Key Traits of the Earth Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Horse will not give up on their life principles, no matter what.

Earth Horse

Those born in the year of the Earth Horse have an optimism and kindness that can’t be seen in others, and they always want to give a hand. The harder they work, the more they’ll get what they want in life.

These natives are the most mature of the Horses. It’s not in their nature to automatically head towards a situation and to take action. They consider it wiser for them to sit back and think what decision to make before standing firm next to something.

The Earth Horse in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Assertive, optimistic and practical;
  • Challenges: Hot-headed, wasteful and arrogant;
  • Secret need: They wish they would create the best first impression to everyone;
  • Advice: They should practice modesty more often.

This Chinese zodiac sign is known to be good with money, even when others think they are not investing correctly and are sure to lose. They have such a good intuition about money that they find solutions when a business seems like it no longer has any chances.

The character of the Chinese Earth Horse

The Earth Horse people are sincere, sensitive and extroverted. They would never lie, but they surely are blunt and able to offend others without even realizing it. This is because they are among the most honest people in the Chinese zodiac.

But in spite of all this, they are still surrounded by many friends who love them and are always ready to offer them their support. These Horses are intelligent and sociable, so it’s not excluded you’ll always find them hanging out at bars with their best friends and colleagues.

They get along with everyone, so there isn’t a problem for them to make new friends and to spend a lot of time with people. But all this doesn’t mean they can establish deep connections with the ones who surround them.

Just like the animal that represents them, the Earth Horses have a need to run, to always be on the go and to spend as much time alone as possible. That’s why they don’t usually commit and always think twice before giving their trust to someone.

All their relationships will take a while before things will settle. It’s possible they’ll disappear for years and then come back with the idea of starting things fresh or taking it from where it has been left off.

And this inability to commit is also present in their love life. It’s very likely they’ll be single till middle age, and that’s if they will ever decide to be with one person their entire life.

Don’t think they change partners all the time because they are in fact too romantic to not think that there’s someone who’s their soulmate out there.

The natives of this Chinese sign like to chase and to trap the person they are interested in by using their charm, yet their relationships are not at all long-term.

While all the Horses are the same, the elements in astrology influence them in great ways. That’s why Earth Horses are far more down-to-earth and stable than other people in this sign.

Horses are known for being superficial and frugal, but the Chinese Earth element changes this about them almost completely. When influenced by it, the natives of this sign become more cautious with their decisions and not at all hurried to think of solutions for a short period of time.

Earth Horses always use their mind and intelligence to deal with a new situation and make the best decision. They are far more pragmatic than Horses belonging to other elements, more relaxed and open to changes.

These natives are good when the pace is accelerated because they can remain calm even if things are happening unexpectedly.

Another difference between them and other Horses is that they are not at all shy and can see, by analyzing, what benefits a long-term relationship can bring them.

They still like to travel as much as other people in the same sign, and they want their partner to have a knack for exotic destinations as well.

They are more responsible when it comes to money because they can see how much saving can help them. It’s like they’re the most mature Horses in the Chinese zodiac.

A business mind

Earth Horse individuals look at situations from every point of view before making a decision. They are pretty relaxed personalities but prefer to analyze all the pros and cons of a situation.

These people are hard workers who want to achieve many things in life. They would rather invest a lot of time and efforts to get good results rather than take quick action and not enjoy the outcome. It’s more about quality than quantity with them.

Very humorous and being able to adapt to any new situation, the Earth makes them more stable, reliable and down-to-earth. This element is all about being realistic and preserving the good things as a whole.

It represents everything that nurtures and is motherly. Its natives are pragmatic people who can do a lot of great things in life. They have great organizational skills and are fit to be CEOs or managers.

There’s no one more grave, sincere and traditional than them. The Earth gives them the wisdom to always make the right decisions in life. Horses in this element are very friendly and all the time positive.

Earth brings them steadiness and more patience to weigh all the pros and cons before taking action. But this also means they can’t decide very fast and are not as secure as other people in the Horse sign.

When influenced by the Earth element, they are more cautious and interested in settling down. Not to mention how good they are at dealing with their own responsibilities.

They are famous for standing by their own set of values and principles, living after a moral code that they have created for themselves.

Intuitive, they’re sometimes revealing their gentle and soft side, this way allowing others to see how generous and delicate they actually are. These Horses are the less prone to offend with their specific honesty and the most able to bring positivity wherever they may be going.

They are very realistic and talented at both making and keeping money. It’s easy for them to see where the good opportunities are, so they will skillfully invest in what is meant to return them good finances in the long term.

It’s also easy for them to revive businesses that no longer seem to work the way they did in the past.

What these natives need to do is be firmer in standing their ground and making the big decisions. As they have strong ethics, people will automatically trust them, so they won’t have to build up their credibility.

The Earth Horse man

As the most cautious Horse in the zodiac, the Earth Horse man never gets involved with strange people and always weighs all the pros and cons of a situation before making the right decision for himself.

He’s very wise and not only talented at dealing with everyday problems, but also very good with the abstract and philosophical concepts. This male likes to work hard and doesn’t mind dealing with the most difficult tasks.

He can inspire people to be better, and that’s why his friends and colleagues simply adore him. They are all the time going to him when they’re in need of practical advice.

The Earth Horse man always thinks twice, and he’s known as a fighter for both himself and the people he cares about. For the ones he loves the most, he’s ready to do anything and not think too much of the consequences.

When someone dear will need his help, he will forget all about himself and will give all of his time and efforts. He also doesn’t care when he’s spending too much money on the people he cares about.

As a lover, he’s the type who will serenade his partner at night. Nothing will stand in his way when he will want someone to be in his life.

Once he’ll get married, he will no longer wander around and start to go with the routine the couple life involves.

He knows his way around money, so his wife needs to listen to his financial advice. His family can count on him to always be there for them and to want to offer them everything they need.

The Earth Horse woman

This lady has a lot of energy and always seems to be doing something. She has a positive attitude and loves to have fun.

The Earth Horse woman is prudent and very private, but doesn’t mind at all to communicate and to share some of her thoughts. She always wants to be of help and can offer sound advice because she has great instincts and is very trustworthy.

This intelligent woman would never do something to hurt others. She likes to be informed before deciding on something, so she would make a great leader.

She doesn’t mind working hard and taking on responsibilities, not being the type who dumps everything on her subordinates. Her colleagues will respect her for being kind and for always giving a hand.

She will have something to say to each and every one of her admirers. With the ones she won’t fall for, she’ll continue to be very good friends.

The Earth Horse woman is very wise and wants to have great relationships with everyone around her. People know her as patient and cautious. She’s not high maintenance, so her partner doesn’t have to buy her the most expensive gifts.

With her husband, she will continue to be the most passionate lover while taking care of the home and the children. She will keep her own interests in line, but she will also be a great mother and wife. Even the most superficial man can be convinced by her to become responsible and family-oriented.

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