Dating A Leo Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Understand how he dates and what he likes in a woman so you can start the relationship on the right foot.

The Leo man is known as the go-getter of the zodiac, so when it comes to relationships he’ll only chase the best out of the best. It is important that you know how to seduce him.

Once you got him, he’ll offer you the best time of your life. Just like the animal who symbolizes his sign, the Leo man is confident and a natural born leader.

He doesn’t settle for less in life. While he is ruling himself with an attitude of superiority, he can seem arrogant but he actually isn’t.

The Leo will attract everyone and he loves this as being the center of attention is his favorite thing. Click To Tweet

He has many admirers who like him for his generosity and cleverness. If you want to capture his attention, start with pleasant conversation on an actual subject. It is important that you let him take the ropes. He loves being the one who does that.

As a Fire sign, the Leo likes to live passionately and intensely. As a fixed sign, he has a sluggish, but constant pace.

His energy is incredible and he doesn’t like when something or someone interferes with his plans. He loves being complimented, so don’t hesitate to say nice things about him when you have the chance.

Tell him he looks good or that he is nice and interesting. Hurry to ask him out as many would want to do the same.

His expectations

When dating the Leo man, you need to be at all times in a good mood. More than this, you have to be classy and conscientious of his feelings.

Impress everyone and let him notice your stateliness. A devoted partner, the Leo likes being the hero of the situation.

When he loves, the person whom he likes will be aware of it. Being in love is a side of him that he rarely shows, but he definitely has it. He may show that he’s strong and invincible to others, but underneath he’s fragile and insecure.

He has a tendency to openly flirt with close friends, but you shouldn’t worry about this habit of his as it is only a habit.

He isn’t the person to show his genuine affection in public, so these flirts would be only games. As his partner, make sure you respect his freedom.

Be trustworthy and offer him all the security he needs. Don’t ever try to change him is as he doesn’t like it and he will leave you just for trying.

The Leo man will appreciate you for speaking your mind. Talk about your feelings and thoughts with honesty.

You will be amazed of how much he can take in and at the same time you will take things off your chest. If you’re already dating a Leo guy, you probably know how caring and lovable he is.

After you’ll move in together, you’ll see that he likes a chic, but cozy home. He is extremely protective of people and things he loves and he would never cheat on his partner.

If you are just as devoted to him, then you will discover he can an amazing family man. Married Leos love to put in effort for their family.

If you encounter many arguments and a relationship that is bumpy, it is most likely that you will soon break up.

He doesn’t like fights as he’s a happiness pursuer. When your Leo is upset or worried, ask what’s bothering him. He will talk about what he’s feeling with you, as long as you are not insisting.

Hands-on dating tips

He will most likely have a bizarre idea for a first date. Just follow him on his energetic ways. Make sure you always say something about his looks and the way he thinks.

This is a sign that really loves life and knows how to make someone feel good. The Leo man will make you feel incredible no matter where you may be going. He likes the good life and he often spoils himself and those around him.

When you’re dating a Leo, everything is expensive and classy. The best wine available, the most beautiful flowers. As he is active and energetic, he likes people who are the same so get on the dance floor if you happen to be at a club.

Make sure the date with your Leo man is expensive, adventurous and even ostentatious. Men in Leo are usually great money makers, so there is no reason to doubt their ability to provide you with a comfortable life.

Overwhelm him with all the attention that he’s so worthy of. For example, as the Leo man likes to party a lot, you can take him out at an expensive club with your friends. Let him be the one everyone dances with.

An elegant restaurant after a theater play wouldn’t be bad either. He would love the circus as well. He’s a macho all day long, so allowing his inner child to come out from time to time would be a good idea. Be creative with the places you choose for the date.

Between the sheets

With a high libido, the Leo man is in the bedroom just like he is outside of it: energetic and alluring. He makes love according to his personality, which is fiery and passionate. He will push you against the walls and gently pull your hair.

He can also be very sensual as well. He’s a natural leader, but in the bedroom he likes letting the partner take the ropes. Dose his energy when in bed and you will have many wild nights together. Tame him at times and you’ll be sure to have happy times in the boudoir.

The man in Leo has a big ego, so he needs a strong partner to put up with it. Don’t be fooled, being with this man requires some work, however the rewards will not be late and will be fulfilling. He is devoted and protective.

It can be tough to put up with the Leo’s man energy levels. The Sun is the celestial body that governs him, so it is only normal for this man to radiate energy. But with patience, you can have someone to lighten up your days.

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