The Leo Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with a Leo man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

The Leo man is one of the womanizers in the zodiac. He needs his sex like he needs water, sleep and food. He likes drama and when he engages in a new relationship he does it heroically, wanting to make something unforgettable out of it.

He has an increased libido and he doesn’t like to obey rules. If you want to be with a man in Leo, remember to never try fooling him. He notices fast when someone’s lying. Also, keep your promises.

If you have decided to engage in a relationship with this guy, then be devoted and loyal. He will always be. The Leo man doesn’t like mysterious challenges and tricks.

So try and be honest with him. Moreover, he enjoys fighting for the woman he loves, so don’t be too easy.

In bed, the Leo man is bold and ready for anything. Masculine and determined, he will make love anywhere. He wants to be the best lover and his partner may feel somehow inferior.

He doesn’t like foreplay that much, and he goes straight to number one. He expects his lady to be amazed at his lovemaking techniques and he is taker, not much of a giver.

Gaining his attention in bed

The energy a Leo man has in bed can rarely be attained by people in other signs. His sexual drive is strong, but he won’t necessarily ask the partner for another round. He likes to think one of his artful performances is enough.

The woman who’s making love with him has to be loud when expressing pleasure. Moaning to him that he’s the best at what he’s doing is one great way to earn this guy’s love and respect.

If you disappoint a Leo, he will run into the arms of another woman. And there are many women out there waiting for a partner like him.

He likes his lady to be submissive, and the missionary position is ideal for him. He likes to express his potency and masculinity.

He is turned on by bed games in which the woman plays the “help me” role. If you kneel near the bed and he gets to the same position behind you, you two are sure to have a lot of fun starting with this position.

He doesn’t like to perform oral sex but he likes oral sex being performed on him as it flatters his masculine pride.

He likes turning you in bed like you are his toy. Let’s not forget he’s strong. He can be a little bit of a pervert, especially when the woman doesn’t praise him enough.

The Leo man can start self-praising if not happy. No one is prouder about his genitals than him. He will even use devices for enlargement.

He’s a little bit of an exhibitionist and if he’s not admired for his sexual performances he can have a nervous breakdown, ignoring everyone else and ending up in a brothel where women will say whatever he wants.

The Leo man seeks to always be in the center of attention no matter what he may be doing. Women

are into him and he’s aware of it. He likes a beautiful lady, but only if she’s elegant and not too flashy. Ruled by the Sun, he enjoys being outside taking part in some sporting competition.

He is a fair play loser by showing the winner a proud attitude. It is common for people to mistake him for the winner because he admits defeat with great confidence.

This is an extroverted person who never lies. However, he can sometimes have a tyrannical behavior. He enjoys luxury and he never plays with half measures. Everything he’ll get will be the most efficient, or the most beautiful.

He likes gambling as he believes he’s meant to win at everything he is doing. Men like being around him because he’s straight to the point and tough, women like him because he’s passionate and attractive. He’s a valued friend as he often puts others before himself for their safety to be ensured.

He knows how to trick everyone

Even though people may find it difficult to deal with his egoistical nature and self-confidence, he’s liked and appreciated by many. His vulnerability comes from the fact that he wants people to admire him.

He assesses himself as being the best, so flatter him as much as possible. He can be talked in doing many favors if someone knows how to express their admiration for him. He likes being in a relationship and he falls in and out of love all the time.

He is truly happy in those moments when his lady admires him. He will marry the woman who knows how to talk to him. Not many Leo men are single.

However, it may be difficult for them to know women very well as they keep thinking of themselves all the time. He’s not the most hard-working signs in the zodiac.

On contrary, his work is often mediocre, but he is able to cover things up in style. Hurried, he will put together something to take the bosses’ eyes and he’ll continue with his work.

If things don’t go as planned and someone notices, he’ll say someone else was supposed to deal with what he had to do and he’ll apologize.

He always says he’s innocent and that others are the ones who don’t know how to do their job. This can annoy his work colleagues and business partners. But he doesn’t care that much about how others feel, so he is going to be fine.

He is imaginative but he has problems understanding meaningful, deep things. He should be in the show business, doing something superficial and not too soliciting.

The Leo man can get angry when things aren’t going the way he wants them to. Don’t provoke him if he’s upset over something, he may make a scene.

Thankfully, his bad moods don’t last long. He will try and conquer another height if the one he already tried has defeated him.

One of the most jealous signs in the zodiac, the partner of a Leo man must pay attention not to give this guy the impression she’s flirting with someone else. This would be a huge mistake as he has the tendency to react violently to such issues.

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