Key Traits of the Water Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Dog stands out for their remarkable intuition and for how great they are at coming up with incredibly well-thought solutions to any problems.

Water Dog

Water Dog people plan for the future in a very calculated manner. They want to build on a good foundation, however, they tend to be pessimistic when facing problems.

Hard workers, these natives should set higher goals for themselves. Very insightful and aware of their surroundings, they are good people who want a better life for themselves. Their choices will help them make only the smart decisions in life.

The Water Dog in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Honest, intuitive and reliable;
  • Challenges: Sarcastic, cold and restless;
  • Secret need: They wish to have more free time for themselves;
  • Advice: Leave pessimism aside when you set up your goals.

Responsible and serious, they are rather quiet and reserved than flamboyant. When in love, Water Dogs give themselves completely to their partner. But it’s possible they become too emotional and even selfish in romance.

The character of the Chinese Water Dog

Water Dogs are straightforward people who enjoy communicating with their friends, colleagues and loved ones. They are usually easygoing and not very disciplined, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Very protective with the ones they love, Dogs are also pessimistic creatures. When they happen to be in a risky situation, they are always thinking of the worst.

It’s a pleasure for them to always feel comfortable and to have a routine after which they are ruling their life because change brings them a lot of anxiety. When it comes to moving to unfamiliar places, they feel agitated and don’t enjoy the new environment at all.

You can count on them to finish what they have started but for them to thrive, a certain predictability and stability is required.

At work, they will be the perfect employees with the strongest ethic. No one will have to watch over what they are doing because they manage very well on their own.

The Chinese zodiac mentions that every fifth Dog year has the Water element, which is responsible with modifying the personality of all the people in this sign.

Therefore, Water Dogs won’t be like other Dogs. They are more rational and intelligent, always seeking to educate themselves and to become better.

Not to mention how their views are more sophisticated and they can see things from more than one perspective. This means they’re not as rigid and scared of surprises as most of the other Dogs.

More adventurous and open to new experiences, they will probably get to enjoy life in a joyful manner. Water Dogs are also more open to other people’s opinions. When interrupted, they won’t get as mad as other Dogs, and this will bring them many friends.

It’s possible they will be less careful with their money and won’t be as loyal as this sign usually is.

Because they are willing to open themselves and to do things without planning so intensely, they may abandon their commitments and not hold on to what they were supposed to.

As they’re very rational and rely only on fact, they will probably not be able to read what others are feeling. But all in all, they’re reliable advisers who will help their loved ones stay out of trouble.

These Dogs are very good friends who would never betray anyone. When it comes to routine and respecting a schedule, they don’t get stuck wanting to have all this. The Water makes them less anxious and stressed, but it doesn’t affect how loyal and devoted they are.

When life will be difficult, they’ll find the most ingenious solutions and apply them. Very giving with their friends and family, they will work hard to make people in their life happy.

As parents, they will have a lot of fun with their children because they remember their own childhood when around the little ones.

A life of pleasure

People under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog usually keep things to themselves and don’t trust as easy as others. But when Water element influences them, they become more flexible and open.

Their friendliness and loyalty are more accentuated by this element, making them even more aware of what others are feeling and better at establishing relationships.

While cool and friendly, they are also attractive and very charismatic, attracting many admirers. They interact with ease and are very honest, holding on tight to what they believe in. This makes them great lawyers and public servants.

The Water helps them be better at expressing themselves and at being supportive. Because they’re more open, it easy for them to accept other people’s opinions.

They can adapt to different characters and environment and are able to approach others without being too anxious. What’s negative about this is that they can start to be too eager to indulge themselves in life’s pleasures.

Because they’re intuitive, it’s difficult to have them distracted from the path they have chosen in life. It doesn’t matter if women or men, they will still be attractive and interesting.

Water makes them reflect on what others have to say and to adopt new positions when it comes to their problems. But in spite of their friendly nature and liberal views, they will still not form strong relationships because they are not firm enough and don’t stand their ground.

Too relaxed, they tend to spare themselves from hard work and prefer to just enjoy life with its adventures. As Water calms their quick temper, they will be much calmer and enjoyable on the outside.

Water Dogs are very good at giving advice because they have a disciplined mind. They will express themselves fluidly and employ every psychological tactic to convince others of their ideas.

As they are pleasant, many will seek their company, so they’ll have a large circle of close friends.

Because it’s so easy to be around them, it’s necessary they learn how to avoid people with bad intentions. They also have to be more disciplined and to not spend too much or indulge in life’s pleasures.

The Water Dog man

This man doesn’t feel it’s necessary for him to follow the rules. He’s free and avoids commitment as much as possible.

Having a strong intuition, he’ll know what to do in a difficult situation. He’s friendly and likes meeting new people.

Many would consider him superficial and indecisive. But he’s only trying not to focus too much on the small things and to avoid risky situations.

Hard working and sticking to his promises, he will be very good at his job. And he will choose to do something that brings him a lot of money.

The Water Dog man likes to give and life will most likely be very generous with him too. When it comes to romance, he’s looking for someone worthy of him.

He will probably have many relationships, but won’t marry until getting together with his true love. He’s romantic and believes in the type of romance that makes you faint. His perfect lady will be beautiful and romantic as well.

She has to be positive and always happy. Other things he’s looking for in a lady are intelligence and a private attitude. Because he wants to talk about everything, a wise woman would be more suited for him. He’s a great husband and father, who will spend a lot of money on making his loved ones happy.

The Water Dog woman

Always happy and ready for fun, the Water Dog woman will be liked by many. She likes to talk and to join loud groups of people.

All her friends and relatives will be treated nicely because she hates conflict. As she loves peace and quiet, she will try to make everyone happy.

When someone in her family will need help, she won’t hesitate to give a hand. It can be said she has a nose for identifying what others are feeling and when problems are going to arise.

Her colleagues will like her because she can do her job quickly and in the most efficient way. Not to mention that she never complains and always takes her duty seriously.

When in a happy relationship, she’ll be happy and cheerful. Men who are mean and vengeful will never find a way to her heart. The ones she’ll take an interest in are energetic and adventurous because she’s herself like this.

This lady will not take part in dubious businesses but won’t stay at home and be a housewife either. Generous and smart men will always want to be in her life and to give her a hand.

Many will appreciate her for being kind, honest and loyal. When married, she’ll be the good wife who takes good care of her children and educates them leading by example.

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