Key Traits of the Metal Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Dog possesses an unrivalled moral spirit.

Metal Dog

Metal Dogs are attractive people who hold on tight to tradition. They respect themselves and don’t like others to help them.

However, when they’re the ones who need to give a hand, they can do it to the point of forgetting about themselves. It’s possible they’ll take others’ positions at work and become successful without thinking of what they have done.

The Metal Dog in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Persistent, carefree and observing;
  • Challenges: Cynical, moody and stubborn;
  • Secret need: Banishing all unfairness from personal life;
  • Advice: Make sure you keep your promises.

When it comes to honesty, they will always speak their mind without caring who they may be hurting. They are serious, and when things don’t go the way they want them to, they get angry and become irritating. It’s suggested they get involved in as many activities as possible.

The character of the Chinese Metal Dog

Metal Dogs want to make the world a better place and to leave a mark behind. That’s why they are very serious about their responsibilities. They can be great friends who make others’ lives easier.

Their interest in everything can be noticed as soon as you get to meet them. They are scrupulous and strive for perfection. That’s why they may get disappointed when people don’t live up to their expectations.

Their honesty and exactness will be present in everything they are doing. When someone will try to mess with their life principles, they will not accept it. Their sense of justice immediately activates as soon as they’re seeing unfairness.

These natives will fight to make things right again, no matter if it’s about them or others. Not to mention they’re ruthless when they’re fighting for a good cause.

While bold and eager to make decisions, they can sometimes be moody and forget all about the serious issues in their life.

If negativity will dominate a situation, they’ll simply withdraw and become agitated. It can be very difficult for them to deal with it.

People with the sign of the Metal Dog can’t be influenced to change their views and values. They are appalled and very critical when seeing that someone is breaking the law.

But you can trust them to have high principles and to be noble souls who are always ready to give. If they will find a good cause or an interesting activity, they will dedicate themselves completely to it.

However, if someone stands against them, they become cruel and destructive. While Dogs are already loyal on their own, the Metal does nothing else but accentuate this trait of theirs.

Another negative side about their rigidity is that they hold on so tight to their ideals, it’s possible they become pessimistic when not seeing their dreams coming true. It can be very painful for them to see some of the values they deeply care about being demounted.

When contradicted, they become cynical and harsh with their words. This means they can hurt many people with their acidic commentaries. Each time they are failing, these natives start to look around for who may hold the responsibility and is to be blamed.

Things happen this way because they have a need to place to blame and to bring justice to an unfair situation. They demand a lot, whether is from others or from themselves.

Because they keep their word and are always honest, they expect others to be the same. It can be very annoying for them to see some people can’t stick with what they’ve said they’ll do.

Because they’ve experienced this with many of their friends and acquaintances, they are very cautious when choosing what people they will hang out with. It takes them a while to trust a person or to get close to new people.

But as soon as they have managed to believe in someone, you can trust them to be the best companions.

The influence of the Metal element

The Chinese Metal element gives those born in the year of the Dog a thirst for power and a lot of strength. The fact that they’re agitated makes them moody from time to time.

The Dogs in this element have a noble soul and high principles. They believe in people and are organized enough to fight for their ideals. It’s normal for them to stick their own values and ideas, no matter the situation.

You can trust these natives to be your most reliable friends and to stand by you for a lifetime. Because they’re generous, they will give themselves completely to make the ones they love happy. But this has a negative side as they can become too protective and even possessive.

It may also mean they are passive and enjoy making things work from the shadows, leaving others to steal the spotlight.

But expect them to voice their opinions and to stand next to what they believe in. The thing is, they are most of the time right with their judgments. Having strong ethics and morals, they will fight for justice and will want others to be as fair as they are.

The Metal makes them firmer, which means they can stick to their own plans and ultimately succeed in their endeavors. It’s good for them to focus their energy on something constructive, or else they are prone to becoming anxious and agitated, feeling like they don’t have a purpose anymore.

They are the type of people who speak for the ones in trouble. And they’ll surely be frank when discussing something serious. Being so loyal comes with its downsides because they can fall into the opposite extreme as soon as someone betrays them.

Metal Dogs are known for being ruthless with those who stand in their way. The Dog is a lunar sign that belongs to the Metal anyway, so when the element repeats itself, its natives have all the usual characteristics, only doubled.

It is what Tibetans refer to as the Iron Dog, which can be both a negative or a positive thing, depending how people deal with it.

The serious and moral Metal Dogs will be very disciplined and grave, especially when the situation involves their heart or the way they see life.

You can trust them to be loyal or their political views to be strongly expressed. While hating unfairness and cheating, it’s possible for them to become extreme when wanting to get people by their side.

Metal Dogs are very loyal and reliable. This element makes them even more passionate about everything they are doing.

While they take their time to commit to a relationship, they can devote themselves completely as soon as they have found the right person.

The Metal Dog man

Generous and kind, the Metal Dog man will impress everyone with these traits. He’s a reliable friend who’d go above and beyond to make his loved ones happy.

As a matter of fact, he thinks more of others than of himself. A lot of his time and efforts will be invested into his work. Determined and ambitious, it’s impossible to have him change the path he has chosen in life.

He will always stand by his values and opinions. If someone doesn’t agree with him, he’s going to be annoyed and will try his best to make himself understood. Having a great energy and knowing what persistence means, this Metal Dog will always have things done his way.

He’s the type of person who keeps his enemy close, not leaving the impression that he may have something against those who would want him down.

When it comes to women, the Metal Dog man starts to be the best version of himself as soon as he finds a lady that he likes. He’s a true gentleman, even if he often seems insisting and pretentious.

Serious about love, he knows what he wants from the woman of his dreams. If his wife or girlfriend would be very opinionated, he wouldn’t mind giving her all of his attention. He’s headstrong, so it would be better to not even try to contradict him.

The fact that he wants a wife and children for whom to provide makes him a great family man. You’ll never see him daydreaming or having unrealistic goals. Everything he wants is achievable.

The Metal Dog woman

This lady can’t be convinced to change her mind. She doesn’t believe in authority and trusts only herself. Strong and willful, she won’t give up until she’ll have all her problems solved.

This lady has many talents, but she would definitely do an amazing job as an artist. Something having to do with science or business wouldn’t be bad for her either. She needs to have meaningful conversations.

Always in control of her emotions, the Metal Dog woman could lead any group of people to do their job more efficiently. She easily gains control over any situation and knows how to compete.

No one will ever feel sorry for her because she’s always strong and in charge. When it comes to the men she likes, she’s after those who prefer to take action rather than talk.

Complimenting and giving her gifts would be a good idea. But if a man would be too emotional and not at all logical, she wouldn’t even look at him.

She wants a family, so the Prince Charming of her dreams will be serious about this too. As a wife, she’ll host parties at home and concentrate a lot on the children. Faithful and a good mother, she can make any man happy to be in her life.

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