gain the admiration of others, which means they’re self-centred.

Because they’re also very appreciative of everything that’s beautiful, they may forget people can also have great characters and are not only looks.

When not being able to take sides, they become indecisive, so many will get bored of waiting on them to make up their mind. Because they’re charming, they’ll flirt with anyone, which will bother their partner very much.

One thing they want to see all the time is fairness, so they may become judgmental and resentful towards some people who don’t seem to know what justice is.

What Libras need to understand is that this may be their ego that always needs to be fed with the impression that they’re all the time fair.

Overconfidence and the “Can do” attitude can have them seeing things in a too optimistic light. They usually don’t allow other people’s opinions to rule their life, but they’re ready to make compromises and to say they agree, for the sake of peace.

Libra man qualities

The Libra man is very balanced and wants a partner with whom he can have great fun. He’s obsessed with justice and fairness, so he will struggle all of his life to be careful and to never judge.

He’s usually trying to make everyone happy and believes those who study things very carefully are able to accomplish great things in life.

Hating conflict and being a true peacemaker, he will always go to any length to avoid arguments because he wants quiet and harmony to rule over any situation. When someone is trying to fight, he tries to talk things through and to reach a compromise.

He’s indecisive, so it’s hard to be calm with him when he has to decide on a movie or what restaurant to go to. It’s better to make these decisions for him, not because he’s weak, but because he’s too impartial.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to wait for him, so a more decisive person will only do him good. He likes to measure things and to weigh all the pros and cons before reaching to a conclusion.

This man can be considered unhappy by some because he takes too much time trying to be neutral. Nonetheless, his decisions are always objective and the most efficient ones. That’s why many want to ask him for advice, all the time.

As an Air sign, the Libra man is interested in anything intellectual and loves to talk about his ideas with as many people as possible.

He knows how to debate and is always fair, which means he can appreciate everything that matters in an argument.

It’s rather impossible for him to choose sides, so he’ll play the referee and think of the best compromises instead. Expect him to always look at every possible turn of a situation and to make decisions without giving any preference to a side or method.

As said before, Venus is the planet that rules him, so he’s in love with love and everything that’s beautiful. This man will always go out into town and shop for the most expensive things.

He can be a little bit superficial because he only likes beautiful women, but at least he’ll choose only those who are worth of beauty contests. Charismatic and sensual, he’s also a gentleman who always knows what to say.

The Libra Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Libra woman qualities

You can count on the Libra woman to always want a new adventure and to do something wild. She’s the type that loves going to the circus, to hitchhike and to pilot airplanes.

When going out with her, her partner should think of the carnival as a destination for their date. This lady loves to ride the Ferris wheel and to have as much fun as possible.

If you happen to be her partner, expect her to smooch and always hug you. She’s a big romantic who likes to see beautiful people and loves to be surrounded by appealing things.

Her social media page is usually full of photos that are taken on her adventures or that have surprised the most beautiful moments. She’s not the type to be glamorous and to put too many photos of herself.

Represented by the Scales, the Libra woman will always look for balance and to have harmony in her life. She’s delightful and wants to have fun, to laugh, to spend her time outdoors and to make herself beautiful.

This lady is very free and prefers to keep a relaxed attitude, and when dealing with negative people, she’d rather run away and not look back.

Her beauty is natural, while her personality will make her even more attractive. Men will always feel comfortable around her because she can talk about anything and is easy-going.

Libra women are famous for being beautiful and for dressing a little bit unconventionally. At work, at school and even at the gym, this lady will always have members of the opposite sex with a crush on her. She’s easy to talk to and does innocently flirting with everyone.

The Libra Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

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