Gemini Color: Why Yellow Has the Best Influence

Yellow makes everything seem much easier, increase the clarity and overall mental prowess.

Gemini Lucky Color Yellow

Yellow represents the color of a deep mind, filled with creativity and joyful vitality. The Gemini natives are brought back to life, their zest for a good time increased and stronger than ever.

They are exciting, enthusiastic, joyful, and kind-hearted, now more than ever, when the yellowish shade of the Sun is shining down on them.

The Gemini lucky color Yellow in a nutshell:

  • This is a color of warmth, understanding and bright outlook;
  • Yellow helps Gemini natives be more aspirational and flexible;
  • It develops intellectual capacity and increases clarity and focus.

Yellow is bright, illuminating, brilliantly intellectual and puts the emphasis on the expansive mind, a journey toward self-illumination and self-discovery. It couldn’t match better than with the intelligent and ever-curious Gemini natives.

Why the color yellow is so great for Gemini

The color yellow is one of the brightest and most optimistic colors of them all. It brings happiness and hope on the face of even the most despondent individual.

You just can’t stay upset and sad while wearing yellow, that much is a fact. It signifies playfulness, childish behavior, coming back to one’s nature, the energy or ultimate vitality, an ever-resplendent one that’s just waiting to be unleashed.

The golden hues of the Sun will radiate splendidly on the face of the Geminis, filling them up with endless energy and taking away the weariness. Just think about painting the room in yellow or buying some colored accessories to spice things up and revive your happiness.

To a Gemini, the color yellow and its associated hues are an essential part of their life. This native dresses in such a way that they feel good with themselves, that their mind works at maximum capacity, that their joyful and young self comes to the surface.

And this is exactly what yellow does, in all of its forms. It develops their intellectual capacity, gives perfect clarity over outer events and makes them more precise when making decisions. It’s cheerful and stimulating color, one focused on the social life, creativity, finding inspiration and accumulating all the knowledge in the world.

For instance, Geminis can use the color yellow to increase their concentration during tough times when they have to study for a prolonged period of time. Or when they have to put great efforts into understanding something.

The color yellow will make everything seem much easier, increase their clarity and overall mental prowess. The golden hue will make them believe much more in their own abilities, gain self-confidence and become admirable people who are successfully following their dreams.

There will no longer be anything to worry about, whether someone is better than them because the yellow in the world makes them the center of everything.

Even when talking about professional success and achievements, wearing yellow clothes and bathing oneself in the golden rays of the sun will help greatly. It will increase productivity and shatter all the fears and anxieties that were once in control.

Gemini natives are ever-changing, adaptive, flexible, and highly intriguing. Following the natural astrological principles and using yellow to empower their abilities and overall presence, even more, the result can only be anticipated.

There is, however, a problem here, in the sense that yellow isn’t tied to the development of emotional depth. It’s actually nowhere near as powerful as other colors in this sense.

As such, this native might become too agitated and stressed if he can’t take too much yellow. On the one hand, by allowing the regenerative powers of the golden energy to pervade through the body, every feeling of self-defeat and apathy will disappear, turn into optimism, joyfulness, and passion.

Where there were weakness and vulnerability, there is now happiness, playfulness, strength, and wonderful dreams.

One of the most healthy and beneficial providers of yellow power is actually the heavenly star that’s warming us every single day, the astral body that keeps us alive and kicking.

The Sun offers the purest and most raw kind of yellow spirit available. If you’ve always been weak and felt that you’re just out of energy, then it’s probably because your Gemini descent is not strong enough.

So why not strengthen it using the best method there is, basking in the glorious rays of the Sun? It cures a lot of illnesses and sicknesses, incurable diseases, fills your right up with energy and eliminates all negative feelings. It gives a sense of inner peace and harmony, equalizing those inner contradictions.

If any of their friends, children or even the partners seem to become despondent, petty, angry, or out of energy, then it would be a good idea to surround them with the bright color of yellow.

Maybe buy some yellow clothes or paint the walls in the bedroom. Either way, Geminis are very kind-hearted and generous, but they also tend to become indifferent and ignore emotions. When this happens, enter yellow! The morning Sun, especially, has the healthiest and most efficient results on bringing these natives up and running.

Channeling the power behind this color

The kingly Geminis exude an air of royal descent, of generosity coming from one well above the rest of us. Even more, they seem to have a double nature, and Mercury, the planet of communication does little to alleviate this issue, so to speak.

It puts even more social pressure on them. It’s good that yellow and green have a lot of positive influences on them. Even pink and white are the lucky colors that they’ll capitalize on. However, red and blue are to be avoided at all costs.

Yellow, in essence, is the quintessential color here, representing clarity of vision, healthiness and a fit body, an expansive and hopeful outlook on life, playfulness and childishness, but also fakery, pretence, and false courage.

Yellow has many benefits on the mind, mainly, increasing memory, bringing confidence back, making one talk better and more efficiently, and so on.

However, when used in excess, yellow can cause quite a bit of problem, even a catastrophe. It can take away the concentration, making everything seem doubly harder, complicated, and difficult.

Even more, it takes away the self-esteem, determination, and conviction to pursue one’s dreams. It brings sadness and despair, the failure to meet one’s expectations, the fall of optimism and the depravity of hope.

Yellow represents many things in many different cultures, with positive and negative underlying aspects. However, in general, the Gemini natives use yellow to increase their attention span and the capacity of their brains.

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Written by Denise

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