Pisces Sun Cancer Moon: A Disciplined Personality

Hard to demand more from the Pisces Sun Cancer Moon personality in terms of empathy and intuition, these people sense how you feel from a million miles.

Pisces Sun Leo Moon

Those born with their Sun in Pisces and their Moon in Cancer are difficult to understand because their feelings are always deep. They pay attention to those around them and are very empathetic.

Many would say they have a sixth sense and can grant other people’s wishes even before these know what they want. It doesn’t matter what people with the Pisces Sun Cancer Moon combination decide to do, they will always be intense and serious.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Intuitive, caring and resilient;
  • Negatives: Easily offended, victimizing and stubborn;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is not very criticizing with them.
  • Advice: Don’t let the talk of others define you.

In business or at their job, these natives will be disciplined, determined and very energetic. Confident, they usually have control over any situation.

Personality traits

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are very aware of their feelings but can be insecure. Their self-protecting abilities are incredible. It doesn’t matter if they are women or men, they are soft and would never express their feelings until they are sure they can trust a person completely.

What these guys are fighting for is their family and a comfortable home. They need to be accepted and have a sense that what they are doing is important. It’s important their loved ones understand them for who they really are.

Rejecting them is not an option for they can suffer very much if something like this is to happen. Deeply religious, they often put others before themselves and prefer to make them happy rather than deal with their personal wishes and needs.

But for this to happen, they need protection and to have a comfortable life. Because they are emotional, easily charmed and they want to share, they will protect their own emotions, so they don’t get hurt.

When it comes to the Pisces, they are the adepts of role-playing. Kindhearted, touchy and empathetic, these Fish are among the most sensitive ones in the zodiac.

Everything that’s unfair or inhuman makes them want to protest against it as they don’t mind helping and are always ready to give themselves to a cause.

There is no need to worry that they may be helpless. Inside, these people are stronger than they allow others to see. Especially the man. He wants to keep his feelings to himself and to seem the most macho.

On the other hand, the woman with this Sun Moon combination wants a knight in shining armor to come and save her from the cruel world. This lady is very feminine and vulnerable.

But it doesn’t matter what they will do, both genders will hide their true personality and reveal a different one to people they don’t really trust. Whenever life will become too difficult, they will start playing a role and tell everyone they are fine. But this can lead them to self-deception. Their power to fantasize is very strong. Only their unique personality will help them deal with daily stress and overcome anxieties.

It’s possible they will be successful artists because they are imaginative. But they need to hold on to reality for this to happen. A job helping or teaching others would be suited for them as well.

The speed at which these guys are learning it’s incredible because they have a good memory. When it comes to inspiration, they are usually getting it from others because they are too passive to get it on their own.

If they are to succeed, they need to associate themselves with determined people. Being true to themselves is what matters the most in these native’s life. After all, they can’t be happy not accepting who they really are.

It’s not necessary to be over-protective with their own feelings because they are lucky and constant enough to make it in life. Not to mention that revealing their true self would bring them much more satisfaction.

Their energy and force get their roots from their ability to be disciplined. When hiding away from the crowds, Pisces Sun Cancer Moon natives are usually thinking about what’s to come.

Because they really can understand people, they will win anyone over with just a hello. Being patient and compassionate, they will never judge and most of the time understand what people are going through.

Moon in Cancer people are very maternal and care for people better than anyone else. They will remember each birthday and anniversary. Intuitive, they can guess what their loved ones need and will deliver, not to mention they are able to absorb the energies surrounding them.

Searching for a stable love

It doesn’t matter if it’s about romance or friendship, Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are compatible with those who have the Sun in Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Taurus and the Moon in Virgo, Taurus, Pisces or Virgo.

Because of their Moon, they will be helpful and caring. Their need for security can’t be seen in other people. When they don’t trust a person, they are very reserved and prefer to keep their real feelings to themselves.

Sun Pisces want a soulful connection with their partner. They have a connection with the transcendental and this makes them even more romantic. Not to mention how amazing they become when they have someone to share their hopes and dreams with.

But when it comes to the mundane, they are not at all effective. It’s their dreamy side and their ability to go beyond reality that make them so unaware of the real world.

They can become oppressed by everyday tasks. What they would need more is to explore their imagination. Moon Cancers are very attached to the ones they love. They have a need to nurture and protect more than other Moons.

While not trusting new people, they won’t open up and will carefully select the people who are to be in their life. Because they are so generous and easily hurt, they have to protect themselves from the ones who have bad intentions.

They need a lover who understands that they are sensitive and who isn’t too harsh with words or neglects others. Passionate inside, these Cancer Moon people are too shy and that’s why they could use someone who can cross their protective barrier.

Not to mention they can have mood swings and keep emotions bottled in for long periods of time. The ideal partner for Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people should be emotional but not too needy because these natives sometimes need space to sort their things out.

The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon man

The position of the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer is a very fortunate one. While not capable of determining where he stands, the man with this astrological combination usually does what he pleases. There’s no doubt about this.

He’s moody according to the Moon’s phases and his emotions will often change, plus he’ll likely have many sexual partners. But he won’t admit this because he thinks this would make him unpopular, especially with the ladies.

The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon man can’t be convinced things are not the way he sees them because he can’t handle the truth. But all in all, he’s soft and a sensible creature. All that he wants is to be accepted even if he isn’t at his best.

People think of him as reliable and charming. His stress-related health problems may be with alcohol, drugs, the head and the stomach.

God forbid he falls in love for when something like this happens, this guy would do anything to make his partner happy. He will be the perfect lover for as long as he’s happy in his relationship.

But if deceived, he can become very nasty and even make his lover feel humiliated. And he will not care that he has hurt her. It’s possible that this man will have many lovers until finding the perfect one.

He will probably dream of the ideal partner years before she will appear in his life. And it’s possible she will be older than him. As a husband he is restless, but as a father, there’s no one more caring.

The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon woman

The woman with her Sun in Pisces and her Moon in Cancer can feel things others are not able to, she’s good at dealing with people and she can never get caught making a mistake.

Driven by creativity, emotions and her senses, this lady thinks for herself but she doesn’t let this thing show. People will see her as nice and sometimes slow.

Intelligent, she will allow her intuition and dreams to control her actions. It’s possible she will have strange dreams, since childhood. And she will always be anxious about this.

People who are more pragmatic will not believe in her hunches and premonitions. And this will definitely not make her more secure because she spends too much time wondering what’s about to happen.

Her imagination is so rich, it can sometimes end up ruling her life. As a mother, she will raise shy children but she will definitely be fun.

And her kids will make her happy because she can’t actually deal with the adult life as easily as others. No one will be allowed to tell her how to raise them.

An artist at heart, she can unhinge, which can cause difficulties for the man she loves. It’s possible the Pisces Sun Cancer Moon woman will become infatuated because she’s easily impressed and feels like she owns people. And this will only cause trouble to her relationships.

It wouldn’t matter how many times she would be told that she has been wrong about something, this girl won’t simply accept it. And people can be very confused by the fact that she no longer remembers what she has done. But it’s required that everyone takes her as she is: caring, creative and not very clear-minded.

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