Taurus Sun Cancer Moon: A Gentle Personality

Witty and adaptable, the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon personality is quick to change tactics to obtain goals or to avoid conflicts.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon natives are more sensitive and reactive than other people and it’s possible they’ll allow themselves to be ruled by emotions. Not to mention they can be very insecure when making a decision.

They are the Taurus individuals who need validation and approval from others. Watching out over their pessimism is something these people really need to do in order to avoid blockages in their life.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Playful, responsible and imaginative;
  • Negatives: Indulgent, malicious and narcissistic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is sensitive and at ease with expressing emotions;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about their emotional displays.

They are careful planners, so being spontaneous is not their strongest trait. It’s difficult for these guys to talk about something if they haven’t already formed an opinion.

Personality traits

In the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon combination, the Venus and the Moon connect and give these people the capability for sustenance and nourishment.

The more consistent they will be, the more they will feel like they are being themselves. They always want to nurture, to be givers and receivers of love and warmth.

The way these people care for others is through emotional expressiveness and responsiveness. Their affection will be expressed with a gentle touch.

They believe in the fact that they are the only ones capable of building and developing strong relationships.

It’s very easy for them to feel what others are feeling because they’re intuitive and sensitive. But don’t think they will be too self-sacrificing in order to make their loved ones happy.

They are too focused on themselves for this to happen. It’s incredible how they can remember everything about their past and previous emotions they have lived.

It’s impossible to make them more detached. They are the type who are always strongly connected to home and their loved ones. Many will say they are too clingy.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon individuals look for security and to be surrounded by a familiar environment all the time. They want peace and harmony more than anything else.

The fact that they need safety makes them unable to accept change. This combination of the Sun and the Moon brings a lot of contradiction and confusion in their life. The placement of the Moon indicates sensitivity and the fact that they are easily hurt. Not to mention resentful.

These people prefer to be diplomatic and hide their true feelings, especially when they’re upset. Many won’t to be able to understand what they are thinking and how they want things to be done.

The fact that they change their tactics in order to avoid conflicts and benefit from different situations can confuse. As businesspeople, they are shrewd planners who can come up with good strategies.

But they will be very much be influenced by feelings and not by reasoning. Being so sensitive, these natives’ emotions will be intense.

As said before, they are not the most open and clear people in the world, especially because both the Taurus and the Cancer tend to hide their true feelings as a way to protect themselves.

The Moon in Cancer makes these Taurus natives more intense, easily offended and moody. What the Sun in Taurus brings is strength, firmness and inflexibility.

You will never see people born in this conjunction expressing themselves informally or without tact. When it comes to their professional life, they are intelligent and hard working. But their emotional side means they can be provoked without effort.

They want a family and to feel emotionally secure. It’s not logic that rules them, but more the need to have balance and security. Their confidence and self-reliance will help them seem strong.

They are able to resolve any problem that may arise, but it’s possible the judgment they are working on won’t be theirs. It’s possible they don’t know when to work with their own skills.

People will rely on them because they are stable, determined and attentive. When vulnerable, they become cynical. But they usually are productive and reliable.

Love characteristics

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon people know what they want from life: security, stability and comfort. Their entire existence will revolve around all these things.

When it comes to their love life, a relationship will always be the foundation on which they are building. These natives want a partner who can make their life as serene and as beautiful as possible.

But to be with them means to accept the fact that they have their own way of doing things and that they don’t accept what others are saying.

Taurus natives are sensual and like to appeal to all of their five senses. That’s why they have a love for food and sex. Moon Cancers need to nurture. They wouldn’t mind being taken care of either.

Because they are sensitive and emotional, Taurus Sun Cancer Moon lovers need a safe home where to retreat when life becomes overwhelming. They will be over-protective with their own feelings and the ones they love.

Their home is the place they love the most, so their partner needs to care as much as they do about it.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon man

What keeps the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon man sane is his home and family. He is never as confident as he leaves the impression to be. Others will be impressed by his capability to conciliate different points of view.

It may seem he doesn’t have his own opinions, but this would be only half true. Instead of being open to discuss what he’s feeling, this guy prefers to build up anger and other negative emotions.

He can become sluggish and cynical if he’s not emotionally satisfied or gets rejected. It would be best if he would learn how to openly talk about what bothers him. No one will ever see him being aggressive because he’s a peaceful person. And most of the people will respond in the same way to his kindness.

He’s tougher than he seems, but he doesn’t mind being protected by the ones he loves. His sense of humor is famous and highly appreciated. It’s easy for him to make anyone laugh.

It’s his moodiness that can confuse others but in spite of it, he will still be able to impress people with the way he approaches life. When his loved ones will be tender and understanding with him, he will definitely respond in the same manner.

As long as he feels secure, you can be sure he won’t hide under the hard shell he usually uses as protection. He’s dependable, no matter what moods he may be going through. If you have this guy as a friend, you can be sure you are with someone who can take care of you for a lifetime.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman

On the outside, the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman seems confident and tough but her kindness makes others very fond of her. Realizing that aggressiveness doesn’t get her anywhere, this lady will be tactful and diplomatic.

She knows how to handle people and is highly adaptable. Others will count on her to be next to them no matter how difficult the situation. Because she will always have control over her own life, it will seem that she knows what she’s doing.

The Taurus makes her more sensual, motivated and dedicated, while the Cancer more imaginative and sensitive. It’s important she’s careful not to lose her identity when trying to keep everyone happy.

The older she is, the more prone to develop arrogance she becomes. This girl needs to take on challenges more often if she doesn’t want to become smug.

Not to mention it would be a waste of her talents if she would limit herself. The fact that she holds on too much to the past means she will often remember when others have hurt her.

But she won’t express herself about it. She will leave the pain build up. When she will confront people directly, she will only look for attention. As a matter of fact, this lady can be quite manipulative when too insecure.

It’s also possible she will lose herself in routine. Her imagination and talents make her a great designer or architect. But as a Taurus, she would need something to bring her financial security. Doing something that is financially risky is not at all in her nature. Her power to thoroughly focus will always help when she will want to apply what she has learned.

If she wants success, she needs to be less sensitive and to not take things so personally all the time. This woman can remember each word that has made her feel somehow insulted.

When she needs to make a decision fast, she tends to hide or run away. It doesn’t matter how great her ideas are, she shouldn’t impose them on others.

Ambitious, this lady would never give up on her dreams. But she can become very upset when things aren’t going the way she has planned them.

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