Sagittarius Birthstones: Topaz, Amethyst and Turquoise

These three Sagittarius birthstones channel protective energies and are the lucky talismans for people whose birthday is between November 22nd and December 21st.

Sagittarius Birthstone

Having the Topaz as their main birthstone, Sagittarians also respond well to the Amethyst and Turquoise. It can be a great idea to give them jewelry or decorative pieces that contain these stones.

All Archers are optimistic people with an incredible curiosity about life. They need their birthstone in order to become luckier and to have deeper thoughts about what’s true or to accept different new concepts that are presented to them.

Sagittarius birthstones summary:

  • Topaz can help anyone get in touch with his or her soul and become more knowledgeable;
  • Amethyst is a stone of self-respect, responsibility and meditation;
  • The emotions of those who wear a Turquoise stone will always be under control, and many of these individuals become more creative.


Topaz is known to fortify the nerves and to deal with the energy coming from the meridians. This is a stone that promotes sincerity, wisdom and discipline.

Those who happen to have a job at which they need to solve problems find it very useful for their professional life because it brings about new ideas and makes anyone more influential.

When wearing Topaz, people remember what they have learned through different life experiences and also the results of their hard work.

Therefore, when applying for a new job, Topaz may be of great help. It also helps to express any idea and to become more assertive.

It protects people against digestive diseases and anorexia. Many of those who have problems with their metabolism use it in order to amplify their digestion, to get their taste back and even to lose weight.

Furthermore, this stone is good for the nervous system too. Topaz can help anyone get in touch with his or her soul and become more knowledgeable when it comes to information from the Other World.

It can influence individuals to be more open, honest and fulfilled from an emotional point of view. Therefore, those who wear it will have more confidence in themselves and don’t find a problem with sharing their feelings or happiness with others.

Those who have emotional problems should use it because it opens the heart towards love. People who feel they haven’t realized too much in life should employ Topaz as they’d get to feel wiser and more appreciative towards the efforts they’ve invested in their projects.

In ancient times, this stone was known as a breeder of love, luck and spiritual understanding. It’s extremely effective for those who want to manifest different things, to start creative projects and also need to express themselves in public.

Relaxing the body and cleansing the aura, Topaz has the power to make anyone develop faster from a spiritual point of view. It conducts the energy to the places where is most needed in the body and is known as calming, healing, stimulating, reinvigorating and motivating.

Many people use it in order to become more inspired and to have a clearer mind. That’s why writers, artists and even scientific researchers have it on them in the form of a talisman and benefit from its creative abilities.

As a crystal that brings about confidence and more positivity, this stone is great when trying to build a career or to make more money. Don’t be surprised if psychics and people who do spiritual healing wear it as a talisman or for their connection with the spirit animal.

The Imperial and Golden types of Topaz are known to make everything positive and to bring about self-esteem. Those who happen to be salespeople, teachers and public speakers should have it on them all the time.

However, being an enhancement gemstone, it can bring both negative and positive energies. It doesn’t work like the quartz because its effects are alternating and strongly correlated with forces of manifestation and attraction.

Therefore, Topaz will always focus on the person’s intentions and increase the thoughts that already exist. More than this, it can make imaginary things happen in the real world.

Those who want to meditate, project energies and visualize the future should use it because it brings Divine inspiration and establishes connections with the Other World. Also known for bringing good luck and love, Topaz can make individuals succeed at attaining their goals.

It’s also amazing for bringing in one’s life the right friends and partners, good business or for reviving old relationships. The more someone will use it, the more honest, trustworthy and faithful he or she will become.

More than this, this gemstone works against tiredness and the burden of a routine. It’s outstanding for lifting moods and for making positive thoughts become a reality.


The Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in the world. Many people have it in its natural form, in jewelry or decorative art pieces. Its structure is composed out of silicon dioxide and iron, which means it’s a quartz of purple color.

