Sagittarius Color: Why Orange Has the Best Influence

Orange increases resilience in the face of life adversities by boosting imagination, calm and inner force.

Sagittarius Lucky Color Orange

Orange is one of the happy colors, the ones that you feel hopeful about. This is coming from the two colors it’s made of: red and yellow. Red, on the one hand, gives it a lot of intensity and passion, vitality, desire to live and strong interests, and yellow on the other hand, with enthusiasm and a happy-go-round attitude.

The Sagittarius lucky color Orange in a nutshell:

  • It’s associated with comfort and soothing feelings, the right mix of red and yellow;
  • This color fuels the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius;
  • Orange triggers a sense of dynamism, stimulation, and confidence.

As such, orange takes the Sagittarians through a journey of discovery, an emotional endeavor that spans great distances. They have to get over past traumas and dramatical events, find the strength to move on, be optimistic and hopeful.

Why the color orange is so great for Sagittarius

Orange is the most fitting color to represent Sagittarius natives, to fuel their strong adventurous spirit and endless joyfulness.

So, whenever there’s something missing, and they find themselves needing a jolt to keep things going, they should consider wearing an orange sweater or buying an orange poster to stick on the bedroom wall.

Excitement and passion for life may plummet from time to time, and there are many different reasons for this, form sadness, loss of hope, depression, and so on.

In these cases, it’s a very good idea to compensate with such strong colors. Orange is very intense and optimistic, and it will be of great help.

People who have no reason to live for, who don’t get excited or intrigued by anything, the lost and the apathetic, the ones that contemplate the reason of it all, these need the power of colors the most.

In a colorless world, everything is bleak and dull, a cold and destroyed hope.

Sagittarians who go through these stages must call on their better senses and use orange to regain their trust, their confidence, interest in living and in doing many things that they once liked.

It’s a revival of the self, a resurrection, a spiritual awakening, the return of joy and happiness, all brought by orange.

It has these effects because orange is associated with extravagance, with a well-connected social life, with communication at its peak, and joyful escapades with friends.

It will make you want to be seen, to express your feelings, thoughts, likes, and dislikes. It’s warm, comfortable, a form of release from all the accumulated pressure. This color is used in many circumstances by many people, to stimulate and incentivize others, to wake them up. It emphasizes the joy of living a good life.

If you like orange, then you’re likely a free-spirited and vivacious individual who doesn’t like being bound by rules. You like doing what you like, unshackled and independent, unburdened by responsibilities and obligations.

Impulsive and spontaneous, you enjoy doing things that you like, you are joyful and a generally happy individual who’s hopeful about the future. Orange is overflowing with raw energy, vitality, and it makes one feel a renewed sense of self-respect.

The Sagittarius people are one of the few ones out there capable of laughing at their own mistakes, joking about their own flaws and insufficiencies. This is just another sign of their free-spirited and easy attitude.

There’s nothing to fret about, nothing that puts too much pressure on them. They see the bigger picture, take joy in living the moment, the orange colors are there to increase these feelings even more.

It’s an impulsive and rapid-fire color that acts immediately, and you can notice the changes taking place each and every moment. You feel better, incentivized, and able to do many things that you couldn’t. It’s a period of blooming, a flourishing growth, professionally and personally.

Channeling the power of colors

The Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is attracted to many other colors other than orange. And even with orange, there are different shades and tints that have different effects, depending on their intensity and palette. Blue, however, takes away all the fun and puts them in the corner, sapping all the energy away.

Orange brings everything back, all the hope, the joy of living, the determination to have a fun and enthusiastic journey, to spread happiness and fully express oneself.

It’s interesting how it also increases creativity and imagination, how these natives think of many various ways in which they can recover from disappointments.

Orange doesn’t only affect the psychological state of mind, but it also has some slight effects on our bodies as well.

For example, it might create a sense of agitation, change the way we react to certain stimuli, increase dynamism and confidence. It’s a very ecstatic and action-oriented color, fitted for the eternal adventurous Sagittarians.

It’s associated with warm feelings, with comfort and soothing feelings, the summer of life, the peak of mental stimulation and the potential to have everything at their fingertips.

Hope, endless joy and enthusiasm, contentment and gratitude, increased appetite as well, for some reason, the effects of orange are various and intriguing, to say the least.

However, just as the right amount of orange can be extremely good for depression, sadness, gloom, and apathetic bouts, it can also be very detrimental when taken to the extremes.

Dress all in orange and you’ll become cruel, unrestrained and disinterested in the feelings of others, egocentric and even aggressive if there’s a darker hint of orange.

Less orange means even deeper depression, feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, lack of understanding, insecurities, and anxieties, difficulties making decisions, the lack of mental agility, and so on.

Yellow, on the other hand, is a very good color, a respite for the weary, an incentive for those seeking knowledge and self-development.

Yellow will actually help with taking those difficult decisions, it will be the anchor of new ideas, of innovative thinking.

It increases creativity and intuition, as a form of superior clarity, an over-arching perspective on things that was impossible to attain in the past.

The Sagittarians who are attracted by yellow think far deeper than the rest of us, they focus easier, but they can also be too fast moving, too spontaneous and impulsive. It’s a form of inner and outer agitation, a practical way of seeing things.

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