Cancer Sun Cancer Moon: A Caring Personality

Family oriented, the Cancer Sun Cancer Moon personality will often prioritize establishing close connections against material gain and will charm everyone with this attitude.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon people are purposeful but also intuitive and emotional. Nurturers at heart, these natives will want to engage and to care for everyone. They have a strong sense of family, tradition and home.

They express themselves by sharing personal and general knowledge equally. It’s essential they have a cozy home where they can retreat when feeling down.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Practical, innocent and expressive;
  • Negatives: Easily offended, needy and fearful;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will not judge them;
  • Advice: They should be more patient with their families.

Personality traits

The Sun and the Moon in the same sign means the natives with such a combination will have all their specific traits accentuated. This means Cancer Sun Cancer Moon people will be twice more emotional and insecure.

When life is tough, all that these natives want is to retreat in their home and never come out. They are loners who need to work a little bit on their social skills.

You won’t see them marrying early even if they want a family and to settle. Insecurity often characterizes them. Being Cancers, they will always be romantic and giving with their love.

Expect them to write poetry and bring flowers for the person they like. They’re supportive and very good at giving advice.

Their main purpose is to find someone perfect and to have children together. These natives’ life energy is all about establishing close connections and responding to what others need.

Emotional security is essential for them. Also, all the time knowing where they are standing. When they feel neglected or taken advantage of, they become moody.

Tactful and diplomatic, Cancer Sun Cancer Moon individuals know what their loved ones want and are struggling to deliver. They are terrified of seeming vulnerable, so they will always fight to appear strong.

However, if a fight between them and someone else becomes too intense, they tend to retreat and to completely close for that person.

They would be surprised to find out others are not at all curious about their secrets. Their big ego will often cause them to have moments of paranoia that they’re not being liked. The Moon Cancer indicates moodiness and changeability. These natives are the most affected by the lunar journeys.

They could be happy and cheerful now, and the next minute they can change into sad or angry without any reason. That’s why they need a partner who can understand all this about them.

They are the best with down-to-earth signs who can make them feel better when they are too worried. It doesn’t matter the situation, double Cancers will always react instinctively and emotionally.

They rule with their heart, not their head. And they may be ok to do so, in their case. When they will fail and make mistakes, they will withdraw in depression and complain that life is unfair.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon individuals are famous for not knowing how to accept defeat and for getting defensive. But with all their moods, they still remain caring and compassionate. These people would do anything for others.

Not to mention how well they can feel others’ emotions and thoughts. Because they are sweet, they will attract many opposite sex representatives. It can be very easy to control these Cancers.

If they want to be happy, they need security and stability. A partner that is constant and sensitive would be perfect for them.

There’s nothing more important than family for double Cancers. They need someone who respects their parents and relatives, a person who agrees with them on domestic issues and how to raise children.

When their other half disagrees with them in these directions, they become so difficult that no one can get along with them anymore.

These are the type of people who won’t be able to let go of their children when they’ll grow. It’s very likely they will still call ten times a day when their kids would already be adults and have their own families.

It’s very possible they will turn all the love and care they had for their sons and daughters towards their partner when their little ones will be away.

In these moments, their spouse should get ready to be suffocated with attention, they are the nurturers of the zodiac after all.

Manipulative lovers

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon natives will protect themselves from getting hurt by being cautious and reserved. It can be tough to get to know them.

Their ideal partner should want to settle and commit. However, as soon as they’ll reveal themselves, these Crabs become the most caring lovers. They will want to make their other half’s life as comfortable as possible.

Their downsides as lovers are all about them being needy and protective, especially when they are feeling neglected.

Moon Cancers display their characteristic sensitivity that is coupled with their instinctive nature.

These natives have to be needed. They will protect themselves from getting hurt by not revealing their true feelings until they trust.

It’s easy to think all these nurturing tendencies of theirs are a need for intimacy.

Their tense moments emerge when they start to manipulate their partner and to make him or her dependent on them. They will never feel weak when they’ll have a lover depending on them.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon man

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon man is more deep and emotional than anyone, not to mention shy and reserved.

But there’s a detachment about him. It’s like he’s always waiting for others to make the first step towards getting him. As many people don’t have the time to have a look and to get to understand others, he will often feel rejected or not understood.

While not at all egoistical, he may leave the impression that he is like this because he prefers to keep things to himself. But he would only be protecting himself. Not to mention he has a shell under which he retreats each time life become tough and things don’t actually go the way he has planned them.

This is his defense system. Sensitive, this guy can take thinks personally and feel hurt each time someone says a wrong word. Because he suspects everyone of bad intentions, it will be very difficult to approach him.

And winning his trust is a bumpy process too. While domestic and very protective, the double Cancer man won’t marry young. It’s because he’s looking for that special someone with whom he can build something strong and long lasting.

As soon as he’ll give up the protective shell mentioned earlier, he’ll become this incredible and kind lover who will do everything elegantly and in the old-fashioned way.

He’s sympathetic and expects others to be the same. Diplomatic and very intelligent, he’ll prefer to peacefully resolve issues rather than to adopt the confrontational method.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman is sensitive and profound. While she’ll become more open, resourceful, intelligent and refined around people, she’ll also build some protective walls for her own protection.

And she will either retreat inside her castle or will go out in the world and face it boldly. She was tested enough when she was young, so she knows people can be bad and that situations can take a wrong turn.

And she most likely realized that only careful observation can help her move when times are the most difficult. As a matter of fact, she will always be a keen observer, no matter how fast she moves through life.

As a double Cancer, she will want to be protected all of her life. Everything is about protecting herself oftentimes. The metaphorical fortress she builds will consume a lot of her time and emotional efforts. But it will allow her to be tough when out in the world, and weak when inside.

The Moon in Cancer does nothing else than accentuate the traits of the Sun in Cancer. The lady with this combination is modest and not too keen to make many friends. She can be depressed and down one minute, happy and relaxed the other.

Her emotions and moods are something for which she’s being famous. But she can understand what others are feeling without having to talk to them. Because she’s so sensitive to others, she may keep away from those who have serious problems.

However, she’s very creative when it comes to offering solutions to psychological crises. A good business person, she’s also spiritual and religious. This lady is active and works a lot with her personality in order to adapt to any kind of situation.

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