Pisces In Love: How Compatible Is With You?

Complete, honest and uninhibited love is what they are after.

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When they’re in love, the Pisces natives reveal the full extent of their charisma. The last sign of the zodiac, these guys are sensitive and they truly appreciate all the qualities of their partner.

They are their best selves when they’re doing something creative or are involved in a relationship. The incurable romantics of the zodiac, these guys like candlelit dinners and good wines. They believe in true love and they spend a lot of time looking for it.

That’s why Pisces will have a few partners before they will settle down with someone. They can be heartbroken by many before their last performance in love. It is important for them to have someone by their side as they don’t like being single.

Mysterious and attractive, these guys are like aphrodisiacs. They live in a parallel universe, and many will be attracted by such magnetism. If you want to win their heart forever, appeal to their romanticism. Take them to a classical music concert or the theater. They will not resist and they will fall for you.

They will respond to your feelings

They tend to underestimate the power of their charm, so they will be apologetic with the person they love. If this is bothering you, just say so and they’ll understand. Not the most communicative persons, they can understand what others are feeling even if they are not being clearly told.

Many are saying they even have telepathic powers. But it’s not that, it’s just that they take their time to study a person’s behavior and words.

Or it can be their connection with other planes of reality and their inner world no one knows about. When they’re feeling lost or unsettled, they simply escape in this fantasy world.

People are fascinated by them when they are lost in a different realm, and find them incredibly attractive. Most likely, their psychic powers of reading other people’s minds are a result of their attention to others.

Very sensitive to their partner’s feelings, they will immediately run away if they feel they are no longer being wanted. These are the people for whom the rule of the opposites applies.

They will like someone who’s different from them, and they need to be loved more than anything else in the world. As soon as they are with a person, everything for them falls into place.

When they are alone or left out of a relationship, things seem to no longer work for them, and they become depressed.

They crave for a complete love, the one in which the partners get lost into each other, in some sort of a mystical connection. Being a mutable sign, they can sometimes change according to what or who the partner wants them to be.

Pisces need to be very careful with their emotions. As soon as they are involved in something serious or married, they become less and less practical. Besides, they can also be over critical about things that don’t even matter.

More romantic even than the Cancer, Pisces are hopeless dreamers, the biggest idealists who want their relationships to be perfect and just like in the movies. And that’s why they will often feel disappointed. Many of them will never find the person whom they can love unconditionally for the rest of their life.

What love means for them

Loving creatures, Pisces will be very close and supportive with the one they love. They will sometimes regret they are no longer in a relationship from their past. When they’re in love, they go completely blind and they can’t see if their partner has any flaws, especially in the beginning.

More than other signs, these guys enjoy being in love. That’s why they are the ones who would give up everything for this feeling.

Through love, they escape the worries of life, and explore a happier reality. This is what makes them feel alive, and they could easily survive solely on water, food and sex.

Spiritual people, they don’t think of lovemaking too lightly. They value it, respecting the partner. The person who’s ideal for them will be loving, gentle and also demonstrative.

If so, the Pisces will give themselves without doubting a single thing the partner does. But they need to be careful not to spend too much of their energy only on love.

The special connection they are looking for should exist, and someone who understands them should be for real.

For a real Pisces, life has no meaning without a loved one. They need a romantic connection and they often jump into relationships without thinking too much. Oversensitive, they fire up when the partner doesn’t understand them.

Patience is something that you need to have with a Pisces. They are not that good when they are rejected, but when they are being offered affection and care, they shine like stars. They view sex as a spiritual and emotional connection.

The secret of making them happy is to remember they have a romantic side. Also, that they’re emotional. Laughing and crying at the same time, Pisces can be extreme with what they are feeling.

There’s no wonder they escape to a dream world each time their day to day life is too stressful or dull. In their make-believe reality, everything is great.

This can sometimes affect their relationships. If they pretend everything is ok and they only escape, things with their loved one may take a bad turn, and a breakup will become inevitable.

More caught in the metaphysical and not the physical, Pisces will not be that interested in sex. But if you stimulate their imagination, you can get them to make incredible love.

Make sure you make use of the fact that they have fantasies. Be creative and come up with games and roles in the bedroom. Some music and a good wine will also set up the mood for a great night. A bath would be one of the ultimate treats.

About the physical plan

As said before, Pisces people are idealistic and they sometimes look for someone who doesn’t exist. If you want to be with someone in this sign, make sure you establish an emotional link with him or her, and you’ll have your chances.

Don’t forget they are seeking something spiritual, a love that is fulfilling physically, mentally and emotionally. Unconventional in bed, these guys are inventive lovers. But they need to be stimulated by someone who enjoys a little bit of craziness between the sheets.

As sexual partners, Pisces people are passionate and skillful, and they follow their feelings not their minds. Sensual and passionate, they will connect with their sexual partner on a deeper level, each time they are making love.

It’s more than something physical with these guys. They are naturals at deep sexual connections. Follow their ideas and you will enjoy something amazing and perhaps for the first time. Don’t insist on doing things your way.

Convince them of your style. Helpful and supportive, Pisces will sacrifice their own needs to make the partner happy. These are the people who would do anything for their other half to be satisfied.

If you are with a Pisces, you should probably know how these guys have the ability to feel your pain and do something to fix any problem.

Neptune, which is the planet of illusion and mystery, is ruling the Pisces. This is why this sign is always in a dream world, and wants a love like in the movies. Mysterious and mystical, people in this sign will share their other realms with their lover.

Many Pisces have something to do with the occult. As far as their personality goes, they are like a river, sometimes warm and other times cold.

If you see them reserved, don’t take it personally. They’re probably thinking of how to solve a problem. Their ideal partner should be someone down-to-earth and realistic.

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