The Sagittarius Child: What You Must Know About This Little Adventurer

These kids have a sincerity that is sharp as a blade and are not afraid to say exactly what they think at any given time.

Sagittarius child

Sagittarius children are those born from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December and are blessed with a visionary personality, adventurous spirit and a yearning for the thrills of life. This means you’re bound to always be on the run after them since that’s pretty much all they do while growing up.

These kids tend to be rather social and enjoy bonding with others. So you’ll always notice them attempting to get in touch with those around them. If they get ignored you can be sure they’ll get demoralized and hurt because all they want is to be accepted.

Sagittarius children in a nutshell:

  • They have a boundless energy that means they’re always on the move;
  • The challenging times will come from their resilience to listen to authority;
  • The Sagittarius girl is the perfect balance between a realist and an optimist;
  • The Sagittarius boy benefits from an abundant imagination.

Sagittarius children feel happiest when they’re surrounded by talkative and fun individuals. It’s what they thrive on. You’ll always see them trying to relieve the tension with jokes or even pranks. Because they can’t enjoy a life without compassion and affection, they’ll have the habit of snuggling up to you and falling asleep together.

Little adventurers

It’s easy to notice their strong distaste for protocol and the overall norm of socializing. Even when it comes to family.

Their sincerity can be as sharp as a blade, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Everything they do is out of rationality and objectivity, so they’ll never do something simply because it’s what to be expected.

Your arguments have to be on the side of sensible and on point if you want to convince them to do something.

Otherwise you won’t get anywhere while trying to raise them. The lack of truth and objectivity will do nothing but break their trust and admiration they have for you.

It’s better to accept the fact that you might be in the wrong and not them, rather than try to force them into accepting your opinion.

The fascination they have for this world is truly mind boggling. So you can be sure they’ll bombard you with questions whenever they see something new that they don’t understand.

The best thing you can do is try to give them the truth, no matter how hard it is. If by chance this might hurt them, you can reasonably give them half-truths if you believe it will keep them from being hurt. At least until they’re ready to accept things for what they are.

Since they’ll always be on the run for new adventures, you might want to start stock piling on first aid kits. Let’s be honest, they’re children after all, so they’re bound to get more than a few bruises and scratches.

You need to respect their space and liberty. Sure, that might mean they’ll get home from play time a tad bit later than expected, but that’s just how they are. Depriving them of their freedom will only push them away.

Their affinity for emotions means they’ll start showing an interest in the opposite sex at an earlier age than other kids would. Make sure you teach them everything they need to know in order to not get hurt or do the same to others.

Sagittarius kids don’t really have a knack for monetary value. So they might end up spending whatever you’ve given them in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful.

Make sure not to condone this in any way or it could become a perilous habit. Instead teach them the importance of restraint.

Their boundless energy means they always have to be on the move. If there’s nothing for them to do, make sure that you come up with something, otherwise they’ll start feeling under the weather or even get depressed.

They might show a deep interest in faith related matters. Almost as much as they will for traveling and adventures.

Sagittarius kids need a purpose in life and more often than not it’ll be tied to their dreams and visionary aspirations.

You’ll notice that your kid might not be as tied to you as you’d think or hope. This doesn’t mean they’ll be aloof towards you either. You just need to give them the space they need and they’ll return to you joyously.

The baby

Sagittarius toddlers are notorious for their yearning to be in everybody’s field of view.

If you ever bring them with you at any sort of gathering, be sure that they’ll do whatever it takes to get everyone’s attention. Even if it means throwing a tantrum.

They are born with a thirst for adventure and taking them out for a walk is highly advised. Even the ride back home from the hospital after they’ve been born will fill them with joy.

Their curiosity means they’ll scour every corner of the house, so you really have to make sure that your home is baby proofed to the extreme.

If by chance you end up always being next to them while they’re just trying to have fun, you can be certain they’ll start straying away from you as they grow.

Make sure to always respect their freedom. Just give them some space and go see what they’re doing from time to time and everything should be fine.

With the pace at which they explore, they’ll surely show great interest in everything that is new.

So don’t be surprised with how quickly they can learn. If you read them plenty of books, they might even start speaking their first words sooner than you’d expect.

The girl

If there’s one thing you and everybody around your Sagittarius daughter will notice, it’ll be the lack of filtering for everything she says.

She’s the embodiment of “speak before you think”, if that ever was a saying. Sure, this might offend a great deal of people she meets, but she can’t really help it.

And it’s not all that bad since most of the time she speaks up, it’s the truth that comes out. You might want to eventually teach her to be more tactful and mindful of her worse, but don’t expect any quick progress in this regard.

A Sagittarius girl is the perfect balance between a realist and an optimist. Even when something gets rough, she’ll accept things for what they are and always look towards a brighter future.

While growing up, she’s bound to give you the scare rather often with how many times she’ll decide to depart on a surprise adventure, without informing anybody.

To avoid any possible heart attacks, you might want to kindly ask her for an update every now and again. While she’ll give you a frown at this request, as long as you ask her properly, she’s certain to abide by you.

Because of how sensitive she can be, your Sagittarius girl will often get hurt by the harshness of the world. The only time you’ll hear about it is when she’s ready to tell you. First, she’ll try her best at solving things her own way. It’s simply how these kids go through hardship.

They enjoy being self-sufficient and the only thing you can do is wait for them to come to you for advice willingly. Which they’ll eventually do.

The boy

Jack Sparrow can’t even hold a candle to your son’s thirst for thrills. No matter how mundane a matter is, he’s bound to turn it into the most brilliant and entertaining of expeditions.

Due to his abundant imagination, you’ll almost always hear him talking about his brilliant adventures on the sea or jungle. His life goals often mimic his creativity and more often than not he’ll turn his ideas into reality.

You need to make sure not to smother them too much or keep them shackled in any way. Appreciate their freedom as much as they do, otherwise you’ll force them to detach themselves from you.

You certainly don’t want your son to leave you prematurely, do you? Don’t worry, whenever they depart on a journey, they’re bound to come back as long as you’re not being pushy about it.

Keeping them busy at playtime

Their favorite part time activity is spending their time outside the house, adventuring wherever they can.

The worst decision you can take is shackling them down. Their freedom is their greatest treasure and taking it away can be detrimental.

When you take them out, you might want to try the park. Meeting the occasional squirrel will give them the widest smirk while chasing it around.

Socializing and getting along with kids of their age is their strong suite, so make sure you put them in environments where they can communicate and play with others.

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