Aries Sun Cancer Moon: An Affectionate Personality

A little dramatic, the Aries Sun Cancer Moon personality loves playing with the mood of those around, for better or for worse.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon

Aries Sun Cancer Moon people are more emotional than others. They are also loyal and capable of deep love; but be careful not to hurt them, or they can become very dangerous.

When their feelings are being threatened, these people completely close themselves. This Sun-Moon arrangement can cause these natives to have emotional outbursts from time to time. They will develop only when being adventurous and at the same time emotionally attached to their home and family.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Caring, sensitive and intuitive;
  • Negatives: Insecure, avoidant and contradicting;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is decisive and exciting;
  • Advice: They need to start recognizing when they are extreme in their reactions.

Personality traits

Mysterious and complex, Aries Sun Cancer Moon individuals have a strong ego and know life always gives them what they deserve. When they want to get over with something, they work hard.

Only their sensitivity and insecurity can make them fail. They know where they stand and they will never change their ways. This combination of the Sun and the Moon will make them more patient and calm than other Arieses.

Their dignity imposes respect and admiration. The fact that they are too sensitive and capable can’t be denied.

It’s very likely these people are creative and intelligent. Proud of their talents and abilities, they will want to be the best in both their personal and professional lives all the time.

It’s easy for them to be both executives and artists, students and teachers. Their intellectual abilities are empowered by a strong intuition.

Artistic, these people will want to make the world a better place with their work. There’s an innocence and naivety about them that will never be spoiled by the outer world.

It’s not difficult for Aries Sun Cancer Moon people to catch their audience’s attention. And when they express themselves, they won’t hesitate to let their individuality surface. It’s very important for them to be themselves.

These natives are sociable, but sometimes dramatic. People will want them around for their energy. Strong and compassionate, they will be the ones who fight bullies. They are moody and sometimes depressive.

While driven by goals, they will sometimes take their time to be more philosophic. Family is everything to them, as are relationships. People will count on them to be of help and strong in difficult situations.

When it comes to protecting, they are selfless. Noble and fun, many will want them as friends. This Sun and Moon combination makes them nurturing.

The Cancer Moon takes care to reflect and distribute all the energy from the Aries Sun. But their loved ones have to know they can change from happy to sad in a matter of seconds.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon natives need to understand some people have different truths than theirs. Because they are too self-centered, they sometimes forget about this fact.

While easily recognizing what can make others happy, they will not bother to be thoughtful. Their own interests will always be first; all this while leaving the impression they are compassionate.

When they hurt someone, they are doing it unconsciously because they are never capable of intentionally causing any harm.

A balance between assertion and reception, as well as between fighting and resting needs to be established. Their instincts are very important to them because they are one of the most emotionally intelligent combination in the zodiac.

The fact that they’re so resourceful will help them both at home and around. People who have been born with their Moon in Cancer are contemplative, sensitive and emotional.

They like to keep secrets and to have things that mean something to them. They focus very much on the past, which they remember perfectly.

Those with their Moon on the Cancer-Capricorn axis are selective and very protective with their own feelings. They will choose their friends carefully.

Because they have this fantasy realm where they retreat, the outside world will sometimes seem disturbing for them. That’s why they need an environment in which they can be their old sensitive selves.

It wouldn’t be advisable for them to lose themselves in rituals and daily ceremonies. The more flexible they are, the more they will express their sensitivity and achieve their dreams.

Love characteristics

Aries Sun Cancer Moon people love to rule in a relationship. They are the warriors who expect their partner to follow them. They don’t like it when people hesitate or are too slow for them.

These natives will continuously challenge themselves to do more and more, and their lover needs to understand this.

Aries Sun natives want their experiences to be as intense and difficult as possible. They like confrontation and to be stood up against.

Moon Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac. They are motherly and want security. But they can be considered needy and controlling. When vulnerable, they will withdraw first, and then lash out.

They may be sensitive and caring, but they are also an aggressive sign, which makes them controlling.

The Aries Sun Cancer Moon man

These men combine the aggressiveness of the Aries with the intuition and sensitivity of the Cancer.

The Aries Sun Cancer Moon man will most likely succeed at everything he will set his mind to. Not at all like the typical Aries, this guy can feel what others are feeling and use it when making decisions.

The Cancer influence helps him be less impulsive and more capable of thinking twice before acting. He’s good at dealing with people because he can see what they imagine and why they are sometimes dramatic.

But he’s sensitive and talented enough to convince others he has compassion. When he hurts someone, you can be sure he’ll do it unintentionally. His perception on what’s happening in the world can help him have popular opinions.

It’s easy for this man to lead. He’s proud of what he is capable of doing but has insecurities. It’s likely he will wonder how he has so much excitement and power to express himself convincingly. If he wants to succeed, he needs to avoid being extreme or too dramatic.

The Aries Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Aries Sun Cancer Moon woman is sharp and lives at a fast pace. She has a great memory and can remember what happened years ago.

This lady wants to have a purpose and she’s proud, self-confident and intelligent. But don’t think she’s too selfish because she’s in fact very caring and kind.

It’s impossible to have her treating others badly. Sincere and simple, she’s sensitive and easily disillusioned by people who want to take advantage of her.

When bothered, this woman is extreme in her reactions, but she’ll be back to her old self very fast. It’s difficult to predict her moods and emotions.

If she wants to be more effective, she needs to think more before speaking, as her harsh words and honest opinions can hurt others.

She’s loyal and a good friend, who defends and supports her loved ones. Her emotional sensitivity can make her prone to be deceived by those who are looking to exploit this type of weakness.

This woman puts a high price on people and their feelings, not on money. She definitely isn’t the business type. Creativity and sociability are what she needs to use for her career choices.

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