The Pisces Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Not very keen on discerning between fantasy and reality.

The woman in Pisces is an enigma with beautiful eyes. She is always energetic and focused on obtaining what she wants. Secretive, this romantic lady will always have something new to reveal about the way she is.

Some people will say the Pisces woman is too dreamy. But things aren’t like this. She is in fact spiritual and always connected with her emotions.

Her intuition is strong and she’s always paying attention to what’s happening around her. Many would say she is a gentle soul and they would be right. She is interested in finding the deeper meaning of things and she is successful at it.

The worst thing about that kind of prejudice… is that while you feel hurt and angry and all the rest of it, it feeds you self-doubt. You start thinking, perhaps I am not good enough.

Nina Simone – A famous Pisces

Women in Pisces need to express themselves through the arts. That’s why they are often good at jobs that require deepness and creativity.

Some of the most famous women in Pisces include Sharon Stone, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Mendes, Queen Latifah and Glenn Close.

Governed by Neptune and being the last zodiac sign on the wheel, the woman in Pisces will have connections with the metaphysic and will possess a great intuition.

Putting others’ needs on top of hers, this lady is giving and emotional. It is a must that she early determines how she is going to go through life: against the current or with it.

Moody, the Piscean woman will act how she feels in the moment. At gatherings with friends she can either be outgoing and loud, or quiet and reserved. As she is connected to a different plane of existence, she can easily escape reality when it becomes too hard. She will prefer a place where everything is perfect.

Many people would think she’s avoiding her problems, others would say she has an original way of dealing with them. Because Neptune is the planet that rules this daydreamer Pisces, people born in this sign are very intuitive.

The Pisces woman will be full of mixed feelings that change depending on what’s happening. The main challenge of her life is to determine what is true and what is only a delusion.

An understanding lover

Pisces Woman Sign

No one can take a Pisces woman away from love. It is one of her favourite things in life. She feeds her imagination with love stories and she dreams about living them.

This is why she sometimes needs to be brought back to reality, where a relationship doesn’t mean being on a honeymoon over and over again.

The woman in Pisces becomes very careful when she falls in love. She will flirt until she is sure of something.

The Pisces woman expects love to be like in fairy tales. Click To Tweet

She likes the way it makes her feel and she will let herself seduced of the senses. She is complete when she is in love, and she will always be loyal to her partner.

The Pisces woman is very giving when it comes to love. But she won’t give everything as she still needs to keep something for her unseen world.

Dual in nature, this woman is both weak and strong in the same time. It is important that you don’t treat her as a fool, knowing she is a giver.

She may not seem to have limits when it comes to understanding and forgiving, but she has. And when she’s annoyed she could become very dangerous.

As an emotional being, love for a Piscean woman is also emotional. She manages to combine this emotional plane with the physical one.

Between the sheets, she is playful and fun. Don’t be scared of decorating the bed for her. She will love a different setting. Surprise her from time to time and you’ll be appreciated. Her imagination is developed and scented candle lights are her favourite.

Not one to apologize for her actions

A relationship with a woman in Pisces is calm and dreamy. She wouldn’t fight unless there’s a good reason.

She is a giver with her partner and she expects inspiration, protection and imagination.

A Piscean’s mission in life is to improve the lives of others, but this doesn’t mean you should take advantage of her.

The challenge with the woman in Pisces is to capture her attention and keep it. She likes people with an energetic and interesting personality as she herself is the same.

If caught doing something wrong, she is confident that she will be forgiven. The Pisces woman doesn’t apologize, she just continues to live and expects the partner to do the same.

The family of a Pisces woman will be spoiled. She is a very loving mother who sometimes doesn’t know how to discipline her children.

She will go over herself for others in the family to be happy. She knows how to make a place cosy and she will never forget a birthday.

A woman in Pisces will be a devoted friend. She puts others before her and she empathizes with any situation. Many people would say the Pisces can’t be good friends because they live in a different world, but that isn’t at all true.

The Pisces woman can give good advice if you are in trouble. She has friends from many different places and she is very popular in her circle of friends.

She needs a push

One thing’s for sure, the Pisces woman is not made for the big corporation world. Her creativity needs to be put to use and as a Water sign, she is versatile and quick to adapt.

When she likes what she is doing, the woman in Pisces will be hard-working and motivated. She could be anything, from a librarian to a detective or a social worker. Since she is an artsy person, she would be great as a psychic, musician, actor and photographer.

There are some Pisces women who don’t really know what to do with their lives till they are at maturity. That’s why young Pisceans may need a little bit of career guidance.

Unless there are more dominant signs in her birth chart, the Pisces woman may be a disaster at handling money. She’s an emotional spender, yet she knows how to stretch when needed to.

Always drawn to water motifs

Because she is intense with her emotions, the Pisces woman may sometimes suffer from headaches.

She must be careful to moderate her alcohol consumption and rest. She tends to have a bumpy nightlife so moderation is the key in her case. All of her excesses from youth may return to affect her health later in life.

A Piscean woman will always have grace. She looks her best when she wears silk and soft materials.

If you want to buy her a present, jewellery is the answer. Hair brooches and toe rings are her favourite accessories. Aquamarine and amethyst are her stones, so wearing them will give her an exceptional peace of mind. She will look amazing in sea green, blue and turquoise.

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