Traits Of The Leo Man In Love: From Selfish To Seductive In A Matter Of Seconds

His aim is to build intimacy in his relationships and protect his lover.

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The Leo man won’t be that focused on love and romance. He is very self-centered, so he will very much concentrate on his dreams and goals. This guy will spend most of his time thinking how he can achieve his goals and succeed in life.

He wants to be famous and he will one day manage to be. He needs a significant other who is committed to being with him while he embarks on a new adventure. You must be able to keep up with him.

He can disappoint as he doesn’t live to love someone. He is aware of the fact that he can come across a partner anywhere and that it’s easy for him to attract.

He will enjoy a relationship and then he will get bored. This man can move on from something or even from someone very easily so be careful because he truly can be a heart breaker.

When in a relationship

Warm and kind, the Leo man will fall easily in love. He acts just like a lion that has been tamed when he is interested in someone. He likes the chase and he thinks the person he likes is his prey rather than his friend or companion.

As a fixed sign, the Leo man will find it difficult to give up a relationship if he was truly invested in it. He will hold on to the feelings he has for someone and engage in wooing a new person with difficulty. Trying to get a lady will consume a lot of his temper.

He has a big heart and a noble stature. After all, the symbol of this sign is the king of the jungle. When committed, he is eager to prove that he is powerful, mannered and reliable.

He thinks this is part of seduction. He never feels insecure, this being something the partner will highly appreciate about him. He can make his lover laugh and he shines each time he gets the occasion.

He can sometimes act like he is spoiled, becoming lazy and authoritative. Leos have the tendency to think they are the most important people on Earth. But all these things can be overlooked, as he compensates with charm and positivity. Don’t expect him to be less selfish because he will never change that about himself.

He will not spend too much time around people who are negative or don’t share the same interests as him. Not that he dismisses someone, he simply doesn’t understand those who don’t think like him.

He will always think that life’s too beautiful not to be enjoyed. Self-confident, this man will always crave attention and power. He likes to be admired and to have groups of people who adore him.

Also a leader in his nature, he will help anyone who’s seeking his advice. Because he enjoys life, this guy will take on any challenges.

The woman he needs

Picky, the Leo man won’t choose to spend the rest of his life with anyone who is not to his liking. He wants a person who is up to his standards and who brings something in the relationship.

His special lady should be independent and self-confident, and above all not afraid of a conversation. Since he is warm and caring, he wants his other half to be the same as him. He expects someone who can act like a Queen to come and swipe him of his feet. The woman of his dreams must be able to give him butterflies in his stomach.

If you are the type of girl who is waiting for her knight in shining armor, then the Leo man is perfect for you. He acts like he’s a noble soul and he likes to save the situation.

Understanding your Leo man

The Leo man is open and energetic. He doesn’t like taking about life aspects that have are emotionally charged, and he’d rather spend his time thinking of his achievements and success. He hates to think negatively.

No matter where he may be, this guy will always have control over the situation. People respect him, and he enjoys being in the center of everyone’s attention.

Strong and charming, he will get many people to fall in love with him. Not afraid to say what’s on his mind, this guy has some strongly anchored beliefs that he won’t give up easily.

While he may seem superficial, this guy is not at all like this. He is a natural born leader and he knows that things in life come with great responsibility.

It doesn’t matter where he is, he will always be conscious of his role. Talkative, he can have endless conversations. He is in charge of his life and he will always achieve his goals.

The Leo man is the king and he wants to be sure he stays like that. Always looking to be number one in anything, this guy is determined and he will succeed at anything he chooses to do in life.

Charming and irresistible, he will talk with anyone who wants to have a conversation with him. And people will want to be around him a lot as he attracts them like a magnet. He is exciting and he has a very developed sense of humor.

He likes to be protective with the woman he loves. If you manage to get over the fact that he is stubborn and energetic, you will have in your life a man who is caring and powerful.

He is very generous, so you will always get expensive gifts from him, even when there’s no special occasion. He is usually optimistic and happy, and he wants others around him to be the same.

Dating him

Every princess-type of woman should look for a man who’s in the Leo sign. After all, this guy is the zodiac’s king. Going out with any Leo man is just like going out with someone noble: classy and pretentious.

You’ll see that he only chooses the best places to meet. Hard working, intelligent and creative, he will afford to spend a lot of money on the most luxurious things.

If you are timid and reserved, you may not like the way he expresses love and romantic interest. He does everything to look great not only in the eyes of others, but also in his own eyes.

It’s important that he finds a partner who can build intimacy with him while he has these loud performances in public.

The method that is sure to succeed with him is talking about his talents and great achievements. The more you admire and seem to fancy him, the more interested these natives will be themselves.

The negative side of the Leo man

Stubborn, you can’t convince the Leo man things aren’t the way he sees them. He will not change his mind about something, not even if you bring strong arguments.

As a matter of fact, he will get annoyed if you are trying to somehow change the way he feels and thinks. He is very rigid when it comes to his beliefs, and this can cause problems in his relationships.

Confident and always in the middle of things, these men can become arrogant. As a matter of fact, the Leo man can be so absorbed with admiring himself that he completely forgets about others.

He doesn’t do it intentionally, it’s just the way he is. His big ego can get easily hurt and this is another less charming trait of this guy. This may sound surprising considering they are strong, confident men, but it’s true.

Men in Leo unveil a disturbing vulnerability when someone judges or sends negative emotions. The best way to deal with their ego is to go easy on them.

His sexuality

As one of the most potent signs in the Western zodiac, the Leo man likes to be creative and fun in bed. He is not that keen on having sex every single day, but he wants someone with whom he can be open and with whom he can share all of his sexual fantasies.

It’s true that he has some traditions that he sticks to, but this doesn’t mean he is close minded. He wants a woman who is passionate and strong, just like him so he doesn’t even think about going after someone who thinks sex is an obligation or treats it as a routine.

You’d need to surprise and seduce him each time. His lady needs to be experienced and caring in bed. If she enjoys talking just as much as him, things are going to be perfect.

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