Sagittarius Mutable Modality: The Adventurous Personality

The mutable modality means these people can easily tackle any problem with their high adaptability and keen analytical minds.

Sagittarius mutable modality

This flexible zodiac sign has a keen awareness of their surroundings and an aptitude for bringing for the best in others. The physical prowess and intellectual aptitude of these people, as well as their bold nature that never pales in the face of adversity, are well known.

Their drive can easily be compared to a fire that has knowledge for fuel. As such, their quest is that of a truth seeker, one that would unlock the hidden purpose of the universe.

Sagittarius modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Generous, attentive and fearless;
  • Weaknesses: Unrealistic, superficial and impulsive;
  • Advice: They should take better care of those close;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December.

A free Sagittarius is a happy archer! The ability to roam unshackled is what enables them to gather all the knowledge they yearn for. In doing so they place themselves in the face of truth, which sometimes includes risky situations, in order for the to broaden their inner compass and wisdom.

No fear of the unknown

This malleable Fire sign welcomes the unexpected possibilities that the future holds. There is no bigger thrill for a Sagittarius individual than finding out about the unknown.

Because of their constant struggle to find new and ground breaking knowledge, they tend to hold the past in small regard.

What importance does history have to them? After all, it’s something that has already happened and is already known. This energetic adventurer is all about taking the next step and never looking back!

There is little to no selfishness when it comes to these people. All of the information and knowledge they seek is not only for themselves, but for the rest of the world too.

They wish to share the hidden secrets of the cosmos with the rest of humanity and make for the best lecturers, preachers and teachers.

While this mutable zodiac sign gives of the impression of being inflexible, which is paradoxical to its sign’s nature, they are actually some of the most adaptive individuals out there.

Due to this, they manage to get back up after difficult times without any issues and with a smile during the whole endeavor. They simply know their abundant strength and curiosity will take them through the day no matter what.

There is simply no fear of the unknown for them, so they charge through mystery with a fierceness unlike any have ever see. It’s the Sagittarius that usually brings with them the wind of change and innovation.

They also seem to have a keen sense, an almost supernatural insight that allows them to peer, even if slightly into the future. Staying true to one task or goal is the equivalent of imprisonment for these people.

It’s simply another form of being chained up and stripped of freedom. They would much rather bask in the glory of uncertainty and explore the world rather than staying stuck in one single place, faithful to a singular, boring mundane concept.

Towards this end, long term romantic relationships tend to be successful only if their partner is someone that respects their boundaries and can also provide, moth materially and financially for their endeavors, even if only a little.

Their governing planet is Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods and ruler of the skies. This divine ruler can only speak truth for the Sagittarius.

Similarly to their mythological parent, their nature can only be described as splendid grandeur. This is easily noticed by everybody around these people.

Wherever they go, brilliance follows. They touch and change the souls of all those who come in contact with them.

The children of the Sagittarius are exquisite business people that excel in socializing and communicating their wants, needs and plans. So much so that they win the trust and admiration of everybody they encounter, eventually even that of their adversaries.

They can easily tackle any problem with their high adaptability and keen analytical minds. One down side is that they also tend to fall into overthinking which affects the speed at which they make decisions.

This curious mutable sign never shies away from people. On the contrary, the more people they meet and surround themselves with, the better.

This way they can more easily spread the knowledge and wisdom they’ve amassed in their journeys with everybody else.

After all, this is their quest and what more would they want than the blissful joy of enlightening everybody else with the knowledge they’ve gathered.

Due to their open-minded nature and sociable personality, endeavors regarding relationships of any kind always seem to find their way to them.

Their charisma enables them to communicate and befriend with ease and many are left in awe by this bashful sign.

Sagittarius tries its best to make others flourish using their skills. So who wouldn’t want such a perfect friend and teacher around, to guide them through the mysteries of life?

Their keen mind and clairvoyance make them the perfect fortune tellers, there to reassure others that the future holds more than just promise.

Always doing something new

Those born between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December carry the sign of the mutable Sagittarius.

People born at the ending of November have the blessing of a strong will and diligent personality that can carry them through any endeavor or difficulty. Any plans they set are bound to be brought to fruition.

For a Sagittarian born at the start of December, there is nothing that holds greater value than honesty, purity and liberty. Anything that dares endanger their freedom and quest for knowledge is bound to regret it later.

People born in the midst of December are rather peculiar. They bask in the freedom of this sign differently than their Sagittarius siblings. Rather than simply enjoying freedom.

They always seem to be on the run, always in a hurry to reach a destination that is yet to be set.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve already reached a point in life where they are pleased, if they get even a hint of stagnation, they simply leave it all behind without a second thought and start journeying again.

While this may seem odd, these qualities are actually the main and most typical that are seen in a Sagittarius.

A bad habit that most of these individuals seem to have is that they’re always in a rush towards reaching a particular destination. However, the term “particular” should actually be replaced by “vague”.

These stubborn, freedom fighting archers are always seeking something, but not even they know for sure what it is. Because of this they might actually end up straying too far away from the path, losing sight of their purpose.

As a side effect, they tend to put great strain on their social and romantic relationships. Issues might start appearing even at their workplace.

To counter such negative turmoil, Sagittarians are advised to take a break from time to time.

They need to remember what should be at the core of their being. Their ability to see the bigger picture. While they always have their eyes set on tomorrow, taking a look at one’s origins can actually be enlightening.

This reminder will help them see the importance in the more minute and finer things in life that they might have otherwise missed.

When all is said and done, the Sagittarius is the trailblazer of humanity. Always on the move and never one step behind adversity and knowledge!

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