Leo Sexuality: Essentials On Leo In Bed

Sex with a Leo – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Given that they are under the patronage of the Sun, Leo natives have a natural radiance and attraction that seems almost to never end.

People gather around you like bees flock to a blooming flower, just so they can get some of that celestial energy.

Obviously, with such a royal upbringing, Leos have a characteristic disposition for staying in the spotlight and basking in everyone’s attention.

As far as intimate matters go, as long as it satisfies them fully, it doesn’t really matter what actually happens. Whether it’s being dominated, or dominating, BDSM or other kinky techniques, everything is permitted.

Even if a Leo is not the most ingenious and creative individual out there, Sagittarians, with their dynamic attitude, and even the confident Arians can trigger their innate lust and sexual skills.

Moreover, this native will never back off once he focuses on something. Veni, vidi, vici. Just like that a Leo pictures a goal and goes for the kill, wasting no more time.

What a Leo craves for the most when it comes to unfulfilled desires is a combination of theatrical acting and voyeurism. In this way, their massive ego gets a big boost-up as everyone watches and stands in awe at the skills and magnificence on display.

As opposed to Cancers, for whom sex has no special meaning, other than a satisfaction of biological instincts, Leos have a totally different perspective.

This time, everything has to happen according to a script, or in a peculiar context, with certain factors that render it unusual.

More than just the quenching of a primitive thirst, sex is something for sport, a spectacle at whom not just anyone is invited, and only a few are allowed to know of.

Leo natives can reach such a level of satisfaction that the partner becomes a mandatory presence in their lives.

As such, those sexual cravings can only be vanquished by that person alone. In order to keep such natives attentive and focused, one must try to constantly reinvent himself and bring new things into the mix. Also, something must be made clear.

A Leo naturally feels the need to shine like a diamond and dazzle everyone with his splendor, and this should not come as a surprise to the partner. After all, there nothing that can be done, it’s fate to be born a Leo.

Conflicting feelings

Targeting a Leo is a sure-plan to a happy and rewarding relationship, but there are some conditions though. You can’t just expect him to accept just about any treatment. Only the best can make it all worth it.

Just like a Leo can have a great self-esteem and tremendous confidence in what he does, his sexual lust also stands tall when compared.

And the way to incite their enthusiasm and turn their blood boiling is by playing the role of prey, acting all helpless and innocent against a powerful predator. Putting in a word of praise here and there will also be of great help.

Going on about how you were utterly broken apart and penetrated by their arrow of love will work wonders and further that goal.

If there is anything that makes a Leo even more confident and arrogant, it is drama and tragedy, emotional turmoil in other words. Click To Tweet

Of course, victory is only sweet if the battle was hard-fought, so don’t even think of admitting defeat from the get-go. Fight like your life is on the line. Only by showing unwillingness and boldness would it all seem real enough.

Dramatic events are basically a day-to-day commonality to a Leo, and it’s not only a routine, but also fuel for that immense sexual drive and unending spiritedness.

Given their interest for sentimental conflicts and tragic happenings, it’s not a surprise that Leo natives tend to overreact when they see their partner talking to another man. Everything seems to be a flirt or a romantic discussion, and so jealousy and possibly even scorn enters the scene.

Just like a competitive game, it’s either them or the other, life or death, victory or defeat. Obviously not willing to accept that another hunter appeared, they will do everything in their power to put a stop to it.

There is a slight difference between being in a relationship just for show, and a bonding experience where a lot effort, time and pain was put in.

Besides, a Leo native won’t just take it all for granted and play the game on easy mode. Instead, everything has to be perked up to the max, sexual life especially.

The other side

Granted, this native can be your most loyal confidant and most affectionate lover if, and that’s a big if, everything goes smoothly and the treatment is up to par with their expectations.

And we’re not even talking about the off-chance that cheating comes into play, because if that happens, expect the wrath of the gods to fall upon you. Things will get ugly, and that’s a fact that nothing can change.

The come-back almost always consists of the things that was done unto them, only exponentially worse. The deviousness characteristic to a Leo is there apparent.

Unarguably the best match for this kind of individual is the sexual demon that Aries represents.

Always unsatisfied and raging for more, this one never has enough and always craves for just a little more, multiple times a time if possible.

So, in the process of making an Aries native happy, Leos will tend to put aside any sort of arrogance or conceited attitude. What follows is basically a masterpiece full of memorable moments that is anyone’s wet dream.

Did you just ask how to recognize a Leo native? Pretty simple, actually. He’s the one who always takes the lead and abides by almost no rules, as the takes the world by force. Intimately, it’s either an utter and complete success, or nothing at all.

Basically, a Leo is impressed the moment you show the initiative and begin the attack at once. If it’s still going to keep up at that pace, it’s a promise that the king won’t forget to show his appreciation.

Being the ones with the most drive and confidence amongst all other Zodiac signs, Leo natives are ultimately feral animals who love nothing more than to enjoy life at its peak. Everything else is secondary and non-important.

People who can’t keep up with the dynamic rhythm imposed by them will suffer, directly or indirectly. The best way to make one of these guys even glance at you is to show that you’re more than just talk. Action and initiative are highly appreciated.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.