9 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Sagittarius

Be aware of these Sagittarius dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this enthusiastic lover.

1. They are someone you can count on

If a Sagittarius has caught your attention and you don’t know how to proceed forward and let him know that, then you are in the right place.

First of all, while there may be times when things go awry, you should know that it’s all worth it.

A Sagittarius native is such a loving and affectionate person, as well as someone completely trustworthy, that he will quickly become your refuge in times of crisis.

If anything bad happens or you don’t know what to do in a certain situation, your guardian archer will be there to solve everything.

2. They are very indecisive

These natives are seemingly unable to come to a decision on even the most insignificant things.

Always at odds about what to do and how to do it, it can really become annoying if you always have to wait for them to decide.

While they are good at heart and want nothing else but the best for their close ones, pondering for 30 minutes on what socks to wear at a friend’s wedding may come off as abnormal.

So, it would be best if the partner takes the lead as a decision-maker, or at least give the Sagittarian a much needed push.

Ironically, they aren’t as patient and analytical when talking to people. Saying whatever comes to mind and wasting no time on debating the possible outcomes, Sagittarians are truly a weird bunch.

3. Their optimism cannot be sunk

If you are unsure whether your Sagittarian friend is around or you can’t seem to find him, just look for the enthusiastic individual with a bright smile on his lips. Yeah, that’s him, alright.

Always seeing the best in everyone else and having an idealistic outlook on life, these natives are either unwilling to look past the flowery fields and sunny meadows or even better, they are unable to do that.

The latter seems to be truer, since it does seem like a natural charm of theirs, that optimistic view on people and life as a whole.

If you’re ever in a tough spot or just went through a dramatic event, just drop by your Sagittarian friend’s place and they will cheer you up in no time.

“Things are surely not that grim and it will all come to an end, so stop being sad!”, is what they will keep telling you on and on until you realize the truth.

Furthermore, that attitude can and should go both ways. If they are really into something, or desperately want to achieve a goal, do try to support and offer them your assistance. It will be much appreciated.

4. They tend to overthink

Born with a tendency to really exaggerate when it comes to interpreting something that’s been said or certain situations, Sagittarians can get into trouble because of this.

Trouble for themselves, mainly, of self-harm and self-blaming. If something comes as unclear or not explicit enough, they will create hundreds and thousands of hypotheses and possible explanations for what it could mean.

And most of them are just plain wrong or fantastically absurd. Almost all of them are also detrimental and against their own wellbeing, insulting and maybe even pointing towards an inferiority complex.

5. They don’t show love like everyone else

Although highly empathetic and compassionate individuals, there are rare those who would go even further to theatrical and poetical romanticism.

Preferring the plain and the traditional way of expressing love, you won’t ever see a Sagittarian go out of their way to impress or profess love for someone.

A bouquet of flowers and some chocolates from time to time will always do the job, but that’s basically the upper limit. It goes no further than that.

So, if you’re expecting a grand confession in an expensive restaurant, roses raining all around you, it’s not a Sagittarian you’re looking for.

One thing of great importance to these natives is independence, private space. Not being able to take some time alone and just gaze at the ceiling when the urge comes because someone is there to berate you is totally unacceptable.

Having to forcefully distance yourself is obviously undesirable. And that’s exactly what they are all about. If you can’t bear it to leave them alone from time to time and want to restrict their free will, bad things are going to happen.

6. They can be dramatic as well

Sagittarians have a very good memory and will make use of it to either criticize or blame you for stuff you don’t even remember doing or saying, or surprise you with a well-timed present or compliment.

And every time that happens, it will be in a romantic and soothing atmosphere, with nothing else to distract or get in your way. Being highly affectionate and dedicated, it’s only natural for Sagittarians to put so much effort and time into trying to satisfy and make their partner happy.

But, as we’ve said before, this native can make use of this uncanny ability to other extents as well.

Remember when you said that they don’t work as much as they should? No? Well, they do, and it’s been bothering them ever since.

Things that shouldn’t have been taken that seriously, or stuff said in the middle of an argument, when emotions start swelling up, none of these are perceived as random by them and payback time is close by.

7. They are loyal to the core

If a Sagittarian decides to spend his time with someone, rather than doing something else, that goes to show how much that person means to them, on all levels.

After all, why would you waste your time on something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest?

Some people might, out of need, hypocrisy, superficiality or falseness. Well, Sagittarians are men and women for whom honesty and frankness are capital virtues that ought to be used, and used they are.

In a relationship, they are devoted and loyal to a fault, excessively loving and compassionate with their mate. Cheating is taboo as long as everything goes the way it should.

8. They can be highly inflexible and narrow minded

To a Sagittarian native, everything makes sense and is valid as long as it comes from them.

Not that they are arrogant and egotistical, but they rather have a narrow outlook on things, and a rigidness in thinking, which makes them hesitant and suspicious in accepting other points of view.

So, in an argument or conflict, know that this individual won’t give up so easily and admit that you are right and he is wrong, especially if the discussion becomes heated.

Knowing when to step back and wait for the storm to come to an end is the best thing one could do in a situation like this.

9. They are very flirtatious

Often perceived as seductive Casanovas who try to hook up with anything that wears a skirt and walks on two feet, Sagittarians are really very kind and benevolent in general, hence the confusion.

Generous and nice overall, these guys are loved by everyone who comes into contact with them. Being very sociable and friendly, they have come to know certain things about people that most of us are unaware of.

Coupled with those instincts and a sparkling attitude, every moment of their partner’s life will be full of exciting surprises and splendid moments of joy and happiness.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.