The Moon in Cancer Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She shouldn’t try to fulfill the desires of other people, and instead concentrate on fulfilling her own wishes and innermost dreams.

Moon in Cancer woman

The Moon in Cancer woman needs to be pampered, to be whispered sweet words in the moonlight, and to be taken care of. Her partner will have to keep all this in mind, that she will only feel truly fulfilled and happy with her, as long as she’s comfortable and fully satisfied.

She’s very intuitive about the feelings and emotions of other people, sometimes too sensitive, as she can often exaggerate when in fact no big harm’s been done.

The Moon in Cancer woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Competitive and ambitious;
  • Negatives: Greedy and aggressive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who treats her with outmost respect;
  • Life lesson: Finding ways in which to build a sense of security.

A generous woman

This woman has all the traits and characteristics of a very emotional native, and for this reason, she is also one of the most calm and attentive ones, as far as emotional matters go.

Her involvement in social interactions are enclosed by certain self-imposed limits, and the Moon in Cancer also contributes to this urge to build a security cocoon around oneself.

However, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how hard they try to avoid disappointments. She does get hurt from time to time, and it’s caused by a romantic screw-up most of the times.

These natives are very surprised and find it confusing how they can get so affected by emotional matters.

The others are simply assaulting them on a psychic level, they aren’t even physically hurting them, but it sure as hell feels as though a hammer struck them down.

One’s inner self is inherently made up of intellectual thoughts and impulsive emotions. You can’t have a humane individual without those emotions, and you can’t separate them.

They even begin to suspect that they are the willful target of the attacks, even though that’s not true at all.

Learning to accept one’s own emotions will greatly help her in dealing with these emotional challenges that happen quite often.

She shouldn’t try to fulfill the desires of other people, and instead concentrate on fulfilling her own wishes and innermost dreams.

A woman born with the Moon in Cancer is mostly attached to her family, and these ties are durable enough to last for a lifetime.

Her priorities will always to take care of her family, to ensure that they live in a comfortable and secure environment.

She’s generous, actually, going so far as to compromise her own happiness just to help some of her friends, but she often gets betrayed and hurt by those she trusted the most.

She’s always ready, willing, and able to help someone in need, and she forgets that not everyone is as they seem at a first glance.

Although she has a lot of love to offer and her emotions are deep and intense, the idea of a relationship only blooms after a period of time where she gets to truly know her partner.

She takes it all very seriously, and dreams of finding the perfect lover with whom to build a brilliant future together.

Focused on her partner

Knowing herself and her intense interest in keeping her household in prime condition, as well as her undying love for her family, the Moon in Cancer woman will naturally look for a man who has the same interests.

He should be keen on having children, on learning how to raise them up, and he should develop himself so he can better achieve the goals of a united and happy family.

However, she does tend to become too possessive and tender with her children, to the point of not letting them leave home to build themselves their own future.

This is when she’ll turn her full focus and bantering on her partner, who’ll grow quite annoyed with her whining.

When she knows you’re the ideal man for her, she will reveal herself fully and allow all her emotions to rush forward. There never was and never will be a more empathetic, loving, and affectionate woman than the Cancer once, and be it family or friends, she knows exactly how to best approach each of them.

In a relationship, if you know how to treat her, fulfill her deepest desires, show respect, and be understanding, you will have the best lover ever.

She would do almost anything for those she loves, and this is what ultimately saves her, because her innate moodiness and change in emotional stability are quite bothersome.

She seeks for security and stability above all else, and this is even more true when it comes to family life.

For her family, she is willing to sacrifice everything, and those who want to impress her will have to show the same commitment.

Mutual respect, common sense, appreciation towards the families of each partner is essential in her eyes, and if her partner isn’t like that, there’s a big no-no in her books.

However, they are always attentive of their emotions, and who they reveal themselves to, even with their family.

Instead of being straightforward and impulsive with their emotions and thoughts, they prefer to take it slowly and patiently, because they realize they could hurt someone like that.

Watch out

The Moon in Cancer woman is one of the most sensitive individuals of the zodiac, and this means that everything can hurt her, even some words spoken in a hurry, without any meaning behind them.

Moreover, you just can’t know what this woman is thinking, and how she will react, because she can be very unpredictable at times.

Obviously, she tends to remember very well who disappointed them, and she will get her revenge sometimes in the future.

Also, they believe that no one can truly read their emotions accordingly, and that few people can really understand them.

When this feeling appears, these women become grumpy, cold, moody, because everyone seems to neglect how they’re feeling, or they just can’t see it.

In this sense, they will often leave breadcrumbs for others to notice, about their regrets and general unhappiness.

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