Moon in Cancer Personality Traits

Your natal Moon sign reveals that your emotional personality borrows from the Cancer’s nurturing approach.

Moon in Cancer

If the Moon was passing through Cancer at the time of your birth, you should be warned about your emotional nature, this, if you haven’t already discovered its influence on your life. The depth your feelings can reach is yet to be completely explored, especially when it comes to romantic endeavors.

But beyond your emotional personality, dictated by both the Moon and the Cancer zodiac sign, you possess a competitive spirit and a generous, family-oriented perspective on many life aspects.

Moon in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Style: Perceptive and ingenious;
  • Top qualities: Caring, demonstrative and dilligent;
  • Challenges: Competitions and insecurity;
  • Advice: Most times, nostalgia doesn’t serve you good.
  • Celebrities: Isaac Newton, Harrison Ford, Olivia Newton-John, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Close family and friendships

Those with Cancer as a Moon sign are greatly attached to their family, as it gives them a sense of security, an innate feeling of love and attachment that stretches all the way into maturity and old age.

So don’t even think about marrying one of them if you’re not quite so anxious about visiting their family weekly. It’s going to happen nevertheless, and you don’t even need to join.

Moreover, these guys have a lot of friends, pretty close ones as well, that they made from pretty early on. True friendships are fostered with time, and this is exactly the case with the Moon Cancers.

Emotionally deep and complex, they will naturally have a very good relationship with children, and this translates into jobs which reflect this passion. Teachers, pediatricians, psychologists, there are a lot of opportunities for these natives to put their skills to the test. And, surprisingly, they aren’t that weak and sensible, just like it might appear at a first sight.

They won’t crumble just like that from stress and emotional pressure. Always struggling and fighting to be better, these natives will most likely succeed in life through their own forces.

The Cancer Moon is all about long-lasting connections

Because the one born with the Moon in Cancer is a being who loves and feels at the highest of levels, always trying to empathize with those around, it’s only natural that they wouldn’t want to form superficial and temporary friendships.

Everything is planned for the future, as a long-standing connection, especially when it comes to love matters. Their partners will have to be aware of this little fact, that once they decide to board the ship, they are in for a one-way journey until death does them apart.

Their empathy and general sense for the wellbeing of others play an essential role in their relationships, as they genuinely crave to do good by others, to make them feel happy and fulfilled.

Therefore, under the Moon, this native might want to turn this emotional proclivity into a passion, a professional one. They could start volunteering, or even set up an orphanage, a center to help the poor, or anything of the sort.

They are truly kind souls, generous and affectionate towards the ill happenings of their fellow people. However, when their expectations and good will are taken for granted, the Moon Cancers won’t take it lying, and instead retaliate pretty aggressively.

When hurt, unlike their fellow Scorpio, they don’t get physical though, but only act on a psychological level, manipulation and deceit being the main weapons here.

Empathy and its drawbacks

Being empathetic is generally perceived as a good thing, because you care about those around you, and you feel the need to help them, which you do, if it’s possible at all.

Now, while that is true, what is also true is that this is a double-edged sword, if taken to an exaggerated level.

Emotionally, the Moon Cancers are a true behemoth, harboring unfathomable depths, but this means that most of the time, they could start caring more about the wellbeing of others, than of their own.

Consequently, they could start a relationship with someone, say a Pisces, who actively wants to be cuddled, taken care of, stifled with kindness, love, affection. What happens as a result? Empathy kicks in, and they forget about their own needs.

If they don’t want to end up disappointed, disillusioned, and generally unhappy with their life, they should look for people who also recognize the similar needs in them and are prepared to satisfy them accordingly. Love is mutual, after all, not one-way.

Positive highlights

These natives always impress others with their kind, generous, and empathetic personality. They are literally one of the most benevolent individuals of the zodiac, always trying to help those in need, taking good care of their close ones, with much love and affection.

Because their emotions are deeply intertwined with their very psyche, and they have reached a great understanding in this respect, they are keenly aware of what others feel, and they can act in consequence. You have the Moon to thank for this.

These people can’t be deceived or tricked into believing someone is true to their word, when in fact, they are manipulative in scope. In the opposite sense, they become very loving towards those they feel are honest and straightforward.

While they make kind deeds all the time, with no reward in mind, it would be extremely satisfying for them to notice that those they helped are appreciative, and don’t just leave after they’ve been helped.

Anyone feels the need to have their merits recognized, and those who say otherwise deceive themselves. Obviously, Moon Cancers make great homemakers who would rather stay in their domestic space, and take care of everything that needs to be done, than leave on a trip to who knows where. Stability, security, the sense of routine even, come as very soothing and satisfying.

The downsides

Deep and complex emotions aren’t just responsible for a benevolent and humanitarian disposition. This is most certainly right in the case of those born with the Moon in Cancer, because, for them, these can also lead to instability at times, crises, bouts of anger or sadness, from which you might or might not recuperate in due time.

They are very unsure of themselves, whether they’re doing the right thing, and whether they have the ability to proceed with their plans.

On top of that, they tend to take it to heart when somebody hurts them, and won’t soon forget what has happened. Why would they, after all? If it happened one time, chances are it might happen again, so it’s good to be apprehensive.

Thus, in order to avoid such situations, where they might suffer, the Moon Cancers usually wear gauntlets, a helmet, and a protective armor, metaphorically speaking, of course.

Regardless of their Sun sign, they follow the Crab’s model and remain closed for most people until they gain enough trust to let go of the shields and open up.

However, if their expectations are betrayed, everything’s going to crumble pretty quickly, and they’ll want to be left alone for the time being. It’s going to be something more like retreating to a refuge, rather than an emotional outburst.

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