The Moon in Cancer Man: Get to Know Him Better

He should be especially wary of dominative and temperamental women, no matter how drawn to them he might be.

Moon in Cancer man

The best definition of a Moon in Cancer man is empathetic. He is literally one of the most emotional natives, and that’s because he wants to understand the true nature of humans, what their motivations are, why they do certain things.

Pursuing this goal, he will help a lot of people, he will feel exactly what they feel, and he won’t ever judge anyone. With his friends and family, he’s a very sensitive and affectionate person, and this has a great influence on him.

The Moon in Cancer man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Devoted and nurturing;
  • Negatives: Nostalgic and moody;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will follow his lead without questioning it;
  • Life lesson: Protecting themselves from negative effects of nostalgia.

Deep love and attachment to family

The only way this native sees life is a spiritual and physical constant communion, between people. He wants to take care of all his close ones, to ensure their wellbeing and happiness, and in turn, he wants the same treatment as well.

The world is his creation, his child, and he will naturally want to nurture it, to offer it the best possible treatment. The past haunts him quite fervently in his nightmares, and this is why he might often have mood swings, bouts of rage, fear, anxiety.

The family represents the absolute epitome of personal fulfillment and harmony that he could ever think of.

No one was ever more important than his mother during his childhood years, and if you want to truly judge his character, ask him about his mother, or how he perceives her. You can deduct from his answer how he will behave in a relationship.

But, seeing his deep love and attachment to family, he’s going to be the best husband and the most affectionate father, most probably.

As his girlfriend and future wife, you will receive most of his attention, so don’t worry about this at all.

One of the most annoying things about him is the constant change in attitude. His emotional balance gets disturbed from time to time because of past scars, and because he doesn’t really know how to avoid those mistakes.

Reticent and lacking some trust in himself, he will often become enclosed, distanced, and cold. His friends don’t know what’s wrong, but the change is obvious from the get-go.

He had quite a few romantic slip-ups in his life so far, and many were the women who have hurt him tremendously.

Sometimes, these memories resurface, and even though he tries not to be too affected, he can’t stop those mementos from flooding his mind.

The man born with the Moon in Cancer is looking for a woman who has the same caring and affectionate attitude as he has.

He wants his lover to be homely, to like routines, to be in love with cuddling in-doors, in front of the chimney, or reading a book together.

Staying home, together, living the best moments of all, emotionally bonding, is the best experience ever, in his point of view.

If she’s an extrovert, she won’t stay for too long because this native will want to stay home most of the time, occupy his time with truly pleasing activities.

In other words, this Cancer man will want someone with whom to spend all his time and someone that he can take care of constantly.

He is very imaginative, innovative, and also extremely sensitive to most external stimuli. Experimentation is not taboo, and he will want to try new things, but with caution and patience because there were many times that he just burned himself.

The full specter of emotions

He’s quite vulnerable and weak from an emotional point of view, and he doesn’t react well to disappointments.

He won’t give up easily, and he will take quite a long time before he reveals his inner emotions. The thing is, he was disappointed one too many times in the past, so he’s very cautious now with relationships.

Dominative women who are direct and straightforward, he is especially wary of them because they can hurt him very quickly.

Aggressiveness and outgoing attitudes have the potential to hurt without even realizing, and he wants to avoid this kind of situation.

You can’t get any luckier than meeting a Moon in Cancer and actually falling in love with him. Once he really realizes the full specter of emotions that the experiences when he’s near you, he’ll start to reveal himself more and more, and become way more affectionate and compassionate.

There will be a sense of close bonding growing between the two of you, a feeling of intimacy that’s unmatched and that will take you flying through the skies with anticipation.

This man likes taking care of all his close ones, and he will treat his partner like royalty, and even though he has other ways of expressing his emotions, he prefers showering you with them.

One of the greatest advantages of this Moon’s influence over the is that he lives each and every moment with double the intensity, but, at the same time, disappointments will also be perceived as being catastrophic.

Just like someone lost at sea, this native will wander his lost thoughts, but never forget. He will try to make his home as welcoming as possible.

He probably likes taking long walks on the beach, to revel in the beauty of nature, play with animals, and show their emotions with a smile on their faces.

Even though he may appear vulnerable and weak at a first glance, his shell is hard as nails, and he will retreat there when the situations ask for it.

Most other times, he will act as the leading character, taking you through untold experiences of unimaginable emotional depth. Intuitive and instinctual in mindset, he fully knows what people want, and knows how to deliver it.

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Written by Denise

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