Neptune in 12th House: How It Defines Your Personality and Life

This placement of Neptune makes people be very compassionate and kind, but not to express all this directly, so they may be misunderstood by others.

Neptune in 12th house

Neptune in the twelfth house natives have all kind of fears from their past because this planet here has nasty effects over the unconscious mind. They tend to focus on what’s wrong with their life and when it comes to interacting with others, they only seem to absorb what’s negative.

It’s suggested these people focus more on their own happiness and don’t stress that much about everyday issues.

Neptune in 12th House summary:

  • Strengths: Creative, indulgent and generous;
  • Challenges: Overly emotional and pessimistic;
  • Advice: They need to show to those close that they can be depended upon;
  • Celebrities: Prince, Alain Delon, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali.

Very compassionate and kind

Very intuitive and strong in their heart, people having Neptune in the 12th house can surprise with their easygoing attitude and shyness.

While very compassionate and kind, they don’t express all these things directly, and many people may not get the chance to understand them or worse, might feel hurt regarding their attitude.

They need to acknowledge their spirituality or else they can end up being very unhappy and unfulfilled.

It’s possible for them to feel weak in front of the usual changes life has to offer because they’re thinking they can’t handle working with something new.

The truth is, their faith will always help them, so being fearful doesn’t make any sense for them. They should believe in themselves because otherwise, they can escape in a world of fantasy and avoid reality, which isn’t in any way healthy.

Some of them will discover they’re capable of great spirituality when they’ll get older. Others will be aware of their profundity, but won’t be able to express it until their identity doesn’t get formed.

The 12th house is the most sensitive for the placement of Neptune because it is the home of this planet. Therefore, when here, this celestial body has great influence over the unconscious of natives.

People with this placement are very sensitive to the society as a whole and sometimes feel like victims of chaos and immorality.

The same planet here has the capacity to turn collective ideas into pure art. One of the most famous individuals with Neptune in 12th house is Salvador Dali, whose paintings are very intense and imaginative.

These natives are all very kind and open to different emotions, no matter whom they may be dealing with. They have psychic abilities and can guess what other people are thinking or feeling.

The planet Neptune can make their ego feel overwhelmed because it’s always open to external stimuli.

They may be vulnerable because they don’t have any protective fences to surround their sensitivity and also because Neptune doesn’t have any boundaries when being here, in the house of images and feelings of the collective.

At the same time, this planet gives them abundant creativity and the wish to become great artists. Very talented with music, poetry, painting, photography and other forms of self-expression, natives having Neptune in 12th house can become very famous in the art world.

Furthermore, they have a need to be with others, to merge and to feel the love of the collective. They’re also very connected with the Universe as the 12th house and Neptune are both spiritual and resonate with what lays within people.

It can be difficult to describe them and their feelings because they’re all the time overwhelmed in their unconscious, which is ruled by the 12th house.

This house can have them feeling deeply about many things in their life, including their ancestors, as it rules over the past and the conscious memories.

Neptune will always feel at home in the here. Even negative aspects of this planet won’t stay in these people’s way when it comes to spirituality.

The 12th house goes over everything that’s beyond the conscious mind, and is ethereal enough to have the natives with Neptune in it connected to deeper meanings and the unconscious mind of the collective.

Individuals having Neptune in 12th house could be great psychologists, but this quality would be stronger in them if some planets in their 10th or 6th houses would be in good aspects.

If so, the natives with these placements will choose to deal with other people’s thoughts and emotions as a career and if not, they will still make great friends who are always ready to talk about their own problems.

They’re so good at dealing with different realities because they’re good clairvoyants and psychics. They may even dream what’s about to happen or in symbols that transmit them messages.

That’s why they should study mysticism and learn how to interpret their dreams. The problem with this is that also negative things from the other side can enter their world, in this reality.

Because Neptune is very passive and would allow for this to happen, their sensitivity may increase, and they’d absorb all the pain and suffering of the world.

People love them for being empathic and for easily perceiving their thoughts or feelings, but this can have negative effects over their own health.

What they should be careful with is their unexplained guilt as it can truly wear them down. Wanting to help everyone, they’ll never get to make this dream of theirs come true because there is no way someone can help so many people as they would want to.

Each time a person around them is going through some bad times, they tend to blame themselves and have an enormous amount of guilt creeping on them.

Therefore, they may end up not helping or causing the situation to be worse. If they really want to give a hand, they need to first establish who they are and how they can manage their own life.

It’s the same situation as the one with doctors as these professionals need to be very cold and balanced in order to do their job.

Another problem they may have is the fact that they’re prone to become addicted to alcohol or drugs.

In the situation in which Neptune is in square position with Mars, Venus and Jupiter, they would have a tendency to abuse everything that helps them enter a fantasy world and leave reality behind.

Neptune will love having them overindulging, but this can cause real problems for their body and health in general.

While the Ascendant is the one that’s rules over physicality, Neptune in a position too close to this sign would only cause the dependence on substances to be stronger on them.

Because this planet is at home in the 12th house, it influences the areas of life this house governs, in a great manner. People with this astral placement are highly intuitive and very strong in their heart.

They may seem passive, but when needed to, they can become fierce. These natives love the role of the underdog and to give a hand to those who need it the most.

However the 12th house can be pretty suppressive, so they won’t be too focused on taking action and most of the time feel guilty for nothing.

What Neptune does is put rose-colored glasses in front of the eyes of the natives, making them see and hear only what they want.

The goods and the bads

Neptune in 12th house people need to work on their self-confidence and to think of themselves as independent creatures who can handle any problem without too much help.

They’re very supportive and helpful themselves, so they’d do a great job as doctors or healers. Because they like to listen and to find solutions to problems, they would also be efficient as psychologists and even firefighters.

It’s easy for them to calm people down and to give hope everything is going to be okay. However, before focusing on others, they need to work on themselves and to make sure they’re grounded in reality, just enough to be able to help.

Their compassion makes them strong, so they should learn how to use it. Change mustn’t be something that terrifies them because it can only help their life to move forward.

It’s important for them to deal with problems directly, especially when these are about work. They’re sometimes so overwhelmed by the everyday life that they just want to hide and to escape reality.

This is the explanation to why they’re always shy and trying to run from difficult situations, which means they’re not always able to develop from an emotional and spiritual point of view.

When they can’t seem to get a grasp of the knowledge transmitted by what they’re experiencing, they should take a step that and look for their level of maturity.

In the situation in which they can’t express themselves the way they want to, Neptune in 12th house individuals start to feel very upset and even guilty.

They should learn how to talk about conflicts and discuss the feelings they get from others’ actions or words because holding things inside will only cause them to be more hurt.

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