Key Traits of the Water Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Horse stands out for the multitude of talents they possess and for how easy going they appear to be in the company of literally anyone.

Water Horse

Those born in the year of the Water Horse are sensitive people who don’t have too much patience. However, their friends will always be by their side. At work, they will be recognized for their talents and hard work. People are easily drawn to them, but they need some time before they develop their relationships.

Eager to leave their own hopes and dreams behind and to put their loved ones before themselves, they are highly appreciated for this. It doesn’t matter how low they are feeling, these natives will always keep their sense of humor and will stay positive.

The Water Horse in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Enthusiastic, positive and ingenuous;
  • Challenges: Insolent, wasteful and temperamental;
  • Secret need: Being as motivated and passionate as their peers;
  • Advice: Be modest when talking about your achievements.

Their special charm will have them attracting people of the opposite sex. Insightful, Water Horses can have a lot of good luck in business. But they need to be pressured by others in order for this to happen. Money comes to them if they use their talents and really work for it.

The character of the Chinese Water Horse

Water Horse people’s friendliness and sense of humor are famous. These natives are intelligent enough to talk with anyone on any subject.

When it comes to business, they know how to take advantage of different situations and make a lot of money. In life, they go with the moment, this being the reason why they aren’t very disciplined.

The Chinese Horoscope says they are moving at the speed of the wind. They are rather focused on themselves, considering their own comfort is the most important.

Smart and imaginative, these natives will come up with good solutions at work, and this will help them be the winners in any situation.

Most of them have no problems making new friends, but they just don’t invest as much energy as they should into their relationships.

People will always appreciate them for being fun and cheerful. But they are known for disappearing and not telling why they’ve withdrawn.

Not to mention that when they’ll be coming back in others’ lives, they’ll act like nothing happened while they couldn’t have been found for weeks or even months.

While they are very good with business, they really can’t save any money. This is because they want to enjoy every new experience, so they simply spend on everything that seems appealing to them.

At least they have many talents and usually attract wealth. They won’t expect for money to just come in, so they will get a job when they’ll need it.

However, it can be difficult for them to stick to one thing or one position. So it’s very likely they’ll change careers many times.

The Chinese Horoscope says people are not only affected by their signs, but also by their elements. The Water makes Horses changeable because water changes shape each time it’s poured into a recipient.

Natives in both this sign and element are versatile and open to new suggestions. However, this means they’re also indecisive and usually take their time to think. Not to mention how difficult it can be for them to make a commitment.

It’s very difficult to have Water Horses getting married, even if they’re these enjoyable people who seem like they would be the perfect life partners. They love to talk and even to gossip.

All the Horses like to be physically challenged, so the Water Horses make no exception. They want to be out in the open, doing some sports or staying under the Sun. Not to mention how happy they are in the water, which is their element after all.

They feel better alone than in a relationship as they’re very independent. On a related note, it can be very distracting for them to stick to a project, especially when others are involved too, so they will probably finish what they have to do now later and on their own.

Good inspiration

Water Horses are very happy and friendly people who like to dress nicely and to talk with anyone. That’s why people will always like them.

As Water changes its shape when poured, they are adaptable and can mingle at any party. That’s why they feel comfortable in any situation and with all kind of people.

They are the positive Horses who have a great talent for business and who worry about their comfort and social status. They will succeed in life because they go with the flow and act according to the circumstances.

These are the Horses who can’t find their rest and need to travel all the time. Not to mention how much they love sports and being outside, in Nature.

They have the habit of changing their mind very frequently, so don’t expect them to give any explanation when they’ll no longer want to go to the old job.

At least they’re inspired, so their nervous impulses usually have them ending up in beneficial situations. When they want to, they have a great sense of humor and make the funniest jokes.

Always dressed nicely, they are also good conversationalist who know a little bit of everything. When feeling down, they become pretentious and unstable, forgetting all about the ones they love.

It’s essential they develop good plans and dedicate themselves to them. Their intuition will always help them understand the subtlest nuances.

They will rely on it to adapt to new people and difficult situations. Not to mention how much it can help them with business or with a career where they need to interact with as many people as possible.

Water Horses are always agitated and distracted. They are changing their mind and tire their friends and family with this attitude. When it comes to what others have to say, they really don’t listen and rely only on what their instincts are telling them to do.

They should benefit as much as they can from their flexibility and intuition, but not forget to pay attention to what others need from them. Only this way, they will be able to make better decisions for everyone.

The Water Horse man

This man is attractive and a very good talker. Curious and energetic, he’s always doing something purposeful or wants to learn.

Having many friends, he communicates easily with each and every one of them. He’s intelligent and joyful, making it possible to easily interact with his colleagues and even his bosses.

Because he likes to travel, he will most likely have a job that would require him to actually do it. The Water Horse man can have a quick temper and get angry very fast. When he’s failing, there’s no one who could make him feel better or talk to him in detail about what he’s feeling.

For the happiness of his lady, he will move mountains and fight for the Moon in the sky. And she’ll be happy to see him acting this way after years of marriage, not only when he’s courting.

He will not hurry to get married and wait for that special person to appear in his life. Believing in true love, he has high ideals when it comes to romance. As a family head, he will lead and not listen to what his wife may have to say.

He can be jealous if he feels like someone is trying something with the person in his life. Loving children, he will always have a lot of fun with the little ones. While strict, he’s still a perfect family man who gets a lot of love from his relatives.

The Water Horse woman

This lady is friendly and always curious about what’s happening around her. She likes to know all the secrets of those who happen to be in her life.

She simply worries about anyone, not that she wants to gossip. At work, she will pay a lot of attention to her colleagues and will help them with what she can.

She gets enthusiastic about new businesses and invests a lot of energy into making the good money. Her emotions are intense and she’s always positive, wanting to have others’ attention, even if she sometimes disappears.

This lady enjoys traveling and sharing her ideas. She can’t be lonely because she needs communication more than anything else. When in a happy relationship, she wants to feel the emotions of her partner and doesn’t like seeing him upset or sad.

A boring guy will definitely not get her attention because she enjoys life too much to be around such a person. Not to mention she has to be with someone who makes good money.

The Water Horse woman is intelligent enough to marry well and to not get involved with someone who’s either emotionally abusive or needy. Her husband will be more than happy to have her in his life because she sticks to her house duties.

She will enjoy what she does for a living because she can make any work pleasurable. As a mother, she will always be around her children. They will never be left with their grandparents and taken on every holiday.

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