Virgo Color: Why Green Has the Best Influence

Green increases self-acceptance and promotes productivity and clarity of mind whilst keeping at bay anxieties and fears.

Virgo Lucky Color Green

For the Virgo natives, green is associated with the power of revival, revitalization, and the synchronization to an eternally young energy.

In the presence of Green, Virgos become focused, analytic, and careful with their decisions. Better to be wary and take into consideration everything than make a mistake.

The Virgo lucky color Green in a nutshell:

  • It’s the color of growth, spring, and of renewal;
  • Green helps Virgo relax and achieve a balance of mind and soul;
  • This is a refreshing color that has a calming and restorative effect on the brain.

They are concentrated on becoming better and on honing their skills. In other words, self-development is essential to them.

Why color green is so great for Virgo

The Virgo individual likes all that is tied to earth, vegetables especially, brown ones. Forest fruits are also very good for them; acorns, nuts, berries, walnuts, almonds, and so on.

If we’re to talk about green, it can be said that it’s one of the most refreshing colors, brimming with energy and vitality.

You can simply stare at a natural background, contemplate on the raw and pure energy of the green leaves, of the trees in full bloom, the grassy meadows, and the shrubbery of a dense forest. It’s just so satisfying and tranquil.

It’s the color of growth, spring, and of renewal. After winter, spring comes, when everything comes back to life, and this is exactly what happens to the Virgo if he or she chooses to wear green.

Concretely, green gives a form of release from all the expectations and responsibilities, from the gloomy dystopian perspective of modernity. These people are also good listeners and sensitive, helpful and incredibly supportive.

Green instills a sense of communion with all that is alive, the feeling that everything must dwell on in perfect peace and balance. The equilibrium must be maintained.

They must make moral choices to preserve the natural order, to be cautious and calm, love their friends and close ones, and to offer affection in exchange for understanding and tolerance.

They are very tolerant themselves, with plenty of energy and persistence when things get rough or difficult. When green is put to good use, it symbolizes success, fertility, and productivity.

Negatively, it gives the impression of dominative possessiveness, of exaggerated expectations and material desires.

You can simply stay under a tree and smell the blossoms, admire the picturesque environment, smell the fresh dew on the grass, and watch the birds play.

Mother Nature is mostly green, and this color is given an essential part to play. It soothes the mind and calms the spirit, it ails the body and eliminates sickness entirely.

It destroys anxieties and uncertainties, sending waves of soothing energy through the body and into the mind. Green crystals and precious stones are used in therapy a lot because they can reach the center core of our beings the fastest, calming and having a restorative effect.

Yellow or caramel colors are best used in tandem with dark green, olive-like, as they give the Virgos a good disposition. They are also the luckiest when it comes to fortunate events. They can’t possibly feel any better than when dressed on green-brown combinations.

Channeling the power of colors

For the Mercury-driven Virgo, there are certain colors that have a beneficial effect like white, yellow and blue. They cause them to reach a truly mind-numbing state of bliss and achieve their best potential.

Nothing beats them when sporting these colors. However, bright-red colors are innervating and too tiresome.

However, don’t think that these natives are incapable of appreciating bright colors or wearing more than two colors at the same time. They are, in fact, great fans of rainbow combinations, and they can also appreciate stimulating colors.

Brown, on the other hand, symbolizes the unshakeable nature of the earth, stability, and a steady-minded approach.

Mercury will also be affected by many colors, and it will increase the intensity of its energy. Reason and rational perspectives are bound to become a constant in their life.

Virgo natives are bound to become the pure and unadulterated individuals that they were meant to be, with clear perceptions and a perfect clarity of vision.

They are making good decisions and they are in perfect communion with those around them. Inside, they have achieved perfect balance with themselves, and they seem to be in control.

Things like irritation, anger, tiredness don’t seem to touch them generally. However, there are periods of time when it just happens.

During these times, they must make use of the colors that are most likely to help them. Green, essentially, will increase their zest for life, empower and strengthen their passions.

Unless you are really against a good communication with your peers and close ones, then you should really make good use of these colors. Otherwise, you will find yourself being cleaned of all extraneous thoughts, a state of tabula rasa where you can start from the very beginning, resurrect and start anew.

A chance has been given, and you must make use of it intelligently. For those who want to discover the secrets of the world and gain as much knowledge as possible, this opportunity that is given by green is much welcomed.

Pale and shadowy colors will help the Virgo natives with getting the hand of societal rules and respecting the status quo, with constructing a stable set of principles that they should abide by.

Where there are no strict rules and limits, boundaries, and everything is tolerated, that is where chaos is. They must become critical, independent and self-conscious, to become self-aware of their own personal individuality. White is also another good color for them, the colors of perfection, literally.

It’s also associated with purity of being, with spiritual depth and intuition, with cleanliness and safety.

Nothing stands in the way of white because it thoroughly pervades through everything. Evil is dispelled by the beneficial and angelic powers of white. Unlike black, which is always associated with the forces of darkness. Take winter, for example, a season drenched in white, showing simplicity in its purest form.

However, just as it can take the form of a soothing winter’s day where the snow is slowly falling on the sidewalks, it can also become a fearsome blizzard of epic proportions. White can be blinding and brilliant, often too much for untrained eyes.

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