Gemini Mutable Modality: The Volatile Personality

The mutable modality means these people are rather difficult to read, often have many things that arouse their interest and don’t give up on people easily.

Gemini mutable modality

Change comes easily to a Gemini individual. This mutable zodiac sign has no problem adapting, especially if there’s a need for it. With this aptitude comes an unfathomable intellect and ability to easily comprehend any outside stimulation.

Their ability to readjust is paramount and sits at the very core of their being.
This is second nature to any sign belonging to the malleable bunch.

Gemini modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Talented, witty and enthusiastic;
  • Weaknesses: Distracted and superficial;
  • Advice: They should build more on their relationships with those close;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 21st of May and the 20th of June.

Geminis can easily handle matters of communication, especially in romantic relations and also quickly and easily understand any situation that may arise.

Their wittiness is their strongest suit

As a mutable sign, Geminis can also tackle a multitude of tasks at the same time without their performance degrading because of it.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to stay concentrated so they get side tracked quite often, impeding the progress towards their current goal.

If there are a tad bit too many malleable signs in a diagram, than the individuals influenced by this tend to become rather agitated. Those ruled by the Gemini sign have a way with words that the other zodiac signs can’t even fathom.

Any career or activity involving intricate use of sentences, phrases and stories are more than suited for these people. Their brilliant mind and comprehensive nature enable them to easily learn anything they desire.

That’s why most of Gemini people are the jack of all trades type of people. They know something about everything. The representing element is Air, which couldn’t be more accurate since they can change as easily as the direction of the winds if they so wish it.

This stands at the core of a Gemini’s abilities and skills. The power of change and adaptability gives them all the energy and skills required for them to persevere in their endeavors however they see fit.

The children of the Gemini have a serene and deeply rooted connection to the consciousness of mankind.

Their swelling intellect is one of their strongest suits and they make brilliant use of it, especially in matters of communication.

As opposed to those belonging to the fixed signs, those of the mutable ones actually change their own methods and behavior in order to more efficiently adapt to any situations or occasions that arise.

They can easily let go to any sort of idealistic endeavors and change in order to make proper use of the opportunities that any of their surroundings can provide.

However, this doesn’t mean they do this blindly or at the first sign of opposition or conflict. They too stop and think for a moment, using that highly analytical mind of theirs in order to decide whether change is the right decision or not.

This stands for their projects or plans as well. They don’t necessarily give up on things when the going gets rough. These people can work just as hard for the things they desire.

Due to their agitated nature they might take five rather often. Turning tiny breaks into vacations sometimes.

They simply need some time away in order to recollect their energy and trail of thought and make the best decision for themselves and their future.

The methods of the flexible signs are mainly defined by conclusions, finales and alterations. They don’t consist of creation, but they adopt what has already been made into their own routine and change it up so that it suits them.

The very nature of these signs makes them rather volatile and difficult to get a read on. In order to stay diligent and determined, something always has to arouse their interest, otherwise they might give up on projects a tad bit too easily.

Because of this, it is difficult for such people to stay put. Jumping jobs and projects isn’t all that uncommon for them and they always seem to change up something about their life.

It can be anything, whether it’s their ideals or simply the way they view their romantic life. Being chained by concepts simply won’t do with the Gemini.

They enjoy freedom and versatility above all else. The malleable aspect of the Gemini enables them to be flexible and easily get accustomed to a multitude of situations and periods in life.

Under Mercury’s protection, these people are often misinterpreted. While it is true that they can be quite the mystery to decipher, that’s no excuse for gossip to start popping up about them, especially if none of it is true.

Still, it doesn’t really matter whether they’re loved or despised, Gemini will always be in the spotlight.

True to their mutable modality, the Gemini are nomadic people, although not in the true meaning of the word. Yes, they do enjoy traveling quite often and hate being tethered, but it’s mostly about how they simply can’t be held down by anything.

They are ever moving and always changing. This extends to their hobbies and overall way of living. This isn’t only for their own benefit.

Gemini aren’t as selfish as they might be thought of as. In fact, all of these changes they go through are for a better tomorrow. They twist and turn in order to better themselves for the rest of the world.

Mercury’s children have always had a knack for socializing, wisdom and brilliance. This is true even now. Gemini people never have issues in communicating their feelings, ideas or plans.

And the way they do it is charismatic enough to get even the sourest of people on their side. Their aptitude for adaptability makes them impervious to the negative effects of engaging in relations of any kind with people of many beliefs, ideals and personalities that may or not be toxic for others.

Always cooking up a new plan

Many believe the Gemini are aloof and cold people. This comes from how often and easily they change. After all, how could one be attached to someone or something if they can so easily move on?

Well, that’s just not the case for these people. They know how to be affectionate and show compassion, they simply don’t need any ties in order to be kind, gentle or to love.

People born towards May’s ending have great socializing skills. Sometimes it seems like they actually make too much use of them since they just can’t seem to stop talking. They tend to enjoy the spotlight in a crowd and always try to raise everybody’s spirits.

For those born at the start of June, the joy they find in the simplest of things in life is beyond compare. Anything bright and beautiful in this world is simply there for them to enjoy with their loved ones.

It actually doesn’t take much to make their day. A picnic out in the park with some friends or family on a sunny day is more than enough.

Gemini born during June are the most agitated out of the bunch. Always starting up a new project, cooking up a different plan and never staying put. They just can’t help getting side tracked.

It’s hard for them to simply focus on one single thing and there’s not much they can do about it. But this too is a quality. Gemini people can be some of the most brilliant and innovative people with how many ideas they come up with.

They just need some help in actually completing a task. But that’s alright! Cheerful and ingenious Gemini will have a lot of people around them that can do just that.

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