The Pisces Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Pisces woman as revealed by sexual astrology

The Pisces woman has a mysterious, feminine air that makes men want her so badly. She’s always beautiful and she gets admirers drunk with her charm.

This lady doesn’t have to do anything to get men. They will all choose to be with her willingly. She leaves the impression that she needs to be saved by a Prince Charming and she has a naivety many men find very attractive.

The Pisces female expresses femininity through every pore in her body. As a Water sign based on emotions, she makes love deeply and meaningfully. She will make your love feel carried by the ocean’s waves.

The intimacy of sex with this woman is unique and special. If she feels like you somehow aren’t satisfied with her performance in bed, she’ll study what may bother you and make sure next time that you are completely happy.

Nothing makes her more content than knowing you are 100% satisfied with her performance in bed.

However, you need to watch out with her as she can be elusive when trouble arises. She will distance herself from you if she feels that there is no more room to put up with her needs.

And you will never hear from her ever again. It’s very difficult to hold onto the Pisces woman. She will marry only once, so you need to treat her with care, resonate with her feelings and love her immensely. She doesn’t just have sex when she’s doing it, she is the person who’s making love deeply.

A whole different experience

Being the last sign in the zodiac, the Pisces combines all the sexual energies of the signs before. This means the lady has many sides to her lovemaking.

She likes the submissive role in the bed. She is the Princess who waits for her knight in shining armor. If you don’t know how to behave with her, don’t even bother trying something.

As she’s emotional in every other aspect of her existence, the Pisces woman is also emotive in the sack. She will lighten up her imagination to create a romantic setting for your lovemaking.

Scented candles and rose petals will be everywhere in your bedroom. She likes sex and surprises. For her, intercourse doesn’t differentiate itself from love.

It’s a strong correlation between these two. As said before, she prefers the submissive role and being the giver, not the taker.

She will be open to almost anything in the bedroom and she will look to connect mentally with the partner when having sex. Those with the Moon and planet Mars located in this sign are especially like this.

Understanding and caring, the Pisces woman will spoil her loved one significantly. She will grant all of his wishes and surprise him with different bedroom games.

She pays a whole lot of attention to lovemaking and she thinks foreplay is very important. If you are with her, make sure you enjoy long foreplays and you also compliment her a lot.

She will be the ideal partner for you if you manage to give her all of these things. Not the one to enjoy rough sex, you’ll need to be sensitive and loving when having sex with the Pisces woman.

She will do whatever it takes to please you back. Knowing how to charm a guy, this lady is seductive and difficult to please.

She won’t sleep with anyone as she is looking for a partner to make her feel good outside of the bedroom.

When in bed, the Pisces women are wild and fiery, very different from how they are in real life. The Pisces girl likes it when the partner dominates her and she is made to keep quiet. Like any other sexual beings, she has fantasies and fetishes.

You just take the ropes and ask her what she wants and things should go smoothly. She tends to attach to someone from the first night together.

Possessive and also protective, the woman in Pisces will notice when something is wrong from the way you are making love to her.

She will anticipate your next move

This is a lady who likes to be surprised and wooed. Buy her some new lingerie or a new toy that can please her sexually. If you know what gifts to get her, you will surely win her heart more easily.

She reaches orgasms rapidly and she has a high libido. As said before, the foreplay is essential with the girl in Pisces. She demands attention and to be taken to a different dimension when making love.

You must be lucky to have such a passionate woman as your lover. Relaxed and calm, she uses sex to escape life’s most difficult moments.

She knows how to perform oral sex on a man and she has an amazing intuition. This means she will guess what you may want her to do without even asking.

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Imaginative and deep, it’s very difficult to forget how a Pisces woman makes love.

Just like her male counterpart, she will not allow someone whom she doesn’t trust into her bedroom. The signs with which she is the most sexually compatible are Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Her most erogenous area is her feet.

She has a femininity no other sign has and she takes part in everything her partner is asking her to do in the bedroom. If she’s respected and loved, she will satisfy any fantasy.

It is easy for a Pisces woman to fall for someone who doesn’t respect her enough. She falls in love easily and often with the wrong person. When she realizes things are not as she views them, she starts to become frustrated and angry.

But if she’s with the right person, this girl will play any role when having sex. She’s a good conversationalist, so a good wine and some music will turn her on fast. Flirting coupled with the after-sex are something she would do without hesitation.

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