As a matter of fact, it belongs to the quartz mineral group. Ancient Egyptians used it in many jewels and the term is believed to mean “not drunk” in the Greek language. Wine used to be purple in color during ancient times, so the Amethyst seems to have a relation with alcohol when it comes to the way it looks.

The shades of purple in this stone are impressive and it can also feature many red nuances as well. Supporting sobriety and preventing people from getting drunk, it is also the stone to be used against addiction.

By wearing it, people can cleanse their organs and improve their circulatory system to work better. It wouldn’t matter what kind of addictions someone has, be it to sex, food or drugs, this stone will deal with them.

It’s great for the endocrine system, the metabolism and hormones, all this while making people immune to any kind of diseases. Many healers recommend it for detoxifying the blood and for dealing with any type of pain, be it psychological or physical.

It should also be employed against bruises, inflammation and problems with the hearing. Furthermore, it’s amazing for the respiratory system, the skin and for the digestive tract.

When it comes to the brain, it is great for a good night sleep. Those who feel like no longer knowing what to do in their life should definitely use it as well. Those who have nightmares and can’t sleep should look at it and they’ll get to become calm.

Amethyst is a stone of self-respect, responsibility and meditation. People who use it are motivated and focused on goals that can be made a reality. This gemstone can help anyone understand dreams and helps with visualization.

Many who have moods can find their emotional center if using it every day. Furthermore, those are always anxious, sad, fearful and angry can find their balance and how to deal with depression.

Because it puts psychics in the middle of energies and vibrations that come from the Universe, this stone is a great helper for those who make a living by using their supernatural abilities.

Amethyst is also seen as a healing gemstone because it calms and brings order to the chaos. Individuals who are too stressed should definitely use it as it influences the mind to be calmer and to focus only on what matters.

When meditating, the Amethyst makes worries go away and provides a more profound understanding. It’s good for exams as well because it helps people concentrate.


Having the color blue-green or pure blue, Turquoise gets formed when groundwater gets separated in rocks high in aluminum and when copper is present. That’s why it can be found in volcanic rocks and in the crust of other stones.

Its blue shade has made it popular all over the world. When looking at it under a microscope, it can be noticed a grainy structure, and the more expensive type of it is sky-blue, while the cheaper one green. The last-mentioned type has more iron in it.

But no matter the variety, Turquoise makes people more aware of their spirituality, calmer and stronger. The emotions of those who wear it will always be under control, and many of these individuals become more creative or able to communicate.

When it comes to the body, Turquoise has a great beneficial influence over the immune system. Those who suffer from hyper-acidity, gout, digestive problems and rheumatism should use it as well.

Furthermore, it helps children to develop, the muscles to become stronger, the extremities to get warm, and detoxifies or relaxes the muscles. When wearing this stone, people are reminded to drink plenty of water and no longer have problem with their nose, ears or throat.

Speech-therapists, singers, actors and radio hosts use it for their voice and throat problems. With Turquoise, the blood gets oxygenated and the prana in the body becomes elevated. This stone works amazingly in combination with treatments against anemia, liver problems, blood issues, nervous diseases and even ear infections.

More than this, it helps the eyes, the bladder, the throat and the stomach to function better. When in pain from gout or rheumatism, just meditate with Turquoise.

The kundalini chakras will get aligned and the heart will become healthier because this stone is very protective. Those who are moody and feel apathetic should employ it because it deals very well with these problems.

A protector against external influences, Turquoise is also great for people with low energy levels. Because it’s soothing, this gemstone reduces anger, relieves headaches and deals with the restlessness.

Ladies who suffer from PMS should as well use it as it doesn’t only relive the pain, it’s also fighting the moods. From a spiritual and psychological point of view, this gemstone makes people wiser and more sincere.

It’s also a protector for those who have been heartbroken or are too emotional. Useless regrets and accepting oneself are definitely jobs for Turquoise because it can inspire self-respect vis divine communication.

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