Key Traits of the Fire Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Dog stands out for their friendliness and how quick they are to engage with people of different backgrounds.

Fire Dog

Those born in the year of the Fire Dog are forceful creatures with a great will. Having high ideals, they commit to the causes they believe in and stick to their principles. Their charm and boldness help them to always get what they want in life.

Because they are always looking for a new adventure, they get to be more sexy and irresistible to the opposite sex. People born under Fire in the year of the Dog will always stand their ground and defend themselves. It would be better not to cross them because they can be ruthless when vengeful.

The Fire Dog in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Observing, eccentric and brave;
  • Challenges: Sceptic, detached and condescending;
  • Secret need: To manage to get past a personal weakness;
  • Advice: Don’t lash out at people with different opinions from yours.

Fire Dog natives like to dream, and their goals are usually easy to be attained. They like giving advice but aren’t the first to give a hand when someone has problems. It’s suggested they think of everything before taking action.

The character of the Chinese Fire Dog

The element of Fire makes Dogs more dynamic and able to identify opportunities or even to create them. It’s unique for Dogs to be this way because while courageous and honest, they still aren’t that good at taking initiative.

It’s just that they sometimes simply don’t have the determination to chase their ideals. At least they know a good opportunity when they see it.

When it comes to how they live their life, find out these natives are nothing but honest and highly energetic. But they can be too reserved and not that attached to people.

It’s possible they’ll grow to be dependent on others, this being their main weakness. Because they want fame, some of them will manage to get it around their thirties.

When it comes to work, Fire Dogs are known to finish their projects as long as they have a passion for what they are doing. Their relationships determine their success, so it’s essential they pay more attention to those they don’t like so much.

If they will do something related to art, they have all the chances to become successful and famous.

As far as love goes, these people are very direct and innocent, expressing only what’s in their heart.

With money, Fire Dogs are not only good at managing it, they also can make it, which means their life will be pretty much carefree. Some of them may even end up filthy rich after they have invested a lot of time and efforts in what they have been doing.

On the other hand, Fire element makes them more impulsive. These natives don’t mind taking risks whether in love or their career. But they will work hard to get what they want, so their harsh nature won’t stay in their way.

Another thing that Fire brings them is their spirit of adventure. While the rest of the Dogs don’t like being far away from home and dealing with the unknown, the Fire ones love to travel and to experiment.

Not to mention it’s more difficult for them to settle and have a quiet life. One great thing about this element’s influence over them is that it reduces their famous pessimism.

Because Dogs have high ideals, they expect everyone to live by their norms and beliefs. But as soon as they realize the world is different, they get discouraged and become as cynical as they can be.

It can’t be said they’re too hard on themselves, but they surely commit to great causes and fight for their morals with everything they have.

Those of the opposite sex will be very attracted to them because they have a magnetism and a sexy aura that can’t be seen in others. Passionate and protective lovers, they can resist in any relationship for a long time, if they decide to settle.

Friendly and dreamy

Fire Dogs are active and expressive creatures who will attract many people by their side because they are popular.

These natives are more open to taking risks than others Dogs, so their life will probably be filled with adventure and many interesting challenges.

But when things will get difficult, they will not feel prepared and will look to avoid opposition as much as possible. Not that they don’t have the passion and determination that other Dogs have, they just seem to run away in the face of adversity.

No one should try to change their beliefs and principles, or they’ll start to become defensive. And they don’t just make threats, they really take action when they need to get vengeful.

While friendly and charming like other Dogs, they are also very independent and strong in spirits. These people like to dream and they usually attain their goals, which wins them the respect of others.

It’s indicated Fire Dogs are more aware of the fact that they’re fiery, so they need to calm their quick temper from time to time, especially when with people who are not thinking like them or don’t agree with their beliefs.

The Fire Dog man

This man is serious and knows what he wants from life. He will do his best to attain success from a very young age. Everything that makes a powerful personality is in his character as he’s determined, energetic, persevering and bold.

While emotional inside, he seems calm and composed on the outside. He most likely has a higher education, and when faced with dishonesty and injustice, he doesn’t hesitate to take action against it.

At work, he’s responsible and doesn’t mind working hard. Anyone can trust him to deal with any type of business because he has a sharp mind. As he enjoys being in the center of attention, he would do a great job as a public speaker or a governmental agent.

A leadership position would also bring him success because he’s a good organizer who knows how to motivate people. Loving someone, the Fire Dog man will be caring, imaginative and ready to do anything in his power for that person to be happy.

Because he can conquer with only one look and a few words, women will want to be next to the Fire Dog man wherever he may be going. It can be said he has a temper because he’s very passionate and gives himself completely to his feelings.

It’s very difficult for him to be second place, so the ones that love him need to make sure he feels like he’s the best. As a family man, he will want to be the only one who deals with the problems that may appear.

He is jealous and can’t stand seeing his lady smiling to other men. But his children and wife will have everything they need because he’s the best provider there could be.

The Fire Dog woman

This lady has no difficulties talking about herself and making new friends. Anyone could trust her with any secret because she hates gossiping and likes being a confidant.

People will come to her because she’s a natural best friend. She’s not only attractive, but also intelligent and dignifying. That’s why she’ll advance fast in her career, without having to deal with too many obstacles.

The Fire Dog woman will work hard and responsibly to get a high position. When surrounded by her colleagues, she’s authoritative, but not in a bad way.

As she’s headstrong, it will be difficult for her to admit when she has been mistaken or to agree with what others suggest would be better for her. It can be a little bit difficult for this lady to always be in tune with her emotions.

Because she’s smart and beautiful, men will fall in love with her all the time. She likes to dress up nicely and to be in the spotlight because the admiration of others makes her thrive.

She will get along with everyone because she’s friendly and nice. When with her, time seems to run faster as she can make good jokes and come up with great ideas of what to do.

She’s proud and can’t tolerate lying. When a person betrays her, she becomes ruthless and doesn’t want to have anything to do with that individual ever again.

She can do very well when both single and in a relationship. After marriage, this lady continues to be a great lover who also knows how to deal with the household issues. What makes her tick is joy and an optimistic look on life.

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