Leo Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Leo man is romantic up to the point of surprising his partner with thoughtful gifts, but he can also be quite harsh and self-centred.

man with a Leo sign

If you’re looking for a brave knight who will conquer you with legendary feats, a supremely gallant and virtuous man, then the Leo is for you.

He will protect you, offer you a safe refuge from the dangers of the world, bring a smile to your lips whenever you need one. On a quest to seduce and assert his hegemony over the world, you will be the first conquest, his queen.

Pros Cons
He is warm-hearted and generous.His impulsive temperament can come out at the least appropriate time.
He wishes to set roots and build a big family.He can be vain and arrogant.
He is very romantic and creative.He is rather controlling.

A Leo falling in love is quite a sight to see, a contradictory image from what you would expect to see from his normally self-centered and arrogant self. He’ll start purring like a tamed cat, coming next to his lover to receive praise and affection, to recharge his batteries and go for the kill.

He’s a great lover despite his self-centered approach

The Leo man is definitely one of the most intriguing individuals you will ever meet. He knows how to have fun and how to regale his public with tales of untold ferocity, valor, and courage, with him as the protagonist, of course.

Rather kind and generous with everyone, he tries to accept all opinions and takes on a matter. However, his dominative and arrogant attitude resurface during heated arguments.

He wants everyone to listen to him, and even though some may have different opinions, it will still be done his way. Sexually, he’s cheeky and kinky at the same time because he might become dominative and use sex as an emotional blackmail against his lover.

You will feel that each day spent without a Leo man is a day well spent, really. He can make your life a living paradise, with blissful fulfillment being the main factor here.

He will remember and rejoice on those special days when you two met or on birthdays. Expect eccentric romantic gestures and exceedingly showy marks of love.

However, the Leo partner wants the relationship to be a free and independent one, for him to have his private space, to have fun and never think that it’s a chore to spend time together. He needs a playground, that’s it.

The sheer confidence and self-centered approach of the Leo are mind-numbing and deserve appreciation. He’s a highly ambitious and perseverant individual who will grind his bones and work tirelessly until he sees his dreams come true.

His family is his pride, his lifeblood, and he strives to build an empire of his own, to look upon the greatness of his accomplishments with a satisfied look.

Of course, during this time, he wants to be admired, respected and looked up to like the leader he is, the successful man that is to be a mentor to the new generations. Also, he’s eccentric and loves things of fine quality.

Romantically, the Leo man can be very passionate, but not in a cheesy and exaggerated way. Sure, he will bring you roses, take you out on moonlit walks and on romantic dinners, but no more than that.

He will always bring something new to the table

He is very polite and gallant, knowing how to treat his partner to make her feel just like a queen.

Don’t worry about his commitment or that he’s afraid to start a family because that’s just what he wants as well.

However, you should take care not to arouse his suspicion or that sixth sense of his. He needs to know that he’s the light of your eyes, the one and only person in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who prefers the comfort of your own home or if you want to travel around the world. The Leo man will make everything take on the form of a journey filled with blood-curdling adventures and exciting challenges.

Let him become the best of what he can be, support his ideas and give him free reign to pursue his passions. It can only be a spiritually bonding experience for the relationship.

Professionally, the Leo man has a foolproof potential to get to the top of the social ladder, to ascend to positions that many of us only dream of.

Material success and financial security will be the least things that he needs to worry about. However, you have to realize that, as his partner, you will have to compromise some of your interests to support him on this path.

In general, he prefers a submissive woman that will follow his lead unconditionally, someone who doesn’t want to grab the spotlight from him. That would only go against his well-devised plans and very nature.

So, if you’re looking for an equitable and independence-based relationship, then the Leo man is definitely not what you’re looking for.

Don’t think for a second that you will escape unphased after trying to take his place on the pedestal of splendor where everyone admires him. If you want a loving and affectionate partner that takes care of you, someone who shoulders all the responsibilities and takes care of everything, then he’s the one.

As much as it may sound like a cliché, he would even give you the Moon from the sky. The lengths he would go in order to satisfy and fulfill your desires are endless.

He asks for nothing else in return than loyalty, devotions, admiration and, of course, love, plenty of it. If you can provide that, he will take you under his protective wing.

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