Leo In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

For them, wooing is just as exciting as any other competition they are drawn to.

couple in love

Affectionate and loyal, Leos are great partners. Love is very important to them, they simply cannot live without it. They fall fast and deeply for someone, just like they do with anything else in their life. These are the type of people for whom love at first sight is something normal. When they commit, they each time think that they are doing it for a lifetime.

Marriage makes them better persons. They appreciate family and home more than anything else in the world.

When they are wooing, Leos are serious and romantic. Grand gestures are not something new to them. If they have fallen for you, you’ll be taken to the most expensive restaurants and to incredible destinations.

This is how they express their love, by spoiling the other half. Proud people, be careful not to hurt their egos. They are very sensitive when it comes to their self-respect, so anyone can make them suffer if they criticize their actions or behavior.

Respect their generosity and wisdom, and they will be forever grateful to you. Not to mention you’ll get to be once again given expensive, romantic gifts.

Disrespect them and you’ll get to see their ugliest side. They can become angry or upset very easily, but thankfully, they forget as soon as they need to do something else. If you want to make up to them, just start flattering and feeding their ego. This is sure to work on any Leo, no matter the age or the social surroundings.

They live for passion

Another great thing about Leo natives is that they are always optimistic and positive. If they are somehow depressed, they will not allow themselves to show it. You will only get to see their happy side.

Also, if they are sad, the sadness doesn’t last too long. These guys have an amazing way to bounce back from negative emotions, like no one else. But they surely know drama and exaggeration.

For example, if they’re in love, the person they fancy will be the love of their life, the one they have been waiting for all of their youth.

No one has seen a love more passionate and fiery than theirs. And they do this with every person they fall for. Every emotion they are feeling is exaggerated, so if you happen to be in their life and the one who they adore, you are in for a wild experience.

They will show you to all of their friends, and make sure everyone knows you two are together. Leos have the tendency to be the show-offs of the zodiac. They are very proud of themselves and their choices, and they need an audience to approve and be impressed by everything they are doing.

People who will admire them will be admired back, being possible for this mutual relation to turn into something more. Always being in the center of attention with their drama and their expensive clothes, the Leos are the same when they love. Confident and sure of their abilities, they’ll expect their partner to highly appreciate them.

This lover … inside out

As said before, the partner of the Leo will be given many gifts and a lot of love. Leos love luxury and they are always trying to have the most expensive things. And they don’t want all of this for themselves only. They also want the ones they love to enjoy high-quality things.

The leaders of the zodiac, these guys need to be in charge of the relationship. Their other half will only pay them the attention they need, and bring small contributions. When it comes to running the show, the Leo is the one who should do it.

This can cause some problems in their relationships with others. People may find them arrogant and too domineering. They expect loyalty and commitment, and they never forgive the partner for cheating or deceiving.

Truthful to the Leo sexual force, these guys will make anyone happy in the bedroom. But respect is also required. They wouldn’t even bare for their lover to be flirtatious with other people. What’s the most important for them is to be entertained, pleasured and happy in their love life.

The fifth sign in the zodiac, in which they are, is after all dominated by creativity and romance. Their personality is happy, positive and cheerful, and they enjoy all kind of social gatherings. They will gather people around them, and many will fall in love with their ways.

Somehow, Leos are always in the center of attention of the opposite sex. And they’re not even trying. These guys are looking to impress wherever they may be going. That’s why they always dress up, especially if they are interested in someone.

They have an instinctive need to chase, but this doesn’t mean they’ll find their ideal partner too easily as they expect someone perfect. Romance is something they put a very high price on, especially the Leo men.

They can be possessive and territorial with the person they love, and they view sex as a mean to express their feelings. When they are with someone who understands them, Leos are very fun and caring.

Make them proud and they will be yours forever. But never forget to put them on the first place. In the relationship with these guys, it is them who have to be adored and admired. Compliment with sincerity and don’t forget to say how much in love you are.

Governed by the Sun, Leos are meant to shine and be important. They will inspire others to accomplish great things. That’s why they are so good as leaders.

If you are with a Leo, expect him or her to do anything for you. But keep in mind to stroke their ego and let them be on the first place in your life.

The key to a successful relationship with them is to never compete. Also, be fun and always ready to go out for a drink or a get-together with friends. Leos like to be entertained or else they get bored.

Their sensual potential

The ideal partner of a Leo will be like a queen or a king, which is noble and extravagant. Great lovers, people born in Leo will want to have sex all the time. When you are making love to them, be loud and expressive. Tell them how good they are, and let them know you are being satisfied.

Foreplay is important. They are passionate and fiery in bed, and they want to satisfy the partner no matter what. Not to mention they can get very romantic when they know they are offering a lot of pleasure.

Their dramatic side will reveal itself in bed too, where they’ll play all kind of games. People in this sign are into mirrors and video tapes of themselves having sex.

As far as support goes, Leos will encourage their partners to do whatever they want, to pursue any career and become as successful as possible. This way, they can boast around that they have someone capable and efficient in their life.

They devote themselves completely when they have found someone. Marriage is very important to them, and as a fixed sign, they will always want someone stable in their life. Their other half will not only feel loved and secure, but also protected.

The Leo is strong and professionally successful, in general. Their intense love will be shared only if the other offers the same things back.

As they enjoy being the stars in every aspect of their life, it will be the same with them in bed. The more adored, the better they will perform.

Their affectionate side will be shown as soon as they are in a stable relationship. They can be a little bit self-centered, but this thing can be overlooked once they get to compensate with passion and devotion.

These guys need to be sure they are still able to seduce, even if they are gray haired. So let them know you are still attracted to them, no matter how old the relationship is.

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