The Leo Man: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

The much-appreciated leader with a heart of gold.

The man in Leo is born to impress. He will always be the one to appear late at a party, with his hair undone and a good story as an excuse. Sociable, energetic and pleasant, this man is always the center of his own attention. He pays attention to himself first and his aura emanates power.

The Leo individual is the one to be followed by many. He knows how to be a great leader and his energy is overflowing. A good team player, others will appreciate him for being the one that motivates.

The Leo is governed by the Sun. That’s why the person in this sign is always open, dynamic and fearless. His generosity is limitless and he lives an ethical life.

People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly.

Andy Warhol – A famous Leo

As a fixed sign, the Leo can at times be too determined and assertive. You can’t change his mind once he has formed an opinion. He is sure that he can’t be wrong and he won’t listen to an alternative opinion.

Don’t contradict or correct him directly, try with subtle suggestions and he’ll be convinced. He is not that bad at accepting others’ opinions and he can be a kitten if you know how to approach him.

Adoring to be in the spotlight at any event, the Leo native can be a little dramatic at times to ensure they get all the attention.

The Leos are often actors or singers like Robert De Niro and Louis Armstrong, or politicians like Barrack Obama.

The naughty lover

The Leo man believes in love and he thinks there is a better half for each and every one of us. He will always look for someone to share his life with and when he gets involved he is loyal and careful. He will invest all of his energy in protecting his partner.

When in a long-term relationship, this man is fun and sometimes naughty. He likes someone who is as strong and confident as him, and he looks for the same compassion and kindness that he has in others.

The Leo man will take emotions very far. This is what he is doing with love too. When the Leo is in love, everything gets to be dramatic and fabulous. He falls in love rather frequently, and when he does, he does it for real.

He says to himself he is going to live the love of a lifetime each time and he is convinced all the previous loves were all wrong.

The Leo uses his head, but he is great at giving his heart away. He doesn’t do things by half and this is why so many people appreciate him.

The Leo man is indeed the king in the bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the partner to take control. He truly hates routine so he will be up to any bedroom games. He will be at all times romantic and he will surprise his partner with all kind of gestures.

In the bedroom, the Leo man is inventive and passionate. It is only normal to be like this as the Leo is a Fire sign. He knows how to charm the partner and he can sometimes be daring. He puts a high price on pleasure and he knows how to offer it.

That’s why the Leo is considered to be one of the best lovers in the zodiac. He likes to be provoked and teased in the bedroom and he is not at all inhibited.

The signs most compatible with the Leo are Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Gemini.

A smooth professional

Many would say the Leo man is bossy or pompous because he is always too self-assured. But he’s not at all as vain as some people would think him to be. He has a good heart and he is not afraid to say this out loud. Friends, relatives and colleagues will all respect him.

And he will respect them back as he appreciates every effort someone makes. His ego may sometimes impede him to have a smooth relationship with others. One thing’s for sure, life with a Leo man will never be boring.

Everyone knows the Leo is the leader of the zodiac. He is appreciated and loved for being able to motivate people.

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He could have any career, but he would be very good as a politician, athlete, salesman, party planner, speaker and designer. Since he has something for drama, he will always be the perfect actor.

The Leo man loves expensive things. He will have a big home and the finest jewelry. Those who live with him are overwhelmed with high-quality gifts.

That’s why he’s not that good at putting money aside for the unpredictable. He worries about his financial security, but only when the situation starts to look a bit worrisome.

Loving a good party

As he will often take part in way too many physical activities than it is recommended, the Leo man can have some problems with injuries and the back.

He has a way of doing things intensely, so he will also rest very well. He likes foods that are fat so a healthy diet is important for a Leo. For the same reason he may need to be extra-careful with his heart and his bad cholesterol.

As a Fire sign, gold and the color orange are the ones to prevail in a Leo man’s life. He prefers gold like nuances and his home will often be confused with a royal palace.

As he likes the finest things in life, his wardrobe is expensive. He isn’t necessarily in trend, but he wants what’s priced and extravagant.

As a man who parties a lot, the Leo man has many friends and he is getting invited everywhere. People can say he is arrogant as he loves to speak out and offer his advice.

His intentions are always good, but the way he talks may not be appropriate. He is an unselfish friend who will easily forget when someone hurts his ego.

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