Key Traits of the Earth Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Snake stands out for their ability to go through any kind of situation and the rapidity with which they come up with back-up solutions.

Earth Snake

Those born in the year of the Earth Snake are the most devoted friends who want to keep people close to them for a lifetime. However, they feel very hurt when criticized, not being able to ever forget what has been said to them.

They have their deep ways when it comes to love, but this means they are also very jealous. While relaxed, they also have high standards and want others to live to their expectations.

The Earth Snake in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Tactful, seductive and composed;
  • Challenges: Mistrusting, narcissistic and jealous;
  • Secret need: They wish they would have even more patience with people;
  • Advice: They should base their decisions more on facts than feelings.

Just like other people in the same sign, they want all the attention to be on them. They are very good at making money but it’s possible they will spend it frugally. Don’t expect them to ever give up their principles and integrity.

The character of the Chinese Earth Snake

Very hard working and determined to attain success, Earth Snakes are the ones on whom others can count to do a great job. They are very interested to advance at work and are capable of doing incredible things for their careers to go further.

If you happen to have the same goals and interests as them, you can be sure they will be loyal and supportive with you your entire life. They don’t like to be very loyal to their colleagues though, because the workplace is where they compete the most.

Snakes are not known for easily trusting people. As a matter of fact, according to the Chinese Horoscope, they are the ones who never trust others one hundred percent.

As a result, they will always have backups and different ways to escape situations of betrayal. While it can be difficult to get close to them because they’re suspicious, it’s also a pleasure to be their companion because it’s almost impossible to surprise them with anything you may be doing.

It can be the most difficult thing to have them fooled or manipulated. When you think you’re the one who’s in control, they come around and completely change that idea in your head.

The Earth Snake natives are great at making money and handling it. They are also considered lucky, but all this luck comes to them because they’re hardworking and motivated.

Very smart and skilled, they would never give up chasing their dreams and working hard. After first meeting them, you can notice they have a certain confidence about them that makes them seem cool.

It’s impossible to guess what they’re feeling because they keep their emotions very well hidden. They wouldn’t get angry if the world would start to fall apart around them.

But they are known to hold a grudge and to never forget if they have been crossed. According to the Chinese Horoscope, the Earth element influences them to be more relaxed. While they will never give up being suspicious, they surely know how to have fun and they can trust their loved ones more.

These specific Snakes are more likely to be sociable, but they still don’t want to be the ones everyone is paying attention to. They like to make a lot of money in order to buy as many expensive and high-quality things as possible, but they surely know there are other things more important in life.

Out of all the Snakes, they are the ones who won’t hesitate to take time off. While they still like working hard, they have enough confidence they’ll succeed even when they are taking some time off.

As well, they are the most inclined to manipulate and deceive in order to get what they want. It’s easier for them to collaborate and not treat others like their competitors. All in all, they are great people to spend your time with.

A smooth personality

The Snakes with Earth in their chart are the most relaxed natives of their sign. Composed and calm, they could have any type of conversation with anyone.

People will see them as friendlier because they never seem like they may be hiding something. They don’t want to take too many risks and prefer to act out of common sense and ethics.

This is the only way they feel that life is going to reward them and that their work is going to bring them a lot of material gain. Earth is an element of responsibility, good judgment and reliability.

Those who have Earth in their chart are very down-to-earth and capable of easily dealing with the everyday life. It’s normal for them to organize perfectly, so they make the perfect leaders and managers.

Seriousness and traditionalism characterize them, so it’s very simple for them to make wise decisions. Earth makes these Snakes more indulgent and calm. They are still enthusiastic and ardent, but not as much as other people in the same sign.

Because they’re more down-to-earth and realistic, their observations and decisions will always be the best ones. They are not as passionate as other natives in the Snake, but they surely are disciplined and persevering.

Earth Snakes are pragmatic, trustworthy and very capable of dealing with any kind of situations and difficult people. This means they will easily find good solutions to their problems.

As they can analyze things very thoroughly, they can handle their money in a very efficient way, which also means they will have a lot of success. They are better than other Snakes at cooperating and working with others.

Their charm and warmth have them more attentive to what loved ones are feeling. All this combined with the fact that they’re good leaders, their loyalty and honesty means they will always have many friends around.

As they are very careful when making a decision, it’s possible they’ll be slower when having to react fast. This is when they have to simply be more open and to listen to what others may have to say instead of insisting in their own ways.

While attentive to what others are thinking, they need to be in control of their own emotions or they’ll start taking things too personally and be disappointed when someone says something nasty.

The Earth Snake man

This man is calculated and restrained, which makes him very different from other Snakes. He is very aware of his own actions and doesn’t hurry or makes too big plans for himself.

The Earth Snake man simply is happy with what he has and works hard to have a comfortable life. While reserved, he still likes to make friends and to maintain the relationships with the ones he already has.

He’s the perfect leader because he’s always kind with the ones who work under his guidance. This man is very smart and will enjoy a great career. But he doesn’t necessarily want to occupy a high position because he enjoys a quite environment and prefers to live his life instead of becoming a workaholic.

He doesn’t pay too much attention to appearance as he’s more into what’s inside of a person. He will never dream of unrealistic things that could happen between him and the woman he loves.

The lady of his dreams is devoted, humble and ready to put up with any bad situation. He understands people, so it’s not easy to manipulate him with beauty or big words.

The way he cares is exquisite as he makes great gifts and pays a lot of compliments. He’s known as faithful because he wouldn’t even think of cheating after committing to only one woman.

As a family head, he will take good care of the family’s budget and provide them with everything they need in order to be comfortable and happy.

The Earth Snake woman

This lady is lucky to be naturally wise and patient enough. She’s never too proud and prefers to keep things simple. She never dreams of too much money or a high position at work.

She’d rather be honest and not distracted by big dreams and almost impossible achievements.

While the Earth Snake woman would be capable of doing everything she wants, she’s not at all pretentious. She’s known as an intelligent and hardworking person, so her colleagues will greatly respect her.

She’s the type of employee who could be trusted to do the most complicated tasks without complaining. Not to mention she doesn’t expect too much praise for what she has done because she works for the greater good.

She’s a great professional, the one who managers always respect and are listening to. She will be a great lady for any man because she’s gentle, nice and caring.

When in love, she’s very wise and tries to adapt to what her partner wants while not forgetting about herself. The love of her life should be mannered and smart as she hates superficiality.

Don’t think she’s boring because she can be a great lover who’s at the same time very grounded. As a wife, she knows her role perfectly and likes to devote everything that she has to her family.

Her husband and children will be adored, and she will always be ready to sacrifice her hopes and dreams for them.

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