Pisces Sexuality: Essentials On Pisces In Bed

Sex with a Pisces – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

A Pisces will experience total happiness and feel very comfortable only when totally satisfied, emotionally and sexually.

Being of a natural dynamic and outgoing personality, these individuals tend to be everywhere at the same time, talking to multiple people simultaneously and multitasking constantly.

Obviously a very strenuous and exhausting lifestyle, what they desire the most is a partner who can comfort and make them feel relaxed, empathize and be a symbol of refuge. Also, they tend to praise and eulogize their partner every chance they get.

When talking about Pisceans, simplicity is just not the word to describe them, not in the least. On the contrary, this individual is anything but simple.

Emotionally speaking, while cool and enthusiastic on the surface, beneath the humorous and jolly façade, there lies a profound conflict.

And that is one between inner feelings and thoughts, and outer stimuli and events, expectances and criteria that they have to meet.

Being their partner means going to great lengths at supporting and giving them solace, being appreciate and understanding at the same time, cracking open their mask and revealing the beauty inside as well. Sadly, not many are able of doing that.

When an idea pops out in a Pisces’ mind, it’s basically guaranteed that they will split the seas, move the mountains and walk on corpses to attain it, relatively speaking.

Always in Alice’s Wonderland, these natives just can’t seem to lower their heads from the clouds, always fantasizing and all that. But, there is a good thing about this as well.

They tend to be the ones who take the initiative and make the plans, so instead of disturbing their strategic endeavors, just patiently wait for them to come to you. It will surely be worth it, of that there is no doubt.

The emotional sensibility of a Pisces if anything but superficial and bland, and so it’s a little hard for them to move over past relationships and previous love interests.

Probably because of the intense and “do-or-die” attitude when it comes to love and affection, they can’t properly escape their past partner’s grasp, who still has a place in their heart, most probably.

However, even if these natives may not the most loyal or emotionally committed, they sure are understanding and kind. Plus, if the present partner is loving and caring enough, it might help them move on from the past.

Keep up with them

Because of their dreamy attitude and urge to escape reality, what they fantasize about tends to be much more interesting and intriguing that what really happens in reality.

Great romantics and idealists, finding someone that truly conforms to their criteria might be a long and arduous journey.

Furthermore, while a Piscean is easily captivated and falls in love pretty quickly, what follows next might not be so fun and joyous, because of the same ideals that fail to be attained.

In order to truly reach the epitome of sexual life with a Pisces, taking the initiative is paramount, and as such, confidence and self-awareness are a must. While she does have things in mind and longs to put them into practice, doing them without you would be useless.

Also, try not to be indifferent and distant when going out with them, that really affects their overall mood. Instead, keeping up with them will suffice.

When meeting a Pisces, it’s impossible not be roped in by their surreal beauty and charms, especially when they are accomplished seducers. Click To Tweet

The fantasies this native can contrive are endless and full of glamor and beauty, they can really make you lose your mind.

But this world of theirs is rarely revealed to others, and if a Pisces decides to let you in, that means the feelings are strong, very strong.

Very sensible and affectionate individuals, Pisces natives will bond with the partner to the utmost limit, and will never let go of the love they bear, not against the world.

The degree that these natives love is unfathomable, and how much romanticism they are capable of, no one knows.

But what is known is that being together with such an individual can help both partners, on an emotional level primarily.

The way they are built leaves nothing to be desired. Pisceans are romantics and lovers above all else, and that can be seen very easily in how much they are capable of, in order to satisfy and help the partner feel comfortable.

Combined with this generous and affectionate nature, there are also the natural instincts that automatically tells them how the other feels, giving them an edge in intimate relationships.

Too dreamy for their own good

Since these natives are quick to be captivated by someone, it’s obvious that even while in a functional relationship, cheating is not only an option, but also a viable option. Although nothing concrete happens, mental cheating is still a thing.

After all, if you’re thinking of someone else while having sex with your partner, how can that be called if not cheating? It’s pretty hard to find out what happens in their mind, but it’s anyway a good thing that you don’t know, who knows what’s there.

They are so bent on fulfilling your desires and wants first that they’ won’t rest until that is achieved, in the perfect way possible.

Truly pure and honest individuals, it’s really a surprise how natives such as these can still exist these days, it’s just like they are out of another time and place, one lacking in superficiality, ignorance and all bad things.

Who is a perfect sexual match for Pisces you ask? Well, only someone who could equate their high-paced creativity and proclivity towards idealism, and that is the one and only Libra.

No one knows how exactly do these guys meet, and what happens, but anyone can pretty much guess that it’s instant attraction.

Coincidental or not, sentimentality and romanticism comes as natural as breathing to them, and if combined, a surge of unimaginable proportions of love shoots forward, touching everything around them.

Pisceans are quite good at bringing a smile on your lips, or snicker at the very least. They are just so cute and kind when they set free all that power of love and affection, and coupled with their childish attitude, gloom and sadness don’t last for long around them.

Also, their prodigal tendency to fall into deep dreams and idealisms mean that the best partner should be able to help them materialize those desires and ideas.

Nothing more and nothing else. Besides, Pisces natives resonate with any kind of individual, be it similar in personality or completely opposite.

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