Virgo Mutable Modality: The Observant Personality

The mutable modality means these people tend to avoid any sort of turmoil and sometimes even adversity, in their attempt to keep the peace.

Virgo fixed modality

This mutable zodiac sign is blessed with an off the charts analytical mind, high adaptability and the aptitude for juggling multiple tasks at the same time without breaking a sweat.

Similarly to its flexible siblings, the Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, the Virgo too has an open mind that allows them to easily comprehend their surroundings and in turn adapt to them.

Virgo modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Attractive, confident and resourceful;
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn, cynical and demanding;
  • Advice: They should criticize themselves less;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September.

Virgos tend to be lonesome spirits that provide aid to those in need. While sometimes it might seem that they dislike the company of others, it’s simply easier for them to be by themselves and get in touch with others mostly when nurturing or helping them.

Flexible and dynamic

While a Virgo tends to be the epitome of attractiveness and sensuality, at the same time they are also the interpretation of innocence and morality.

The worst critic for this sign is actually themselves. There’s nobody that can be harder on a Virgo than their own judgment.

This zodiac’s children are people of pragmatism that handle anything with utmost efficiency. These individuals are tightly tied to how their mental and physical health affects one’s daily schedule and are highly aware of everything happening within their spirit as well as their surroundings.

All of this so that an exact analysis can be made in order to handle everything more efficiently. They represent the tempered consciousness that comes with the beginning of a cooler and calmer period brought by Autumn.

The core attribute of a Virgo is their ability to modify and even repair issues or their surroundings, in order to bring more practicality in their life and society as well.

These people are rather extreme in their judgment but also quite attentive to any details that may come by. It’s all thanks to the grandeur of their evolved intellect. Their nature makes it so that they use these tools for the betterment of the world.

The Virgo tends to keep to themselves and take no pride in bragging. So if others are to take notice of their more than well-developed skills, they ought to do so with immense attention, because this sign has modesty to spare for the entire population of the earth.

Their flexibility grants them an array of tools to have at their disposal for any sort of situation, which they use with the utmost efficiency.

Their thirst for knowledge also pushes them to learn about anything they can get their hands or attention on.

They also have great communication skills which go hand in hand with their empathy and compassion for others.

The downside of wanting and trying to help everybody? The Virgo will appear as too pushy or fake. But in reality, there’s nothing that would please them more than lending a hand.

This Earth sign can talk up a storm! It’s hardwired in their character to enjoy a good talk and will get along with pretty much everybody they encounter along their bath.

Socializing is key to building relationships and they’re aces when it comes to that. While it seems that they are to everybody’s liking and are always composed, in reality, there’s an inner battle being fought in their head.

There’s a conflict between pleasing everybody and reaching their terms or simply being themselves and enjoy their unfiltered spirit.

When all is said and done, the Virgo tends to thirst for unrestricted freedom, which they don’t often get since they always try to please others.

Spreading the love

The Virgos, those born between the 23rd of August and 22nd of September, are what can only be described as picture perfect. As if the stars themselves came together to create them.

There’s really little that can be said to badmouth these individuals. They are the incarnation of adaptability and order.

Due to their keen and analytical mind as well as their aptitude with words and socializing, these people highly appreciate any work of art created by wordsmiths, books, plays, articles, documentaries and can easily implement the knowledge from them into reality.

They can easily tie the spoken language to that of the body since they have such a deep understanding of the both. This enables them to become rather capable health guru’s or spiritual guides as well as shrinks or counselors.

Just as the tales of old would have it, the Virgo is the one that cares for the world and nurtures it. This sign is deeply connected to the faith and welfare of the earth itself which comes with no surprises seeing as how that’s its element.

They spread the love and knowledge that are required in order to keep both the planet and society in the best shape possible.

Due to Mercury being their governing planet, their problem-solving skills are nothing of not perfect.

They use sound reasoning and an adaptable and analytical intellect to make sense of any sort of issue before handling it.

This tied to their loyalty makes them some of the most dependable people one could ever hope to encounter throughout life. If a Virgo makes a promise, it will surely be fulfilled.

A balanced Virgo is one of the most composed individuals out there. There are few things, if any at all, that can make these people lose their cool.

It’s all because of their tempered spirit and highly aware mind. It’s easy for them to understand and apprehend any sort of negative emotion before it derails, going out of control.

They are at their happiest when what they keep providing the world is also being given back to them. If one should bring a smile on a Virgo’s face, they would do so by being there for them.

Nothing moves a Virgo more than the same type of reliability and compassion that they themselves offer others. If judged too harsh, a Virgo might reach their limit and start believing any sort of falsely based accusations, ending up in a pitiful and painful emotional state.

Beating themselves up for a few naysayers is possible, but highly advised against. Virgos should be the happiest people on the earth with how much joy they spread to others!

The flexible signs usually show great interest in all of their surroundings. So when a Virgo suddenly starts being indifferent towards something, it usually means they’ve found something much grander to focus their attention on.

Their ease to adapt aids them in doing so without much regret or remorse. In reality, they enjoy a change of scenario, since adapting is second nature to them, this side of theirs has to be stimulated.

The Virgo tends to avoid any sort of turmoil and sometimes even adversity, merely because it depletes their energy reserves, which they would much rather use for the greater good of mankind. Wasting them on trivial matters is simply unwise.

The worst part of a Virgo’s life is when their governing planet is functioning from the shadows, all of their qualities and traits become flaws and might even create a detrimental outcome.

The patient and keen mind of theirs becomes a mass of agitation and is easily sidetracked. They find it difficult to reach a conclusion and feel as if they don’t belong anywhere.

It’s because their place is all over the world. They aren’t secluded to one location; their duty is to roam the lands and help those in need.

However, one ought to carefully think about their decisions during this period. While they have a high aptitude for pretty much anything they do, they have yet to truly reach their peak. Concentration and determination are paramount towards a Virgo’s fulfillment!

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